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Where’s The Joker when you need him?

Why The Wattage of White Actresses by The Los Angles Times, Serves As The Wakeup Call We Don’t Need

The Los Angles Times has a section named Envelope — and it’s recent offering is currently causing quite a stir on social media — due to the covergirls that are awkwardly propelled in poses that seem to indicate the atmosphere of ritualistic comfort.

The six women cautiously beaming through the erected dullness of sickly lenses are supposedly the “actresses of the moment” — who have all earned the stripes of ingenue phase into the dignified balance of sought-after leading lady.

Annette Bening, Kate Winslet, Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan are the White actresses that were chosen as representatives of a shifting climate — within an industry that is desperately trying to scrub out the filth of controversy — stemming from the virus of indecency — with the amplification of themes that cling to the hollow valve of inequality.

The audacity of featuring only White women as the banner of overdue progression and the reminder of how the residue of a stagnant climate still permeates — shouldn’t ever be received with shocking disappointment.

It’s basically the wakeup call none of us require — when you consider the fact that Hollywood was designed to maintain the status quo — which has consistently celebrated and advanced the desirability of non-Black women — specifically Caucasians.

You know shit is fucked up when you have a Black woman showrunner — debuting her freshman entry on a major network — with the understanding that the leading actresses have to be White.

Pretty much all of the Black leading men have been paired mostly with White, bi-racial or Latina actresses — in both action or romantic flicks. It’s even safe to assume that Will Smith has a language in his clause that prevents him from ever having to relieve the moments he shared with Regina King — back when he was still within reach in his own community. And it’s weirdly accurate that almost every original fare offered by Netflix — that showcases an interracial couple — seemingly trusts the tried and true formula of the handsome Black guy with the demurely appealing White woman.

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He never went there again!

The fact is that White women are strongly visible in every outlet imaginable — and as such — they will always serve as the preferred default of the main conversations that are activated with or without prime participation.

There’s also the matter of a guilt-free awareness that accompanies a level of privilege that demands nothing more than seamless adulation from society and basically the entire universe.

White women are prettily vulnerable. They are easy on the eyes when it comes to complex love scenes. They can match well with hunky males and surfer dudes. They are ideal in just about anything that requires multi-faceted characterization that shouldn’t be distracted or diluted with the confusion of what it means to cast a “Lupita prototype.”

The actresses that were assembled for the benefit of the upcoming awards season, which begins with the “all-Black” attire manifesto to protest the darkness of Hollywood’s deviant ways — basically symbolize the snapshot of La La Land at it’s most virile.

The shabbily choreographed image also reinforces the stance of White actresses who are quick to hop on the bandwagon of change when it provides them the upper-hand, but abruptly disappear under the radar of nonchalance when the storm gathers way too much debris for total commitment.

The security of validating White actresses at a time when diversity is all the range and the push to ensure that outlets and industries honor the quest to expand their portfolios has become the primary mandate — is an indication of the standardized cowardice of the Los Angeles Times. This outrageousness filters through the weakened state of subjects — that can’t ever glow through two-faced mechanisms — that will undoubtedly serve as anchors on the day they valiantly protest in bedazzled ensembles of transparent black.

We don’t ever need to be reminded that White women have an agenda that is wrapped up in the bow of feminism that is structured to keep outsiders at bay. The pride of solidarity is a hefty price that can only be paid in full — and from the logs of history — it’s abundantly apparent — that those of us waiting to be compensated — will end up getting caught in the pouring rain.

Lets stay dry and armed with the ammunition of truth and acceptance.

The journey has already begun, so there’s no need to seek out partners-in-crime who haven’t earned the right to establish such an alliance. The dancing in circles with fixated binoculars that reveal various angles of a similar outcome has become embarrassingly familiar and frustratingly repetitive.

The wakeup call needs to be the ongoing headlines that echo the breathtaking strides of Black women who are working overtime to enrich the narrative of our existence — in ways that will stimulate and also confirm the roaring soulfulness of Black women who never need grand staging to provoke attentiveness.

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These two!

That honor actually goes to our well-rehearsed counterparts. And it should definitely stay that way.

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