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Yes! Asshole! Yes!

Why The State of the Union Address Proves We Will Never Be United

You set out to boycott the stupid State of the Union address that’s being transmitted from the dysfunctional abbey of enablers and protesters, and then you wind up giving into your masochistic tendencies.

And in the end, you’re left wondering why being an American is so bloody hard.

President Trump’s annual shit show didn’t disappoint, as it was staged to give the bloated cry-baby another opportunity to flamboyantly tout his roster of “tremendous” achievements that are so magnificently epic and basically beyond the reach of any of his “less-accomplished” predecessors.

It was quite a treat watching House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, maintain her cool, calm and collected demeanor with splashes of Meme-worthy gestures that actually made the vomit-inducing event salvageable.

Mike Pence conducted himself with the familiar robotic reactions that had him on his feet more times that we could count, as he enthusiastically played the role of all the emoticons that fit into the “idiotic loser” category.

And the rest of the divided House, mimicked the outlandishness of “Our Union” as seas of white collided with the darker and murkier crowd, as the feathers of White privilege rustled in the very still wind of contentiousness .

First Lady Melania Trump made her entrance and strutted down the runway that led to her distinguished post, and since this is probably one of those rare occasions where she gets to show off why that modeling career didn’t take off — the founder of the on again/off-again #BeBest campaign, really took advantage of the spotlight that she’s been diligently evading.

The only pertinent detail that is ever assigned to Melania, is the backstory of her pricey wardrobe. And so we know that she wore a purposely dark “military-style” garment that could be priced at almost $3K a pop, and her prop for the night aside from her victimized “guests” was the solo glove that I didn’t even notice until it started to trend.

Her equally decked-out step-daughter, Ivanka Trump also chose to go dark, in a stark contrast to the white uniforms that the ladies from the opposing party were donning, as the silent protest for the present administration’s appalling treatment of issues pertaining to women.

Ivanka’s chosen ensemble was a demure Alexander McQueen number that only cost about $5K. I was able to stomach her presence without gagging because of the trending story, starring Jennifer Rubell, the artist that we all know by name because of the viral exhibition that features an Ivanka lookalike, vacuuming “a plush pink carpet” from the scraps that strangers are allowed to deposit.

The inspiration to ceremoniously shame the first daughter and supposed “adviser to the president” was garnered from the complicity of the general public when it comes to turning a blind eye to the vital role Ivanka Trump plays in her father’s toxic administration, and how her White privilege has allowed her to escape the jaws of harsh criticism that she has more than earned.

Needless to say, Ivanka was none too pleased about the brilliantly successful installation, but decided to “take the high road” by showering herself with praises for her ability to initiate the commands of White feminism on cue:

For the record, I’ve never been coy about my healthy disdain for Trump’s favorite daughter, who is actually more like him than most would be willing to admit.

If you need proof — check it out:

Once the Liar-in-Chief entered the building, after we were treated to the unnecessarily staged scenes of his exit from the White House, into the damn car and off to the races — the rousing applause that championed his steps was a remarkable sight.

It was hard to tolerate the unsightliness of the dumpy frame of a cowardly lion with the yellow mop atop his head, clumsily moving with calculated defiance of what his enablers inject him with in order to prevent the embarrassing showdown of his damning rap sheet being rammed into that slit of a mouth.

Were they all clapping for the still drowning island of Puerto Rico, that this administration was determined to let sink into the abyss, with the tragic death count that exceeded what was previously reported and lauded by the murderer-in-chief?

Were they applauding the president’s legendary hypocrisy when it comes to race relations, and how “guests” like Alice Johnson and Matthew Charles, who were being used as well-positioned Black props to enhance the agenda of the evening — was a thorough “fuck you” to Black America from a White man who confirmed his allegiance to White nationalism on national television?

The much-heralded prison reform bill is bullshit when you consider that citizen Trump was hell bent on spending his millions to ensure that the wrongfully accused Central Park Five, who were five youths of color under the age of 17 — would all pay the ultimate price for a crime they didn’t commit.

But perhaps, the over-the-top feting of a man-baby who will go down in history as the worst president ever to stain the White House, was a performative joke that was meant to convince the pompous oaf, that his crimes against humanity at the infamous border, aren’t nearly as devastating as they appear to be.

I mean, why not grandly applaud the bigot-in-chief, who spent his presidential campaign singing the lullabies of hate to assuage the anxiety of White supremacists, who really needed their supreme leader to publicly endorse their deadly motives in Charlottesville. Not to mention the arsenic verbal attacks on Mexicans with labels of “murderers” and”rapists,” as well as Black and Brown immigrants from “shithole” countries, that don’t carry the same appeal as Norwegian exports.

Why don’t we grant a standing ovation to the self-professed White nationalist who created the migrant crisis with his utter disgust for the caravans of brutes who are reenacting dramatic scenes from the movie Sicario, with the intent to exact deadly harm on White women and children; who can’t ever be subjected to the gassing sessions that their less-fortunate Brown counterparts are forced to inhale as punishment for encountering the administration from hell.

We should really high five the killer-in-chief, who has grossly misused his absolute power to create affirming bonds with the world’s most lethal dictators, while infusing the language of intolerance as the trigger-worthy activation for his army of White male terrorists to mercilessly hunt down and massacre the population of America, that isn’t American enough to be Great.

Domestic terrorism at the hands of White males in America has become the silent killer that nobody wants to touch, in case it shakes up the status quo and throws everything into a tail spin of reason, after this maddening era of hostility that has claimed more lives than we can fathom.

Your president stood there and delivered a diseased sermon, that was woefully missing the main item of the criminal act that was sheathed in the government shut down. His refusal to acknowledge the dire consequences that resulted from citizens of modest means — being forced to consider sobering options in the name of their family’s survival — is exactly the reason why we will never be united.

The United States of America is a scattered dream that only exists in the Trump enterprise, where the truth is fake, and the ongoing slaughter of Muslim-Americans that began with the tyranny of the Muslim ban is received with sighs of relief.

We can’t be united ever again because White America bequeathed a monster-like figure with absolute power, and despite the death scenes in Puerto Rico, and all across the nation, where gun violence and planned bomb and knife attacks dwell without mandated interference — the man with the last name that bought our misery — is still able to enter a room of consenting adults without getting mobbed and torn to shreds.

So, divided we stand — and proudly.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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