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Why The U.S. Government Needs to Stop Terrorizing Muslim-Americans

Effective immediately

President Trump and his legions of co-conspirators whine about disorder at the U.S. border, and how countless caravans, featuring massive numbers of dirty Brown migrants also known as “animals,” who are the scum of their shithole countries, and therefore headed to infect America with wayward tendencies — have to be stopped by any means necessary — including teargassing of desperate mothers and children

It’s the longstanding scheme of this nefarious regime that was birthed from the birther conspiracy that Trump and his silly wife Melania concocted around the time that the takeover of the White House was slowly becoming “Mission Possible.”

Yes, Donald Trump had many notables in his expansive circle of friends, and they came in all shades, including “the Blacks,” like Oprah, P. Diddy, Al Sharpton, Russell Simmons, the list goes on.

But in order to win the race of his lifetime, the New York gangster had to be “gangsta” in his approach, which meant finally claiming his heritage as a White nationalist under the tutelage of a sinister figure, who could make Darth Vader squirm with discomfort, Steve Bannon, and the distorted replicant of the Joker, Roger Stone.

Bannon and Stone were recruited to give their already damaged client, the extra tools to polish his unyielding faith in the deadliness of White nationalism, and how the key factors had to embody the utter disdain for populations that were already in the throes of allotted phobias, that demonic evangelicals tout as currency for relentless weaponizing.

And so the campaign headquarters of the Trump enterprise became the traveling circus of societal dysfunction, as the polluted rhetoric began the process of normalization with the traitorous assistance of the media and entertainment outfits.

We were permitted to laugh at the weekly skits depicting Candidate’s Trump’s frightening preview of what was to come if he were to become the president.

News organizations developed an obsessive/compulsive schedule that centered mostly around Trump’s sexual appetite both past and present, with reckless interludes that theatrically highlighted how captivating it was to witness an anointed White man enviably energize his rallies with scriptures from the stained pages of bigotry.

There was an unhealthy fascination on both sides of the aisles, as the Candidate who would become the reluctant “leader of the free world,” callously defaced the statutes that were instituted to encourage peaceful transitions, based on the recognizability of humanity as the precious gem that must be protected at all costs.

Trump’s diseased messaging was more than acceptable to supporters and weightless Republicans, who shamelessly applauded the reality TV star’s showmanship, particularly during the delivery of the stinging sound bites about Mexicans being “rapists” and “murderers,” and Muslims being “terrorists in training” who are no longer welcome to the United States because of the terror they wield.

The Muslim ban was initiated almost immediately after the celebrated White nationalist was sworn into office, and that set off a series of worldwide protests, that served as one of many demonstrations against the White supremacist leader, who months later confirmed that the armed and dangerous White terrorists who disrupted affairs at Charlottesville, were in fact “very fine people.”

This is a classic

The newly-sworn-in Commander-in-Chief, also quietly broke the law by employing his daughter and son-in-law, to be his “senior advisors” despite the glaring evidence that the privileged couple were woefully unqualified, and posed a threat to national security with their unearned presence in an environment they weren’t trained to manage.

There was also the blatant disrespect to nations with Black and Brown citizens, as it was reported that the already embattled president had referred to those territories as “shitholes”, during a heated conservation about immigration laws, and how it was unacceptable for the U.S. to keep receiving global rejects, as opposed to the prim and proper migrants from Scandinavia.

Republicans stood firm with their allegiance to President Trump, as illustrated by the emphatic denials of the racist dialogues taking place behind closed doors, that weren’t so private, thanks to well-positioned snitches, who exposed the disgusting rants that were co-signed by Vice President Mike Pence and the surrounding bodies, sporting mush as brains.

But as much as we rail against Trump’s grossly-staged antics, we can’t downplay the consistency on display, and how that specific trait endears him to the White population in America, who are refreshed by his offensiveness. Especially when he obnoxiously vilifies expendables like Black and Brown migrants, and Muslim-Americans, while conveniently cursing out the righteous victory of Jussie Smollett; as he ignores the White male terrorist who destroyed 3 historically Black churches in Louisiana.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is being terrorized by the U.S. government, and her precarious status translates to every Muslim-American in this country, who has experienced some form of assault; either directly or indirectly.

The 9/11 attacks definitely gave angry Americans who aren’t exposed to the fundamentals of Islam, and how it differs greatly from the blueprint of power-hungry extremists, the permission to lash out in public without required restraint, that validates the American Way — and dictates the soul of a country that receives anyone who needs refuge from places that are unsurvivable.

That’s precisely how Congresswoman Omar arrived in the United States, and it also explains her prophetic trajectory, and why she’s fighting with all her might to kill off the harmful rhetoric that aims to demonize her religion and threaten the lives of those who practice it.

Republicans and conservative media have joined President Trump in his high-priority quest to drive out a law-abiding, upstanding, and hard-working Muslim-American Black woman out of office, simply because of her racial makeup, mode of worship and ability to maximize the privilege of free speech.

Omar’s comments about Israel ruffled a lot of feathers, and caused a nationwide panic, which is supremely hypocritical when you consider the roster of insults that President Trump has ceremoniously uttered, without pushback from the very hypocrites that are determined to keep Congresswoman Omar’s name activated on the hit list of White supremacists.

The level of hatred that has been levied on a proud citizen of a country that is supposed to protect her from the very thing it endorses is astoundingly criminal.

And we’ve been recently hit with the latest round that comes courtesy of the slimeball himself, media infester, Rupert Murdoch, thanks to industry pollutant, The New York Post, that unleashed an unforgivably vile cover that sickeningly glimmers in its ratchetness.

Imagine that in the past few weeks, Trump and key members of his administration, have been allowed to systemically bully Omar, by re-purposing her words in the hopes that this method of attack will successfully align her with the evilness of Islamic militants and get her ousted from Congress.

From the horrific posters, showcasing her likeness against the burning Twin Towers to the Islamophobic programming of Fox News that features the hateful segments of witchy anchor Jeanine Pirro, who should’ve been fired for irresponsible comments that linked Congresswoman Omar to the extremism of Sharia Law — there’s no shortage of ammunition, aimed at the woman who supposedly represents “anti-American” values.


Despite recent headlines that drew attention to the murderous wiles of a 55-year-old White male, and Trump supporter, who called the Congresswoman’s office, spewing out threatening language that got him arrested and charged, President Trump is still hellbent on continuing his deadly tour of targeting Ilhan Omar as the traitor who is working as an undercover jihadist.

The damning beginnings of this thuggish regime has evolved into a full-blown epidemic that has gotten furiously out-of-control, and whether we want to admit it or not — the United States of America is currently being regarded as the hotspot of terrorist activity — only this time the perpetrators aren’t screaming “Allahu Akbar!”

They are aiding and abetting the directives from the U.S. government, in the realm of exterminating those who have been assigned as threats to the mission of #MAGA, and the future settlement of White nationalism.

We see it in the recently apprehended White male terrorist who grazed 3 Black churches to the ground as an homage to White supremacy, and we see it with the GOP and conservative media’s graphic public assault on Muslim-Americans, through illegal broadcast programming, and the editorial offerings that cater to the volatile climate, that encourages high-risk episodes for vulnerable Americans, who are being lethally shamed, purely based on race and religion.

We as a nation cannot allow this to flourish because domestic terrorism is a punishable crime, and that means that individuals and entities that participate in this form of nationalized torment against innocents, will have to be brought to justice.

It’s time for the United States to choose whether or not being a terrorizer of victims that lawfully reside in “America the Beautiful” will forever be the ugly legacy of our time; or if beauty will be restored by the remake of “Home of the Brave,” and the warriors who are ready to fight for that version.

We can’t afford to wait until #2020, because the lives of Muslim-Americans, and those who are targeted by #MAGA — are at stake.

Update: This is the pinned tweet of the President of the United States

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