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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Why The Trump Administration’s Assault on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a Bigoted Attack

White privilege strikes again

I’m writing this because I’m angry.

I am feverishly disgusted at the hypocrisy on display when it comes to bigotry in America, and how White males in seats of power are able to freely pledge allegiance to White supremacy without suffering the appropriate punishment for those misdemeanors.

Candidate Trump turned the 2016 elections into a cesspool of polluted grime with a presidential campaign that was rife with hate-filled messaging that appealed to his base of ignorant fucks. And by the way, all those who claim that despite voting for Trump, they don’t condone his appallingly offensive behavior, have to contend with the vital role of cowardly enablers.

If you’ve forgotten just how bad it got, check this out:

The uproar that arose after the insulting comments about Mexicans and immigrants didn’t pressure the future Commander-in-Chief to issue a heartfelt apology. In fact he defended his White privilege by shunning the criticism and maximizing the non-stop attention he was getting from the press.

If you’re able to command CNN to focus on your prized jumbo jet that’s parked on the tarmac for hours and hours, then you can be rest assured that nefarious antics will work to your benefit. It will work so well, that you might just win the presidency.

President Trump was just like Candidate Trump in all the ways that repulse and frustrate. The evidence was dramatized during the Charlottesville riots, when an American city was under siege by the deadliness of domestic terrorism at the hands of White supremacists.

It was horrendously devastating to witness the acts of violence on display, with the authority of a White president who refused to condemn the actions of those that he publicly supports. So much so that when he was given the chance to be “presidential” in his response to the national crisis, that accumulated casualties, Trump simply verified what we already knew by holding “both sides” accountable and adding how White supremacists are also “very fine people.”

The nation was just reeling from a horror show that featured White people brutalizing anyone and anything that threatened their prejudiced stance, and the president saw it fit to conveniently minimize the catastrophic nature of that event.

We can go on an on about what Trump has said and done during his toxic reign in the White House. We can send reminders about how he referred to countries that are comprised of Black and Brown as “shitholes,” and how Republicans did their very best to shield their leader from the storm of discontent that brewed afterwards. We can take it back to Hurricane Maria, and how the president and first lady arrived at the disaster zone, light as a feather, since they purposely forgot to bring loads of empathy. The president thought it would be fun to throw paper towels at the islanders, while callously dismissing their plight when he wrongfully assumed the death count was impressively low. And months later when the official death count proved to be exceedingly higher than expected, he accused Democrats of using that info as a political ploy.

We can highlight the tour of Europe, and how Trump transformed into a first-class traitor on foreign soil, as he read love notes to Putin in front of shattered allies and transfixed American citizens. He also seized his moment on the global stage to infamously degrade his own intelligence community.

As usual Republicans were adamant about standing by their man, regardless of his horrific instincts.

We can talk about the Muslim ban, and how Muslim-Americans are navigating the reality of systematic harassment and rapid rise of hate crimes, because of Trump’s insistence that those who practice Islam are inherently violent and have no place in White America.

President Trump is a ghoulish thug with too much power, who throws temper tantrums during ungodly hours of the night because of the exhaustion that comes from doing nothing at all.

His White privilege has garnered him the ability to be as deplorable as he can stand, without facing the avalanche of disapproval of other White men, who wouldn’t dare disturb the force with the insertion of law and order if it means demeaning the sovereignty of Whiteness

When Donald Trump decided to use the mid-term elections to proudly declare himself a “White nationalist,” there was the hope that this gross miscalculation wouldn’t go unchecked.

But remarkably enough, this shitty administration has excelled in protecting the deceitful interests of the supreme leader, who is immune to the consequences of his abhorrent behavior and the crimes against humanity at the borders and Puerto Rico. He’s a White man with tons of money, political power and the privilege that comes with being able to purchase anything he wants, even if when it’s underserved and potentially dangerous to innocents.

He is completely insulated from the gravity of the national emergency that he created the moment the White House became the Trump enterprise.

His ordained disposition is a direct result of the evangelicals in his midst, who prayed for the coming of a White supremacist, who loathes the LGBTQ community, non-White Americans, and those who indulge in beliefs that don’t include worshipping the dirty-blonde and blue-eyed savior.

We also have to shout out the deep-throat coddling of our robotic vice president, who is dutifully loyal to his master, and would rather resemble a drowning rat scraping the sludge off the walls in a final attempt to escape the overflowing gutter — than follow the teachings of Christ that clearly outlines the good, the bad and the ugly.

Imagine the shocker of Mike Pence’s unwarranted public attack, that was aimed to further demonize Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, who is embroiled in a controversy that racists conservatives are quite pleased about. Her political woes provide the ammunition to hopefully permanently disable the thriving career of a Black Muslim-American woman, who graciously and selflessly took the oath that catapulted her to history-making heights.

Omar, has been daringly vocal about issues that matter, including how the Israeli government has woefully mistreated Palestinians. The young Congresswoman’s bold support for justice on behalf of this direly abused population has inspired strong reactions from all sides of the aisle

The situation boiled over with Omar and her faithful ally, Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian-American, and newly-minted member of Congress, staunchly lending support to a “Palestinian-led movement,” in the form of Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS), that was instituted to derail the harmful tactics directed by Israel towards Palestine.

Omar and Tliab have been branded “anti-semites,” and it didn’t help that when House Speaker minority leader, Kevin McCarthy recommended that the two Muslim women be punished accordingly, Omar swiftly responded with “It’s all about the Benjamins.”

This was followed by Omar’s answer to the question of why members of Congress are unequivocally committed to the welfare of Israel, which she firmly attributed to AIPAC.

If you want to know why her reference to an extremely influential and powerful pro-Israel organization has drawn such ire — click here.

What I really need to know is why Mike Pence and his henchmen are so bothered by Ilhan Omar, and how they can shamelessly plot to poison her reputation with generic accusations, when the bloated idiot they serve has been able to get away with murder.

Thank God for Chelsea Clinton! And thank the devil for Pence, who has the gall to demand that Ilhan Omar “face the consequences of her words” because she practices Islam and therefore has “no place in the United States Congress.”

However, it’s quite harmless for a White bigot like Steve King to remain in Congress, despite spending his entire career fanning the flames of hate with outright racist comments, that propel the agenda of White nationalism at the expense of the Black and Brown population that he habitually demeans with infectious disdain.

Where was VP Pence when his comrades were pretending to care about King’s damning interview with The New York Times, where he whined about not being able to guiltlessly practice White supremacy because of the buzzkill of political correctness?

He was probably in the same vacuum of nonchalance as the president, who chose to ignore the static of King’s troubles by feigning ignorance. Funny how well-positioned White men who hate non-Whites and assault women, manage to escape the venom-laced rant, that the Commander-in-Chief seems to reserve for those who are vulnerable enough to take the abuse.

Consider the irony of this sack of shit, who ridiculed the islanders of Puerto Rico after the monstrous storm wiped out their homes and families, and withheld government assistance because of debt owed — righteously asking for the resignation of a decent American, who offered her apology without hesitation.

Trump is a cold-hearted criminal with blood on his hands, and the disgraceful certainty that history will tear his legacy to shreds when the time comes for his debt to be paid in full.

Ilhan Omar, is a spirited, diligent, industrious, ambitious, and highly-intelligent young woman with her whole life ahead of her. She has the good fortune of being able to right her wrongs without exacerbating the issue. She’s smart enough to assess situations with the brilliance that the president lacks, and based on her response to Trump’s laughable statement, she’s obviously aware of this fact.

White supremacy can’t dictate the ouster of a Muslim-American woman and Somali refugee, who hails from one of the “shithole” territories on the list of banned nations, when we have a president who has transformed the Oval Office into a portal of dysfunction with the aid of his daughter and son-in-law, who were hired illegally.

The media isn’t doing very much to cause the president the pain he’s asking for by condemning his bigoted attacks on Omar, and resurrecting his rap sheet of felonies. They also didn’t whip him into shape for being responsible for the needless deaths that resulted from Hurricane Maria.

And White conservatives will surely not end their quest to keep the bigoted president sanitized, while protesting the presence of Muslim-Americans in Congress, who can’t enjoy the privilege of getting away with bad behavior in the same fashion as White males in America.

While that remains the standard default, let’s at least take ownership of the hypocrisy, with the incurable symptoms that bind us.

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