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Why The United States Has Failed The World With Lethality of Trumpism

The United States is no longer considered the “world police” for obvious reasons. Those responsibilities are currently being shuttled between former European allies, who have silently and loudly demonstrated the realization that the once sturdy alliance, that propelled a deep sense of security through the robustness of humane practices, and the quest for global harmony, has been woefully dismantled by the nefarious antics of a ghoulish thug, posing as the American president.

When Trump started making moves to solidify his candidacy, under the tutelage of Breitbart cofounder Steve Bannon and the notorious Roger Stone, two White males who were avidly grooming their anointed soldier for the role of our destruction, the scripted rhetoric was embedded in the themes of advancing White nationalism, under the banner of #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, which really translates to #MakeAmericaWhiteAgain.

The failed New York businessman, who owes his mighty wealth to the legacy that all White dynasties stole from the betrayals of slavery, and how nothing they own was built with White blood, sweat, tears, and chains, was dedicated to the task of laying down the foundation for his campaign with the ammunition of a well-packaged bigoted message, that excites the core of ignorant White citizens, who are too lazy to blame their problems solely on their inefficiencies.

It began with the persistent attacks on President Obama, which Donald Trump’s trophy wife, turned phantom first lady, also helped to initiate with the potent ingredients of Islamophobia, xenophobia, and all the other unappetizing fare that was meant to perpetuate the falsehood of the birther issue.

Barack Hussein Obama, had a name and a background that was too irresistible not to vilify.

His connections to Kenya through his birth father, which despite what most outsiders assume, boasts a mostly Christian population, and a considerably smaller number of Muslims and the fact that he was born “outside of the contiguous 48 states.” All those attributes combined into the perfect storm of shit, that Trump and his criminally-minded confidantes, unleashed for the purpose of damning the Black and Brown infiltrators, who are fast and furiously infecting the landscape of Whiteness — and the supremacy that can’t ever be displaced.

We are currently seeing similar methods of demonization against “foreigners” playing out with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has been enduring weeks of abusive behavior from Trump, and members of his administration, including Vice President Mike Pence, and the disgusting Republicans from West Virginia, who used a gathering of fools as the inspiration for revolting decor in the form of an ugly poster featuring imagery of the burning Twin Towers with Omar’s picture plastered for full effect.

Ilhan Omar is being systemically harassed by White nationalists in high places, who won’t rest until she’s permanently silenced, and that can only be achieved with her ouster from Congress, and the traitorous treatment from House Democrats, who are definitely hanging her out to dry with the weak approach applied to her defense, when the leverage really stands with Congressman Steve King from Iowa.

Steve King has spent his entire political career as the loyal soldier of White supremacy, who menacingly trolled The Obamas from the moment they entered the White House and even past their date of departure.

King has been quite active when it comes to the duty of exalting the supremeness of the White race, that’s being violently challenged by the influx of immigrants from “shithole countries,” and the filthy, brutish migrants from Mexico, and beyond, who are hellbent on chewing their way into a country that was built on the sovereignty of Anglo-Saxon faith, that can’t be tarnished by sub-humans with instinctively barbaric tendencies.

The Congressman dutifully supplied Trump with the notable Twitter accounts belonging to far-right extremists all over the globe, who share the diseased ideology that celebrates the superiority of Whiteness, and how that precious gift has to be protected at all costs.

Both King and Bannon are convinced that “western civilization is on the decline,” and the global emergency has warranted frequent trips to Europe by both men, who are in activism mode when it comes to aligning with former Nazi officers, and White supremacist militant cells that are converging to recruit the porous minds of restless White males, who are easily misled by the desire to exact deadly harm to applicable victims, who represent what the U.S. president condemns with authoritative recklessness.

Trump’s Twitter feed is a calculatingly repugnant wasteland of hate, that has been endorsed by not only the GOP, but also the scope of our political structure, that has failed to downplay the severity of this man’s damaging monologues, that are enhanced by bullish insults, enforcing a climate that’s transparently prejudiced.

We are still reeling from the unfathomable event involving a White male terrorist who entered a neighborhood mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, and proceeded to open fire, spraying bodies that were in reverent stance of worship. At the end of the bloody massacre, that evokes the fury of the Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting last November, 49 people had perished as punishment for their faith, while dozens others, including children, were seriously injured.

A day or two before this latest act of global terrorism, Trump retweeted the evangelical’s guide to survival that depicts an illustration of a prayerful senior citizen, draped in American-themed regalia, who is on his knees with a plea for Almighty God to save White people from being overrun by Black and Brown savages.

We can even take it all the way back to 2015, when Trump was being tuned up for his murderous role as “Bigot-in-Chief” with the cheeriness of the rowdy crowd of enablers, eagerly soaking up the Messiah-like figure, who arrived just in time to re-activate the currency of Whiteness that had depreciated during the Blackout years of Obama’s presidency.

Pre-candidate Trump was dropping gems about the imminent Muslim banthat he swiftly instituted weeks after he took office. This earlier mandate was an outright Islamophobic rant, that aimed to assuage the concerns of White Americans, who were desperately praying for the banishment of Muslims already in the country, and the abrupt end of their seamless entry.

The horrific events of 9/11 sealed the fate of Muslim-Americans, as the rapid rise of anti-Muslim attacks have substantially increased since 2001, and with the trumpeting of President Trump, who is using Congresswoman Omar as the symbol of an undercover terrorist-in-training, who has infiltrated the halls of White power, these occurrences have become the normalized existence for Muslim communities across the nation.

The other issue that has been grossly orchestrated by this toxic administration is the migration crisis at the border, that isn’t at all the state of emergency that has warranted the dramatics of a government shutdown and all the other misguided antics that have been funneled by the gross negligence of the GOP.

This designated madman has been given absolute power to put the lives of innocents in clear and present danger, for the sake of preserving the purity of Whiteness in a White America.

Trump misuses his authority with the freedom that he most certainly shouldn’t be allowed to utilize to feed the potency of a non-existent battle between caravans of illegal immigrants, and the helpless White Americans who need their president to continue the bloody war at the border, that will vanquish the threat of invaders, who are being defeated as we speak.

Yesterday it was 75,000 criminals that were over-powered by the brave agents of Whiteness at the border, and tomorrow it will be 100,000. Thousands and thousands of ruthless Brown migrants are being rounded up and tossed back from whence they came. These manufactured tales of victory in the midst of an imaginary war, is exactly the messaging that sets up the itinerary of murderous White males both at home and abroad.

The apprehended murderer who performed an appalling act of violence with the assistance of three other unnamed comrades at a venue of worship, that took the lives of 49 Muslims, has been described by the New Zealand Police Commissioner as an “extremist, right-wing” terrorist.”

In the age of streaming and viral obsessions, the White male terrorist also took the time to capture the footage of his bloody massacre in real-time, and the fragments of the video were uploaded on social media platforms, namely — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

There was also the almost 80-page manifesto that details an array of ant-Muslim and anti-immigration themes that was posted on Twitter and a popular forum that is known to facilitate hate speech. Evidently the language used to validate the rhetoric on display, matches the kind of garbage that Trump spews out at his rallies and on his Twitter page.

This leads us to conclude that the United States has failed the world with the lethality of Trumpism, and how it has become acceptable to harbor a lawless future felon and his equally deplorable family members, who have succeeded in their assignment of unpatriotically turning this ailing nation into the virus that’s now spreading across the universe.

Republicans and their White master have blood on their hands.

When the president of a former “world police” speaks, the world listens, and the past two years have solidified America’s position as a country that proudly practices White supremacy, as verified by Trump’s moment of truth during the mid-term elections, when he outed himself as a White nationalist.

The president’s playbook of hate has been guiltlessly supported by the GOP,and the terrifying consequences of his actions has evolved into a global crisis that surpasses anything that the border can amass, even if the caravans of Brown brutes were truly depositing 75,000 outlaws daily.

The world is on fire. The world is hemorrhaging bloody hell from the pits of the White House and the officers of death. The world is lost and leaderless. The world is dying a slow death. The world is spinning out of control.

The world is being destroyed by America’s most lethal weapon that’s wrapped up in the reality of Trumpism, and how the Hitler of the past may be experiencing the reincarnation we hoped would never be realized.

May Allah have mercy on us all.

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