Why The Shaming of “Cosby” Actor Geoffrey Owens Is The Distorted American Dream

Ezinne Ukoha
6 min readSep 3, 2018

The American Dream is a distorted version of the bulkiness of accumulated shit, that has been backed up ever since apps and social spaces convinced us that the notion of working hard for your money is a buzzkill, that needs to die with clicks of branding endorsements.

There’s also the persuasion of the media and how faux-success stories are ceremoniously displayed with callous audacity, and the damaging messaging that alludes to the dismal truth of just how far we’ve fallen from the grip of humanity.

Common decency isn’t so common, and there’s no adherence to the inherently-inclined gravitational pull towards the core values of honor and respect, for the rules of conduct — that dictate the statues of our most basic existence.

As summer draws to a close and the daily grind of a work week begins, many of us are returning to a lifestyle that demands so much, and yet the rewards are less than ideal.

Not too long ago, I was the typical New Yorker who rose at dawn and headed into the hustle and bustle setting of systematized chaos. It wasn’t the dream scenario that I had envisioned as someone who desperately wanted to write for a living in a capacity that permitted the privilege of not having to supplement with non-related fare — but I didn’t have access to a trust fund or wealthy spouse.

You do what you have to do to survive the hostile work force, even it means working as an executive assistant for companies that help the rich get richer and make the poor more destitute.

There’s also the more hostile society that comprises of regular folks who are needy in ways that create volatile relations.

It’s become a mandate to possess assholish views that propel the authority to be a snob even when we can’t afford it. This staple behavior is birthed from the tools that were created to secure the fantastical elements of a falsehood, that allows imprisonment in a mindset — catering to our destruction.

Snapchat is fueling extremes in the realm of vanities and how we’re inconsolable in our ability to successfully conform into the ever-changing demands of physical perfection.