Vice President nominee — Kamala Harris

Why The Racism Against Kamala Harris Starts With Her Name

Not long after the long-awaited announcement of the heralded selection of former presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, as presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s official running mate, there was a deluge of supportive statements, and less favorable reactions from both sides.

The nonsense about Kamala Harris starts at the 49.27 mark

“I think out of respect for somebody who’s going to be on the national ticket, pronouncing her name right is actually kind of a bare minimum.”

Tucker Carlson had a lot to say in return, and it left his infuriated guest flabbergasted at the notion that a so-called “seasoned journalist,” would choose to anchor his primetime show with the selling point of how a potential future VP’s first name isn’t worth the hassle of an accurate pronunciation on the air.

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