Why The Public Sanitization of Megyn Kelly Proves The Currency of Whiteness

Yes, I know I sound like a broken record with my over-played references to how Whiteness never fails to sufficiently cleanse away the sins of White people who aren’t even sorry for their royal misdeeds.

I’m not very good at hiding my longstanding disdain for Megyn Kelly. It happened back in 2013 — during the holiday season, when she was still appropriately located at Fox News — a hate-mongering network — where anything goes when it comes to political incorrectness.

Kelly had a penchant for using her show, The Kelly File, as the preferred outlet to shame Black people by mocking the fact that Black children were convinced that Jesus was Black. And then she added Santa to the mix as an extra fuck you.

Given the fact that her god-awful segment aired during Christmastime, a festive period that’s usually reserved for the joyous mood of all children, it was particularly revolting to behold the clips of a Wicked Witch — who gleefully demeaned the imagination of Black kids in order to valiantly preserve the legitimacy of folk heroes on behalf of White kids.

That bitchy move was followed by the callous rant against a Black woman, who made the news cycle in the summer of 2015, when graphic footage of her violent encounter with a traffic cop went viral. It was a painful reminder of how Black lives don’t matter.

And while Megyn Kelly evidently enjoyed downplaying the relevancy of the mission statement that propels the organization that’s fighting the good fight, it was even more unbearable to witness the demonization of Sandra Bland — courtesy of a privileged White woman — who is quite aware of how she will never have to endure the tragedy of police brutality.

When NBC stupidly displaced staples, Al Roker and Tamron Hall to make way for America’s Superwoman, some of us were gagging with utter disgust.

Kelly’s elevated status as the hottest commodity in media, was as a result of her ability to brilliantly put candidate Trump in his place, while weathering the storm of his furious clap backs without breaking a sweat. Her victory lap was the blessed ode to White feminism, and that was all it took to wet the appetite of premium media organizations — that were willing to offer eye-popping deals to secure the woman on top.

What a difference a whole year makes.

NBC fucked up when executives decided to offer a shitload of money to a White woman who spent more than a decade at an ultra-conservative outlet, being a highly paid bigot. The expectation was that Megyn Kelly’s crown as the Queen of White feminism would ultimately present the winning lottery ticket of faithful White women — who would profitably welcome a refreshing face from the conservative world.

Payback is a bitch!

Kelly is currently negotiating her imminent exit from the network that wooed her with a three-year contract worth $69 million dollars — and purposely rejected the threat that their newly-minted star posed, when you consider her stance as an unapologetic racist who wasn’t used to hiding her instincts.

Turns out that employing a White woman who loves White people, but isn’t as gracious to Black people, can ultimately lead to a very expensive PR nightmare.

Who knew!

The million-dollar woman who was paid enough to effortlessly demonstrate the successful and seamless inter-marriage between conservative and liberal entertainment — ended up reverting to her infamous version on Fox News — when she enthusiastically urged White people to help themselves to the freedom of guiltlessly sporting Blackface when Halloween shows up.

For those White people who are part of the group of respondents who felt that her comments “made no difference either way,” here is some context around the damning monologue:

Blackface is part of a history of dehumanization, of denied citizenship, and of efforts to excuse and justify state violence. From lynchings to mass incarceration, whites have utilized blackface (and the resulting dehumanization) as part of its moral and legal justification for violence.

Megyn Kelly and the White people who are amongst the 45 percent of respondents who believe that “NBC canceling Kelly’s program would be too harsh of a consequence for her comments,” are lucky enough to be protected from the horrors of legal public harassments that law enforcement enforces, even against Black boys who are accused of sexual assault by deranged White women.

The public uproar that greeted Kelly’s Blackface comments, forced NBC to take drastic measures by swiftly removing their fallen angel in an effort to calm the chaotic climate that was brewing.

The cowardly executives cowered to the pressure of an era, that gives folks permission to forecast the temperature when shit hits the fan.

The removal of Megyn Kelly wasn’t about her offensive dialogue, as much as it was a desperate attempt to replicate ABC’s method of taking out the trash when the stench is too gross to pretty up.

Right after it became clear that the million-dollar woman had sealed her fate as the liability that had to be dealt with accordingly, there was a general sense that her permanent absence was a worthy punishment for a celebrated bigot who was awarded what she didn’t deserve.

We’re barely a couple of weeks in, and Kelly is transforming from villain of the year to the victim who is being unfairly attacked by a powerful organization, that took advantage of her assets when it was beneficial to their agenda — but when the going gets tough she’s being cruelly discarded with a serious threat to future endeavors.

A slew of publications are dedicated to tracking Kelly’s every move since she was kicked off her morning show, and the word on the street is that while she’s guaranteed the remainder of her $69 million dollar pay day, she’s also refusing to sign an NDA as her high-powered legal team demand an extra $10 million dollars in order to guarantee their client’s loyal silence.

There’s also the sweet homage to the still designated mascot to White feminism, from The Hollywood Reporter, drafted by a White writer, who is a woman, and obviously eager to theorize how long it will approximately take for the trajectory of the victimized White woman to return to the glory days.

A “well-connected crisis” PR executive made this suggestion when approached by the industry trade:

And then the article ends on a high note with the promising diagnose of how Kelly will be just fine, once enough time passes.

Kelly likely will focus on rebuilding her brand as a strong political interviewer and hard-news anchor, something she was said to be leaning toward at NBC even before the blackface scandal broke.

Here’s the thing, Megyn Kelly isn’t sorry for what she said, and she’s fighting like hell to get those coins to compensate for the inconvenience of the public shame of embodying the qualities that her soon-to-be former employer heavily invested in — without hesitation.

But the most infuriating aspect of this shitty shit, has to be the annoying reminder of how Whiteness will always be the valued currency that sanitizes the stained reputation of embattled White people.

How else can you even begin to explain the fact that the White woman who has made an impressive living, fucking over the most oppressed population in our society, will end up being punished with a gigantic payout, and the possibility that a year from now — she will be bequeathed with another grand opportunity to exert her hateful views.

All we’re focused on is the recovery of Kelly, and how a good chunk of those who were “polled” didn’t feel her banishment was warranted, and that inadvertently will help to minimize the main reason why she was unceremoniously let go.

There’s no residue from the conservation that was started when NBC invited high-profile props in the form of Roland Martin and Amy Holmes to help clean up the mess that the pompously racist White woman purposely made with no apologies.

It’s so typical to witness the favorable rating that Kelly is slowly but surely amassing as she quietly retreats to her high-price apartment and waits for the blissful release from NBC — while enjoying the very definition of how “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

But I’m quite certain that there are more than enough of us who will never foster a fondness for Kelly, based on her blemished track record, and her refusal to be genuinely shaken by her audacity to utilize a morning show as the rallying cry for deadly traditions — that had no business being thoughtlessly resurrected.

The suggestion for the former Fox News anchor, to produce an op-ed as a way to disapprove her heartless disposition would be an impossible feat since her ability to see past her privilege isn’t a realistic outcome.

Megyn Kelly’s public sanitization began almost immediately after her abrupt exit, and as a White woman who faithfully embodies the spirit of White feminism — that’s rooted in the righteousness of never having to pay the price for outright insolence — that’s almost always directed at rejected allies — there’s the unfortunate realization that she will never have to revisit the scene of her crimes.

She can afford to move on to bigger and better, with the support of those who speak her language and with the security of how Whiteness always means that you never have to say you’re sorry — and mean it.

Those are the fundamentals of White supremacy, and that’s why Trump’s America is having one hell of a run. And that also explains why NBC courted the Ice Princess who ended up being a frigid addition to what used to be a warmly received environment.

As hard as it is to assess this controversy, there’s no way to avoid the truth of how Whiteness always wins.

And NBC’s loss is just another indication of why the issue of diversity is regulated to the sidelines for the reception of mediocrity — and that dismal summation makes us all losers.

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