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Why The Religious Right Needs To Stop Weaponizing Christianity

It’s not a “God thing” it’s a shameful tug-of-war

I’ve never had an abortion, but I have been asked to accompany a friend who found herself in a situation that could only be solved on her terms, and with the support of those who encouraged and applauded her quest to make the very best decision on her behalf.

As a Nigerian-America who was born in the States but spent her formative years in the thriving metropolis of Lagos, I was privy to the recklessness of some elite Nigerians, who sported the off-putting combo of being both wealthy and ceremoniously snooty.

My status as a Nigerian with an American passport made me the envy of regular Nigerians who didn’t have the “good fortune” of that exposure and badge of honor; with my only competitors being the snootier population that birthed their offspring in England, while enrolled in prestigious institutions, studying law or any of the other illustrious courses.

The residue of British colonialism is expectedly unpleasant in the form of how White supremacy erased our primal pride in Blackness, and how that has translated to the deadly epidemic of skin bleaching. Nigerian women are single-handedly keeping European-based manufacturers afloat with mind-blowing profits that make the most populous country in the continent the official host of the “world’s highest percentage of women using skin lightening agents.”

The other buzzkill that colonialism bestowed is the implementation of the class system that’s based solely on the worth of globetrotting Nigerians, who score the lottery win of escaping the devastation of their motherland, by seeking refuge and fortune in Westernized countries.

Of course much respect was given to those who spent enough time surrounded by the treacherous antics of English nobility, to be seamlessly converted to the falsehood of how the much improved “Queen’s English” and acquired affiliation with the Catholic Church or Church of England, was going to somehow elevate statuses and enhance the prospect of being globally viable.

Interesting how a violently tumultous nation that was brutally stripped of vital tools for progressiveness and sustainable natural resources, was still able to boast the supremacy of a number of “upper-class” Nigerians, who flaunted their foreign currency with weaponizing candor, particularly when it came to fetishizing the White bandits, who destroyed our perfectly “brutish” culture — beyond repair.

Some of the acquaintances of my parents are still holding on to the ravaged mindset that accepts the value in lightening skin color to erase the horrid mistake of Blackness. There’s also the embedded allegiance to President Trump that comes from the shared belief that he was elected by God’s good grace because of how he would openly condemn homosexuality, and punish women who dare to kill what Alabama Governor Kay Ivey refers to as “a scared gift from God.”

Nigeria can’t ever repair the damage from White supremacy, that shattered tribal customs and displaced the birthed soulfulness of blessed beings, by replacing it with the hollowness of the loot being shuttled out of our tormentingly distorted landscape of riches, that are now primarily used to keep the lights on in Europe and America.

But the land of my birth may have a fighting chance to recover from the religious-themed attacks by the Christian right, who under the tutelage of a Baptist pastor named Jerry Falwell, some years ago, decided to turn the Republican Party into the establishment of Whiteness with the extra bitterness of social conservatism.

Back in 1980, so-called “Christian leaders” who were delegating the initiated pathway of the Christian right, decided to firmly align the cultish movement with likeminded institutions that would assist in the mission to keep the currency of Whiteness activated under the veil of “God’s chosen children.”

This also explains why there was a sense of urgency regarding the GOP’s swift demand to make school prayer mandatory while simultaneously relinquishing support for the Equal Rights Amendment.

See how that works?

Organizations like the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, and the Family Research Council are all banded together with the Christian right, to bolster the fallacy of a belief system that can only be contrived from the mindset of a wayward sect, who can’t operate without heavy reliance on the scriptures, that have been disorganized for the purpose of all-consuming power.

For more about the genesis of the Christian right, check out God’s Own Party: The Making of the Christian Right by Daniel K. Williams, a professor of history at University of West Georgia.

In the meantime, the un-United States of America is battling the war against women’s bodies, and the women who demand the right to make the decisions that violates nobody and nothing, except the judgmental stance of unenlightened heathens, who are too cowardly to remove God out of the equation and stand on their own wobbly foundation.

It’s not shocking to see how religion or any organization that is founded on the understanding that the base structure will be principled by an in-built hierarchy, that oppressively monitors operations while guarding against infiltrators of other colors — will eventually formulate the blueprint for internal and external strife that have nothing to do with commandments from on high.

Islamic militant groups don’t practice the tenets of Islam, and the horrific acts of violence that continuously devour the lives of innocent victims, who are ironically mostly Muslims, absolutely don’t reflect the honorable disposition of those who selflessly adhere to a belief system that is non-threatening by nature.

These murderous extremists are driven by their need to weaponize a religion that they have willfully manipulated to fit their nefarious agendas. They claim to be representatives of Allah because they are free to do so, even if their declarations are entirely blasphemous.

Everybody wants to feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves, and more often than not, that’s the trapdoor to a hellish existence that delivers fiery results.

Christianity has definitely been weaponized beyond recognition over centuries and centuries of abominations.

Consider that King Henry VIII, the disgustingly murderous member of the British Royal Family, actually had the audacity to break away from the Catholic Church after he was informed that he couldn’t divorce his wife to marry his mistress, Anne Boleyn.

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This bastard is the reason why I’m a Christian.

And so he promptly formed The Church of England, to resolve the issue of not being able to have his wishes granted when it came to his revolving door of women. He eventually had the very brief Queen of England executed after only 3 years of marriage, but the legacy of his newly-formed institution is still flourishing.

Once the British invaders occupied the territory of my forefathers, the Anglican Church took the place of what Igbo people refer to as “Chi,” stemming from the ritual of “Odinani.”

Christianity was used as the weapon of choice when it came to oppressing land owners and sacred rulers of that land, and how the armed British soldiers were working to secure lifetime access to our wealth under the pretense of spreading the word of God through angelic women in missionary garb, who insisted on English names for African babies born under the sun.

Christianity is presently being used to make sense of a senseless crime against humanity, and how the rubbish about preserving the reverence of what God ordained for the family unit is just a ploy for those who disgracefully use the Lord’s name in vain.

The Religious right needs to quit weaponizing the verses of the bible and the reputation of the God they grossly mutilate for their own selfish exploits.

Revered TV evangelist, who has voiced his cautious disapproval for the newly-signed Alabama abortion law because of how “extreme” it is, which will tragically make it even harder to later overturn Roe v. Wade — was dead wrong when he added — “God bless them, they are trying to do something.”

God and I may have had our ups and downs, and even extended periods of discontentment, but I can vouch for the fact that when it comes to the Christian right’s barbaric code of conduct at the expense of law-abiding Americans, who are seeking the retention of basic human rights — the Lord, our God isn’t assigning blessings on perpetrators who lazily rely on biblical misquotes as righteous ammunition.

History has recorded the damning evidence that invalidates this outdated mode of battery that arms White conservatives, old and young, with the fable of how as the “chosen ones,” they have the ultimate power to terrorize Muslim-Americans, Black and Brown populations and migrants, including those who have earned God’s favor on levels that these Christian fucks will never attain in their lifetime.

It’s time to end the abuse of God’s holy scribes, and stick to the truth of why fallible beings resort to strategic miscommunication when assuming the role of bible-wielding oppressors for personal gain.

It’s not a “God thing.”

It’s a shameful tug-of-war.

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