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Why The Women of Trump’s Administration Represent The Extreme Of White Feminism

Danger ahead!

The President of the United States is supposed to be the dignified and reliable voice of reason during times of national disarray, when the stakes are at an all-time high, and the whole world is watching with bated breath.

That tradition was deactivated the moment a real estate tycoon and former reality TV star was formally sworn-in as Commander-in-Chief.

Donald J. Trump defeated a highly-respected and highly-experienced candidate from a political dynasty, who was not only a former First Lady — but also held the title of Secretary of State during the Obama years.

Trump’s electoral victory was no surprise to those of us who were utterly sickened by the vomit-inducing election season of 2016 — that served as the blueprint for what we’re currently enduring.

As a presidential candidate, Trump campaigned on the thematic promise that only White lives matter — and his glaringly apparent lack of respect for women, which was exhaustively detailed through the various scandals that were paraded for all to see — also became his most celebrated signature move.

President Trump is many things, but the one characteristic that can’t be denied or downplayed, is his ability to maintain consistency with his vile messaging.

Perhaps that’s the irresistible appeal that keeps the #MAGA crowd coming back for more. They are in love with the brute who knows how to entertain a sea of dunces — who stupidly believe that a man-baby with millions to spare, truly gives a shit about middle-class Americans who are on the verge of extinction — simply because he indulges in the same spirit of bigotry.

And it’s not just the ignorant deplorables who are helplessly devoted to the yellow-haired oaf, who has a deep affection for murderous dictators — there’s also the collection of White women who have become the ugly faces of the extreme version of White feminism.

Earlier this year, comedian Michelle Wolf was ceremoniously shamed on social media, the day after the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, by White women in media who were having a difficult time absorbing the horrific two minutes allotted to White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, who had to bear the burden of briefly having her character examined.

Of course, the women who spoke out inadvertently revealed how they really felt about the degree of Sanders’ attractiveness, which was catty as hell. Especially when it was blatantly obvious that Wolf succeeded in drawing much-needed attention to a woman — who willingly serves as the designated mouthpiece for a man who demonizes non-Whites — while also demeaning the worth of women.

None of the noteworthy White women who pretended to care about the bruised ego of one of their own, ever came to the defense of Michelle Obama — who spent her eight years as First Lady — under assault by women who resemble their template.

And now we are knee deep in the sewage of Trump’s presidency, as we accommodate the appalling antics of a privileged buffoon, who is recklessly running an ailing nation into the ground.

Aside from the crimes against humanity, via caged migrant children and the sunken island of Puerto Rico, there’s also the gross negligence as it pertains to the rules of conduct — and how words and actions matter enough to cause irrevocable harm.

As the Kavanaugh files play out to an engrossed audience both at home and abroad, President Trump initially agreed to remain neutral for the sake of civility. It was a shocking departure from what we’ve all grown accustomed to, and while political pundits speculated on whether or not this miracle would last — The White House was gearing up for the latest attack.

While holding a White supremacist rally in Mississippi — Trump proceeded to use the polluted forum as the scene of mockery at the expense of Christine Blasey Ford — the woman who committed the unforgivable sin of sharing her harrowing experience at the hands of the man who absolutely shouldn’t be granted the immense amount of power he is seeking.

The circulating clips are cringe-worthy, as the president dutifully performs for the audience of White people who cheer and applaud the stomach-churning skit, that will inevitably make it that much harder for frightened victims of abuse to speak up in the name of the justice they deserve.

As usual the White women of The White House are either silently supportive of their brutish boss or loudly encouraging of this normalized method of assault — that features a brave and now demonized woman at the center of a thunderstorm that will devour her whole.

During The White House briefing, Sanders coldly commended her master for diligently presenting “the facts” — regardless of how the presentation counters the previous version that depicted Blasey Ford as a “credible witness.”

Kellyanne Conway also stuck to the endorsed script of highlighting how “the facts” of the case matter enough to make an already vulnerable victim even more vulnerable to the elements that have escalated against her.

And the so-called “advisor to the president” is enjoying yet another crucially modest analysis, that reeks of the dangerous privilege that makes White women like Ivanka Trump the combative enemy of the women’s movement. This is because of how the extreme section of White feminism — intersects with the venom of White supremacy to breed the population of women who will always speak the same language as Trump.

The Vanity Fair article confirms why Ivanka is her father’s loving daughter in the ways that count and also frighten:

“In private, according to two people familiar with the situation, Ivanka has aligned herself with the position of her father and Kellyanne Conway — that while Ford deserved to be heard, Kavanaugh seems to be a good man.”

Imagine that.

It’s no wonder why the latest poll incited an uproar on social media, as once again, Black women lead the charge when it comes to unbiased support for women in need — regardless of race, color and creed — while White women are having a hard time making one of the easiest decisions of their lives based on the unwavering loyalty to questionable White males.

The vital players of Trump’s administration are White women who labor with the same diseased mindset of a bigoted, sexist coward — and they volunteer their expertise with unapologetic pride, and with the gratification of being shamelessly aligned with a legacy that will historically and mercilessly condemn their noted participation.

But most importantly, is the disturbing evidence of how White feminism can be a deadly weapon not only used to slaughter non-White women, but even the women that should automatically be off-limits based on the law of nature.

To say that White women have an unnerving tendency to be demonic in their pursuits is an understatement.

There’s no other way to accurately assess why they are currently divided over whether or not Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony is believable, versus the angry rant of a tearful son of a bitch, who berated an upstanding professional woman, for posing a valid question that apparently bruised his threatened privilege.

America is dying a slow death, and the group of women that got us here are not just multiplying — they’re also becoming more dangerous than any of us want to fathom.

All we can do is stay alert and brace for the danger ahead!

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