Kaia Rolle

Why The Systemic Abuse of Black and Brown Children Needs To Stop

As it turns out “The Sunshine State” of Florida doesn’t live up to that assigned disposition when it comes to the treatment bestowed on Black and Brown citizens, who seem to have hovering clouds that forecast the potential life-threatening encounters with law enforcement.

The triggering headlines are endlessly deposited on already polluted timelines, and the tragic incidences can include a Black father who’s fatally shot to death in the parking lot of a convenient store, right in front of his young son. The killer is an older White dude who exercised the state’s “concealed carry license,” by retaliating against an unarmed victim over a dispute about parking space.

But the worst has to be the horrific plight of Black children in America, and the systemic abuse that begins in the institutions that are supposed to ensure their safety without any room for errors.

The breaking news about the six-year-old Black girl who was handcuffed, before she was placed into a police vehicle and driven away like a hardcore criminal who was finally apprehended after months of being on the lam, paints an unfathomable image of straight up child abuse.

But it’s certainly not a rare sight.

Black and Brown children have been consistently suffering the wrath of the hostile presence of police officers with questionable track records, stationed at schools that are targeted for reasons that breed the permitted altercations that need to be thoroughly investigated.

We’ve become accustomed to the viral content that showcase burly males with badges storming into classrooms for the task of making mincemeat out of a Black girl, by ripping her away from her desk and dragging her across the floor like a ragged doll, while classmates and teachers gawk in awe at the audacity of such violence.

Why are Black and Brown children subjected to the level of brutalization that’s evidently a foreign concept to their White counterparts, who are given the freedom to be as naughty as they want to be without the dire consequences that could scar them for life?

Perhaps it has everything to do with the way children of color are groomed for the future they never asked for, but are forced to inherit based on the biased judicial system that works to populate prisons with the usual suspects, who are presumed guilty based on ethnicity and background.

Schools that boast predominately diverse students tend to have an army of unformed men on standby, ready to obey the directives that empower them with the irresponsible and unprofessional mistreatment of our precious children, who are helplessly tossed in the gauntlet with no possibility of a rescue from adult witnesses.

This deadly practice that’s been used as the preferred method of disciplining Black and Brown children has been flourishing without warranted interference from school officials, who are proven enablers when it comes to the excessive force levied on little bodies that should never have to endure the bullish tactics of cowardly police officers.

The real question is why in the hell are these thuggish officers who have demonstrated past entanglements of a violent nature, given unrestricted access to children in ways that put them in immediate danger?

Officer Dennis Turner, is the asshole, who served as “school resource officer,” at Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy in Orlando, FL, and he’s guilty of stepping out of bounds with a first-grader named Kaia Rolle.

He has been arrested and slapped with misdemeanor charges for daring to arrest a six-year-old Black child for “throwing a tantrum” that was apparently serious enough to result in the process of being fingerprinted with mugshots to boot.

Kaia Rolle’s very short lifespan already includes the damaging narrative that’s usually reserved for grown adults who are mature enough to know better because of the accumulated years that instructs the difference between right and wrong, as well as the punishment that follows when you willfully commit a crime.

An internal investigation has been initiated, and Officer Turner has been fired.

But considering that he was previously in hot water, based on the assault of another Black child, we have to ponder why that wasn’t enough to ban him from being assigned the position that led to a similarly disastrous incident.

We can also conclude that the welfare of Black and Brown students isn’t being taken seriously enough, which is basically a criminal offense.

It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator is a White cop or a Black cop because Black and Brown kids shouldn’t be subjected to unregulated episodes that put them in harms way.

It absolutely illegal to arrest a six-year-old child because its hard to conceive of any instance that would inspire that judgment call. We also can’t deny the fact that White children are given the right to act out accordingly without the threats of being forcibly handcuffed and tossed into a police car.

The systemic abuse of Black and Brown kids in schools has to stop!

We can’t tolerate this nightmare any longer, and while Kaia Rolle is in the loving embrace of her beloved grandmother, who received the alarming phone call that confirmed the arrest of her granddaughter for a battery charge, we can’t assume that this case will be the last of its kind.

It’s time to revise the rules and regulations in order to guarantee that rogue police officers will not be placed on the premises that house unsuspecting young victims, who can be physically abused for reasons that never applicable.

But more importantly, we are again faced with the jarring reality of police brutality and how law enforcement across the country continues to downplay this mammoth issue that preys on the vulnerability of embattled communities.

Even mentally ill citizens aren’t spared the rage of street violence orchestrated by murderous cops who have no issue tasering a Black man to death simply because of his inability to adequately assess an escalating situation that didn’t have to end his demise.

But it’s all about the children, the chosen ones who are going to be the faces of the future. It’s about making sure that Black lives matter, and tasking school officials with the burden of their gross negligence, by pressuring them to draft the rulebooks that will detail safety measures that will prevent the terrifying scenario that assaulted the emotional health of Kaia Rolle, from ever happening again.

Enough is enough!

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