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Why The Sins of Megyn Kelly Will Finally Be Her Undoing

Thanks to Hanoi Jane!

When the salacious Page Six broke the news early in early 2017 — that Tamron Hall — the prized staple of NBC News had decided to reject the “multimillion dollar deal to stay at the Today show” — it was also confirmed that her abrupt exit had a whole lot to do with the newly-minted partnership between the Peacock Network and former Fox News employee — Megyn Kelly — who had made a name for herself hosting The Kelly File for almost four years.

Hall was being railroaded in favor of a woman who had spent most of her career embedded in the inner-workings of a company that operates with the intent of exalting the supreme order of Whiteness. While at Fox — Kelly adamantly threw herself into her role — and in the process ruffled a lot of feathers with her outspoken and often times blunt approach to sensitive issues — particularly in the complex realm of inequality brought on by racial injustice.

I was unpleasantly introduced to Kelly in late 2013 when she made headlines for her callous message to children during the holiday season — a time supposedly meant for joy, acceptance and above all — goodwill towards men.

Kelly decided to assign herself the task of breaking the news about the true racial identity of Santa Claus. Truth be told — I could give less than a damn if Santa were a White man or of Egyptian descent because I find the idea of a burly guy dressed in a tight-fitting red and white costume with a penchant for little kids quite freaky. But, as a Black woman — it was disturbing to hear a White woman annoyingly insist that Santa and Jesus Christ — who are both revered mascots of a global religion — rightfully belonged to White people — with no room for flexibility:

“Jesus was a white man, too. It’s like we have, he’s a historical figure that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that. How do you revise it in the middle of the legacy in the story and change Santa from white to black?”

Exhibit A:

Two years later — Kelly managed to rile me up again and thankfully I wasn’t in the minority when it came to my uncontrollable anger and astute disdain for a White woman — who had the audacity to use her platform as the launching pad for the attack on a young Black woman — who died under the gross negligence of the system that enslaved her.

Twenty-eight-year-old Chicago native Sandra Bland was pulled over by a state trooper during a routine traffic stop in Waller County, Texas on a summer afternoon in July 2015. The video of the incident made its rounds on social media and any reasonable person could assess the quickness with which things escalated — as Officer Brian Encina exhibited symptoms associated with being mentally overpowered by a woman of color — and even worse — a Black woman.

The only recourse was to resort to violence as evident in his brutal tactics towards Bland when he yanked her from her vehicle — and threw her on the concrete ground before finally arresting her. Bland was found dead three days and her death was ruled a suicide.

There’s no denying that if Bland had been a White woman — the situation would’ve been amiably resolved with no violence or loss of life.

So of course it was beyond intolerable that Megyn Kelly — a privileged White woman with the pompousness of her status could deem it reasonable to once again use her show as the catalyst for racial strife — by voicing her support for the officer that treated a Black woman so abominably — that it ended in her swift and tragic demise.

Exhibit B:

There have been so many strikes against Kelly and of course the fact that Tamron Hall was derailed by the cancellation of her morning show on NBC — Today’s Take — which she co-hosted with veteran television personality Al Roker — in favor of Kelly’s current Daytime TV gig — Megyn Kelly Today — doesn’t help matters.

For me — it’s always about race and the fact that White women are consistently favored and propped up with the confidence of million dollar deals at the expense of their Black counterparts who are in most cases — more talented and viable — when you consider the present climate of mandated inclusion.

Megyn Kelly Today started off rocky after its much-heralded debut — and this can be attributed to the glaring limitations of the host — who lacks anything that resembles a personality or even the organic tendency towards being able to connect with her audience and guests that brave her thorny terrain.

She’s had quite a few high-profile visitors — but the one that really made her mark has to be the iconic actress and activist — Jane Fonda.

Last fall — Fonda and her co-star — in Netflix’s original movie — Our Souls At Night — Robert Redford stopped by Kelly’s studio — as part of their promotional tour.

Things took an ugly turn after Kelly decided to embark on a weirdly scripted detour into the world of plastic surgery that took Fonda by surprise — and gratifyingly — the illustrious actress didn’t hold back her disgust.

Exhibit C:

Even months after the “interview from hell” — Kelly never seemed to recover from the mounting missteps that only proved more than ever that NBC had placed their bets on the wrong woman.

And now the bad blood between Kelly and Fonda has boiled over after the recent stunt that was pulled this past Monday — when the uncharismatic and apparently bitter host decided to go full gangster in her retaliation against her more seasoned and beloved nemesis.

Suited up in the armor that clothed her controversial tenure at Fox — Kelly literally lost her shit as she once again misused her high-priced quarters to launch a seething tirade against Fonda — who appeared on the Today show with co-star Lily Tomlindays beforeto promote her Netflix hit comedy — Grace and Frankie. During the segment with co-host Hoda Kotb — Fonda was teased by Kotb about her plastic surgery and Fonda playfully retorted — “Who are you? Megyn Kelly?”

This was all Kelly needed as ammunition for her massive attack against an eighty-year-old national treasure who still incites the ire of those who once labeled her “Hanoi Jane” as punishment for her infamous 1972 trip to North Vietnam — where she stayed for two weeks — and spent that time touring and expressing her views about the role America was playing in the Vietnam war — which she vehemently opposed.

Exhibit D:

Kelly who has never stood for anything except the belief of the racial makeup of historical figures and her ability to demean the worth of Black people decided to throw Fonda’s controversial past in her face — by rehashing her “disrespect” of American soldiers while harping on her “hypocrisy” — that she feels does a disservice to women who obviously need to be reminded how much Fonda has fucked with her face in order to manage their self-esteem.

Kelly utilized a number of strategically-targeted clips to support her hollow words and at the end of it — all that remained was her pathetically bruised ego and the strong likelihood that she had messed with the wrong bitch(with all due respect).

There’s also the exciting possibility that her time is almost up and that maybe her sins will finally be her undoing.

According to Page Six — the day after her ill-advised monologue — Kelly’s live show “was replaced with a pre-taped segment.” My guess is that the execs at NBC are at their wits end as they scramble to figure out the best way to gloss over their million dollar mistake.

Megyn Kelly is ironically the victim of her privilege, which has allowed her to freely pollute valuable airtime with harmful rhetoric — accompanied by a deadpan delivery that can’t be hidden behind the over-exposed aesthetic — that will thankfully be replaced by more human-like models in the years to come.

It’s hard to imagine that her televised attack on Jane Fonda — a legend in her own right — not to mention an immensely talented actress and passionate activist who hails from a highly-respected show business dynasty — could’ve been given the green light — despite the blatantly obvious ramifications for Kelly and NBC.

But that might be a transparent indication of the state of affairs of Daytime TV — or it could be the ultimate trap that will finally seal the fate of Megyn Kelly.

And nobody deserves to be unceremoniously defeated more than the woman who is over-paid and painfully underwhelming in her capacity.

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