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Migrants waiting for the miracle in the city of Zawiya, Libya

Why The United Nations Can Afford To Ignore Global Emergencies

This is my theory: The world is not enough

The United Nations like most agencies who are vulnerable to the flow of wealth that can’t be interrupted regardless of the consequences — is taking it’s time to sort out the emergencies of the world.

As body counts stack up in places like Syria — where babies and toddlers are maimed from the bomb attacks that are never-ending — there is a sense that the suffering of innocents located in specific areas of the globe — is somehow an expected existence for the unfortunate souls who happen to be targeted for matters that are out of their control.

The crisis in Libya is absolutely horrific and even as I write this — my temperament is still on fire as I contemplate the plight of migrants — mostly from West Africa — who are trapped in a foreign land and forced into the most inhumane circumstances imaginable.

The question of the moment seems to be: How and why can the United Nations afford to ignore global emergencies?

My theory is that the world is simply not enough.

First and foremost — there is every reason to believe that people of African descent are generally regarded as inferior. The images of black bodies assembled like worn out cargo — don’t illicit any pangs of empath from onlookers who are distanced enough to scroll past without guilt.

This sentiment isn’t an isolated emotion, but rather a global one. It’s virtually impossible to fathom a similar vision of White migrants being tortured and punished for existing — and if such a thing should ever happen — it’s an absolute guarantee that they would be rescued from such a situation before it escalates into a full-blown catastrophe.

The United Nations is currently working on figuring out a strategy to help alleviate the chaos in Libya and this is mostly due to the cautious outrage that is emanating from the viral videos — that depict grown Black men being auctioned off like in the days of old. Not to mention the horror show that is circulating of how organs are being harvested from Black human bodies — as the abandoned carcasses writhe in pain.

There is talk of setting up a “transit center” that will be used as a tool for processing migrants and ensuring their safety while their fate is decided. They are either returned back to their native land or EU countries will have to bite the bullet and accept the ones that are handicapped by the unlivable conditions they barely escaped from.

In the meantime — the sanctions against Libyans who are responsible for the flourishing slave trade they’ve unlawfully instituted is still pending. And while agencies and world leaders take their time to examine options — countless lives hang in the balance with no assurances of tomorrow.

How can it be that there is no sense of urgency when it comes to the brutalization of Black people who are desperately trying to find a place in this world where they can be accepted and permitted to dwell in peace?

The alarming number of migrants stranded in Libya should be an indication of something much more profound and this should lead to a thorough analysis — particularly for a country like Nigeria — that supplies a shitload of oil to progressive nations that have no issue trading for their benefit — but refuse to return the favor to the inhabitants of the very countries whose resources they’re profitably draining.

It seems organizations like the UN that are supposed to #StandUp4HumanRights is instead immersed in the political circus of assuaging the veiled diplomacy and propelling the recycled propaganda — that protects the interests of world powers while war torn territories are left to struggle with vacant resources.

We have to adjust to a view that showcases the suffering of those in need — the ones that never stood a chance and are being persecuted for their shortcomings. Even in the States — where the richness of resources is incalculable — there is continued darkness and devastation in Puerto Rico — as the leader of the free world flat out refuses to provide anymore assistance to a population that according to him — was already beyond help to begin with.

This method of aversion towards the tragically vulnerable has become the signature move for those who are in positions of power. But, what is really troubling is how the epidemic has infected organizations that took the oath of propelling the dignity of humanity — at all costs.

What is happening in Libya is happening because Black people are easily dismissed as less than human and that belief will remain valid until we ourselves don’t believe it.

This means that if countries like the U.S. and other industrialized territories around the globe can stand to leave a soggy mess in the Niger Delta after partaking of the crude oil in that region — then there has to be a hasty need to ensure that migrants from Nigeria aren’t sold at the whopping value of $400 a pop.

The United Nations should utilize it’s workers in the best way possible and deem this exchange as a business transaction since the value of currency is what ultimately runs the show and calculates the value of human decency.

They say it takes a life-altering event to awaken the soul and give the blind the power to see what was once blurry and hidden. This is a true statement and I can attest that the world is foul and there is definitely more evil than good.

But even with that hefty realization — there is always hope that the meek will rise and inherit the earth. Until that day comes it’s time for those with the badge of honor to deliver what they promised when they left their privileged enclaves in pursuit of greatness.

Here’s your chance to do good. Take it.

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