Why the Societal Harassment Of Leslie Jones Exposes the Ugly Black Woman Syndrome

Comedian, actress and SNL member Leslie Jones hasn’t been having a good year on social media. It all began I guess when she was cast in the Paul Feig remake of the eighties blockbuster franchise — Ghostbusters. The all-female cast of characters seemed to give the male gaze something to shun with avid disdain. But, nobody paid a higher price than Jones.

Things only got worse once the ill-fated movie got closer to it’s premiere date. The hate levied at the irreverent funny lady was particularly vile and disturbingly potent — as references to Jones’ physique only escalated the painful disbelief that the actress expressed as she tried in vain to thwart the swarming trolls — who seemed to be thriving off of the attention they were receiving.

Cry for help!

In the midst of all the gunk and slime sticking to Jones’ timeline, was the low tempo of support from Black women who typically lead the charge of support in instances when one of their own is fighting for her life in the over-charged energy of social media.

When I investigated further — I found out that Jones isn’t necessarily beloved in her community because of the creative choices she’s made in the past. Her earlier skits on SNL were deemed as demeaning and embarrassing — as if she really doesn’t know herself and is going with the flow — that leads to exacerbating the stereotypes that need to die once and for all.

Then you have the infamous Allstate commercial that featured Jones playing the role of a black woman who as one outlet put it — “is thirsting for a white man.” I’ve seen the commercial as I am sure you have — and my reaction to it — bares no similarities to what Black women griped about so hard that it led to their nonchalance when Jones was being pummeled with images of chimps and apes and set on fire with every scummy description you can fathom.

Jones shared her nightmare — because that’s what social media is for — right?

Most were appalled and dismayed that someone so cool and affable could be subjected to such insanity without any hope for justice. Twitter tried to step up to the poisoned plate by cancelling the rights of Milo Yiannopoulos — a Tech editor at Beitbart — who supposedly led the charge in the war against Black women — who dare to ruin the sanctity of classic movies that typically feature robust White actors who are commissioned to help keep the hopes and dreams of White men alive.

Ready for battle!

That dream died once Jones donned the suit and armor destined to give make-believe ghosts real shit. Too bad movie tricks can’t translate into real life!

Yiannopoulos is a self-designated racist asshole — and his ouster from Twitter probably should’ve happened way before he targeted Jones — given the fact that he considers the Black Lives Matter movement and law abiding Muslims as extensions of terrorism.

But, of course, Twitter waits until their banishment garners considerable attention — I mean why bother unless retweets and likes are part of the itinerary.

I bring up this asshole because of his audacity to comment on the latest mess currently unfolding. The man who rendered his eyesore as “barely literate” — which may have been due to her “wild and untamed nature” — posted his response to Jones’ recent emergency with a Snapchat entry that basically sums up why “karma is a bitch” because it never quite gets it right — every time.

Karma’s a bitch — only when you’re a White asswipe- bro!

What’s the latest?

Leslie Jones is back in the news because she is now a victim of the internet’s most cruel consequence for those of us who surrender to the responsibilities that accompany exposing yourself to the chaotic wirings of the web.

Her website — justleslie.com was hijacked on Wednesday afternoon — and the perpetrators — tackled her driver’s license, passport, and nude photos — and re-directed the info to the world-at-large. There was also the ever-dependable correlation to oversized primates.

The weirdly appointed hero…

Harambe the gorilla who gave White people more pause than a 12-year-old boy who was shot in the stomach by a White bully — made an expected appearance as the mascot of a woman who most believe to be ugly as hell.

Yes, believe it or not — Jones is being punished for her looks which a lot of you think is less than stellar.

Sure, the stats prove that Black women are at the bottom of the pile when ranked against the lily white innocence of White women and the irresistible exotics of women form varied backgrounds. And of course, Black men who grow up to make mama proud, always fail to bring home a woman that resembles the prototype they spent all that time trying to please.

But, the truth is that Leslie Jones represents the Black woman that fits the syndrome that has been attached to women of color for centuries. If you don’t possess the delicate features that is protected by the ambiguous shell that comes with the bonus of “baby hairs” that glisten on command — you are not worthy.

If a Tessa Thompson look-alike or a darker-skinned version of Lupita Nyong’o had starred in the commercial that ruined Black women forever — the narrative and assessment would’ve been completely different.

Women of color would’ve read it as the White man’s loss if he can’t appreciate a hot chick winking at him — when she could clearly get any man she wants. Think pieces would’ve surveyed the idea that White men secretly want us but try to act like we ain’t shit.

Leslie Jones isn’t visually stunning.

She isn’t a biracial princess. She’s not a Black woman with evidence of how much White slave owners enjoyed the black hole of their property. She’s not enjoying the benefits of Native American mixing. Her hair doesn’t shimmer with wax and gels that release the properties assigned to celebs like Traci Ellis Ross.

She isn’t the certified Black woman that even her community can tolerate. She’s just a regular ole black woman.

So am I. That’s why I forever #StandWithLeslie. If you don’t believe me — click here.

I am glad shit has hit the fan.

It’s time to honestly tackle the ugly truth. The hatred that is geared towards Black women who are unapologetic in their pursuits, which never involves seeking acceptance in an arena that is crowded with manufactured dolls that are meant to give guys boners and women the blueprint for their fall fashion and beauty lookbooks — is astoundingly criminal.

The very features that pits Jones against the creatures of the jungle are being appropriated as we speak by Reality TV stars and feeble-minded celebs who lust after big lips, inflated asses and sensually-divided hips to the point of no return.

She’s so Black! You go girl!

Leslie Jones is obviously well-equipped — but it’s the way her assets line up. It’s not a good look. So, there is nothing to do but to defame, harass, mock and degrade.

If you were to ask me if Leslie Jones from SNL were pretty— I would honestly say — no. What is wrong with my answer? Nothing. There are plenty of White women comics who don’t fall into that category. I don’t think Amy Schumer is pretty. I do think that she is talented and attractive because she has the charm and heightened seductiveness that surpasses supermodel comparisons. When you’re stewing on greatness — you don’t need to be hot.

That’s how I receive Leslie Jones. Unfortunately, when you are a woman of color — no matter what shade — you have to be a clone of Halle Berry at fifty — or else you’re screwed.

You can’t be passable or average in the looks department. And if you even try to make like you don’t give a fuck — the infected population will force you to recognize.

The ‘ugly Black woman syndrome” is alive and well. When we are average looking with a few wins under our belt — we are accused of the crime of living while successful. Our First Lady and even tennis giant Serena Williams have all been compared to relatives of Harambe.

The only exception is that Michelle Obama and Serena Williams received the full support of their community and Leslie Jones is still playing catch up.

Release your bitterness that she isn’t a doe-eyed beauty with tanned skin and step up for the woman who is deliciously Black and funny — until the trolls unleash their venom.

Being a regular Black woman has it’s pitfalls but the shit gets backed up when your looks can’t save you.

Help me save Leslie. She’s not ugly or pretty — but she’s crazy funny and wants to continue cracking us up.


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