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Why The Trump Administration’s Weaponizing Of Mental Health is Dangerous

Remember how this all started, at the beginning of 2020, when the threat of the coronavirus was gaining momentum in China and parts of Europe with the promise of overtaking the United States?

Donald Trump, the worst president ever, decided that the mysterious virus was merely a hoax, conceived by radical Democrats who were trying to botch the relevance of his historic economy.

We are now more than halfway through what has turned out to be one of the most deadliest years on record, and the Trump administration continues to willfully downplay the raw data that illustrates sobering reasons why the European Union announced a travel ban in early July, barring entry to all Americans.

Premature reopening due to immense pressure from Trump and his soldiers of death, who conspired to reverse mandate shutdowns in key states to ensure the survivability of the economy over the safety of American workers, is directly responsible for the elevated national emergency.

And with fall on the horizon, and a new school year upon us, we are entering unchartered territory that could lead to more senseless deaths, when you consider the nefarious agenda of the Trump administration, that advocates for the immediate return to normalcy without any consideration for dire consequences.

CDC regulations and the invaluable guidance of Dr. Fauci be damned!

Donald Trump is more determined than ever to place his lofty ambitions for reelection way above the general wellbeing and security of helpless citizens, who are juggling a plethora of challenges that range from the loss of jobs and benefits, to the acute fear of being forced to send their children to unsafe environments.

The wicked witch also known as secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, has been unequivocally blunt about reiterating instructions from her supreme leader, that demands the full reopening of schools across the nation, with serious threats of withholding federal funding from institutions that dare to choose precautionary measures during this unprecedented time.

In addition to the active nightmare of accommodating a national health crisis under the tutelage of the Terrorizer-in-Chief and his gang of co-conspirators, we also have to contend with the pending items that are fast and furiously mounting with no forecast for relief.

This is why the Trump administration’s weaponizing of mental health is inherently dangerous.

It’s the warped narrative that has been used to humanize radicalized domestic terrorists who target groups that the president publicly vilifies at his rallies and on Twitter.

And now it’s being repurposed to validate the deviousness behind ignoring indisputable evidence that proves why moving too fast to achieve the goal of “back to business as usual” is costing lives and unfairly punishing out-of-work Americans who are barely surviving.

Back in March, when the nationwide mandatory shutdown was newly in effect, Trump was already showcasing his disapproval with the notion that the season of his “booming economy” that was described as the “greatest in history” was coming to an abrupt end.

Trump wasn’t interested in competence when it came to the assessment of a global pandemic that was rapidly infecting the country with staggering numbers of new cases.

His inability to effectively inhabit the role of Commander-in-Chief when it comes to relying on life-saving measures, as the blueprint for how to handle a national emergency like no other is not shocking. But what boggles the mind is the callousness Trump displays when he utilizes the fragility of mental illness as his argument for premature reopening.

Imagine what it takes to reach that level of deplorability that produces a scumbag, who succumbs to the egomaniacal tendencies that dictate the bullet points about an issue he has zero knowledge about, but feels qualified to discuss based on his seething privilege.

“You’re going to lose more people by putting a country into a massive recession or depression.” You’re going to lose people. You’re going to have suicides by the thousands.”

“I’m talking about where people suffer massive depression, where people commit suicide, where tremendous death happens… I mean, definitely would be in far greater numbers than the numbers that we’re talking about with regard to the virus.”

Those are the infamous words that Trump shamelessly touts, in an effort to make the baseless claims that people are literally “dying” from the non-negotiable requirements to stay home and limit outdoor exposure for the sake of drastically minimizing the spread of a deadly virus.

In other words, we are dying from the reasonable request that was formulated to actually save our lives.

Notice how he transparently links “recession” with “depression” as a way to evoke the disingenuous of being concerned for Americans who are on the brink of a nervous breakdown, due to the shutdown of the economy.

But Trump isn’t motivated by the urgency of catering to the immediate needs of out-of-work Americans, who were barely able to stay afloat when the economy was fully operational, despite the misleading information about how everyone was benefitting from the well of good fortune.

Research shows that even though a good number of jobs were added in the early months of the year, the identified culprit has always been wage stagnation. It’s a decades-old conundrum, borne out of dysfunctional elements plaguing workers who are either forced into the often-times low-paying, gig economy or stuck in dead-end jobs that don’t offer yearly bonuses or pay increases.

When you contemplate that dismal picture of the over-worked and underpaid, and place it against the backdrop of Covid-19, and the discouraging breaking news that confirms new cases and a death toll that won’t stop — it’s not hard to consider how waning optimism can give way to blinding disillusionment.

That’s why Trump resorting to talking points about massive depression, and suicide by the thousands, that will apparently result in far greater numbers than the numbers that we’re talking about with regard to the virus, is beyond triggering for someone like me, who is a longtime sufferer of depression in all its debilitating forms.

The ultra-sensitive subject of mental illness has unfortunately been mistreated by those who are in influential enough to send the wrong message that could be lethally detrimental.

We’ve seen time and time again, how the recklessness of the media normalizes the mockery of vulnerable celebrities who are clearly engaged in the battle for their lives in full view of an unsympathetic public.

And now the so-called president is allowed to manipulate the complexity of mental health by reducing it to a political ploy, as a way to bully Americans into high-risk situations that will guarantee the resurrection of his reelection campaign’s star attraction.

Yes, the present climate of death and destruction, followed by the uncertain future and lack of financial stability, thanks to the end of the extra $600 unemployment benefits has undoubtedly exacerbated mental challenges that may or may not have been under control before the coronavirus hit.

But that doesn’t save Trump’s nonsensical argument about how more people will die from the strain of staying indoors, and adhering to the CDC guidelines in their respective states, compared to the freedom to disregard their health and disrespect the safety of others.

This is just another prime example of his habitual need to diminish the misfortune of others for his own gain.

This time it’s personal!

Trump’s blatant ignorance about the community of sufferers who can’t afford to endure his simplification of a disease that’s just as life-threatening as any other major diagnosis, is a criminal offense that should’ve been treated as such by the media and mental heath experts.

If the Trump administration is really committed to improving the overall disposition of displaced Americans, the obvious way to accomplish that goal would be to secure steady access to resources that reduce the heightened stress of financial obligations that are impossible to manage during this period of national duress.

But that’s apparently a tall order for a brutish administration that’s wickedly conspiring on how to deprive out-of-work Americans from the accumulated earnings, that should be readily deposited in depleted bank accounts, at least until Covid-19 stops waging war.

Since Trump and his henchmen adamantly refuse to do the right thing on behalf of the needy, then maybe it would #BeBest to stop insulting our intelligence and just own up to the truth of how they would rather we die than sacrifice the lifespan of the “booming economy”

That’s really when the “tremendous death” happens.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1–800–273–8255.

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