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Why The President Of The United States of America Fighting For The Resurgence of Apartheid Should Get Him Unseated

Or else the United States of America is officially a global endorser of White supremacy

President Donald J. Trump is a White supremacist, who used his rhetoric of acute bigotry to terrorize a country that he cares nothing about, but desperately wanted to overpower as the dictator that we’re currently weathering.

Aside from Russia’s interference in our democratic process, which Trump disgracefully dismissed during his disastrous joint conference with the man who devised this whole nightmarish existence, for the pleasure of watching a super power cower to the cunningness of a long time bitter foe — there’s also the vile residue of an election that exposed the griminess of a climate — that had been left too rot for far too long.

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Lol! Game over!

Trump’s arrival into the centerstage of politics wasn’t a complete surprise given the privilege of Whiteness — and how it dictates the seamless entry of deplorable characters that can be feted regardless of a righteously shitty track record.

And when it comes to a an impossibly wealthy White man, who never had to work to earn a living, and was basically bequeathed the elements of success even before he knew how to spell the word — America was more than ready to discard the glory days of falsehood, that gifted us a Black knight in shining armor, who was just too Black to maintain that level of sheen.

It was inevitable that we would be blessed with a diapered societal menace who pompously accepted the duty of Making America Ugly Again.

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The traitors who heralded the activation of an uncouth bully, normalized his explosive presence with co-conspirators who are still trying to embody dual roles — that require all words and no action.

The combustion of anti-climatic activities, bred a dreary reception for an American who has spent most of his uncivilized life being anti-American, with his adherence to the script of using his privilege to weaponize those who are vulnerable to the wrath of systemic violence on the basis of racial profiling.

Trump’s foray into the family business of real estate was rife with controversy when it came to the blatant disregard for the fundamentals of “fair housing and equal opportunity” and how that was brought to light with a slew of lawsuits.

The Justice Department famously went after Trump and his late father in an effort to discipline “Trump Management” into revising the rules of conduct as it pertains to recognizing the laws of the land, and how discriminatory practices would never be tolerated — even if they had the riches to habitually defy the dignity of equality.

But as his career took shape, and his growing influence preceded his engorged reputation, Donald Trump was determined to maintain the status quo of keeping Blacks out at whatever cost he could most definitely afford. Back in 1973, he was sued again for fostering a corporate environment, that adamantly refused to rent apartments to Black people.

The evidence was gathered by a group known as “testers,” supplied by the New York City Human Rights Division, who posed as interested parties seeking to potentially rent units. The results revealed that Black folks were shown the door with a quickness, while White people were invited to pursue the possibility of being tenants.

When presidential candidate Trump was ambushed by “Crooked Hillary” during one of their vomit-inducing debates, with the factual accusation of his blemished past, he promptly admitted to the law suits that called out his familial legacy of bigotry, but cowardly hid under the shield of his privilege that supremely protected him from facing the full extent of the law.

“Yes, when I was very young, I went into my father’s company — had a real estate company in Brooklyn and Queens.” “And we, along with many, many other companies throughout the country — it was a federal lawsuit — were sued. We settled the suit with zero, with no admission of guilt.”

They say that money isn’t everything, but there’s no doubt that the current president would wholeheartedly disagree.

Trump’s entire catalog of hits has been secured in the knowledge that he’s powerful enough to afford the ability to be unfiltered in his disdain for non-Whites, and how that belief system is sustainable under the banner of approved Whiteness.

From the birther season that equipped him with the audacity to shame the first Black American president, with a name that he attributed to the renderings of Islamic militants, to the platform he ran, that gave White supremacists the glow up they needed to proudly own their intense hatred for Black and Brown America — President Trump has been determined to form an administration that heightens his vision for a deadly race war.

His electoral win was met with tears, jeers, and fears for a future that was suddenly shattered by the potency of the absolute truth of how the democratic system can be finagled into unmanageable dysfunction — at the expense of citizens that are still being targeted for extinction by those who are charged with our imminent demise.

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Day of Infamy

Inauguration Day of 2017 was the sorrowful chorus of a demented fellowship, that showcased the arrears of vengefulness, that took more than eight years to amass, with the extra ammunition of how “America the Beautiful” was historically sheathed in furiousness — at the threat of losing its enviable looks under the duress of seductive mixtures.

When the president used Mexicans as his doormat with blasphemous insults that were meant to uplift the currency of Whiteness, as he posed as the warrior of his tribe, he vowed to prevent the threats of danger from the other side, and his words meant more than just abiding by the playbook of demonizing a population.

This was going to be the swelling virus of his presidency, as evident in his callous response to Charlottesville, and how his empathy for White supremacists who descended on a community, and exacted crime and punishment in the name of a non-existent cause, established a firm foundation of what this nation represents.

White nationalism is the language of the Trump administration, and the roving minstrel who conducted this symphony of mandatory chaos, Steve Bannon, has moved operations to Europe, while he still oversees the puppets in place at the home front.

The goal post is glistening with the scores of wins for Trump’s America, as we’ve been entertained by the horror show, that plays out on over-priced devices, with screens that sport the right amount of pixels to deliver the footage of how White America legally torments the population they’ve been assigned to harass with supreme freedom.

When you have a White supremacist as president, and you walk around in Blackness in the darkness that overwhelms a bright sunny day, you can imagine what could transpire if your White neighbor is unhappy with the view, or if a police officer is feeling particularly picky and needs you to pay for it.

Trump’s presidency has flourished under the code of extreme disorder and gross negligence, that delegates the allegiance to discriminatory practices — permitting the level of criminality that will take a lifetime to re-organize.

But now that the disease has spread to foreign territories, the time has come to re-define what we are as Americans, and re-assess whether or not we can truly navigate this ongoing state of emergency with the current nationalized denial of this terminal malignancy.

When the president of the United States, tweets his nostalgia for apartheid, by expressing his unwavering support of White farmers in South Africa, and how their maligned purposes to retain what they stole needs to be swiftly dealt with the assistance of his partners in mayhem — that’s when we have to take a long pause and embrace the reality of the worst case scenario.

President Trump’s mission statement is holding this country hostage, and while his vocal critics are being drowned out by the mechanics of the GOP; the party of misfits and complicit idiots, that have categorically approved the poisonous antics of a tyrant dictator — we’re simultaneously entering the season of global penance that will forevermore haunt the institutions that defined regulatory allyship.

The abrupt response to Trump’s inherently racist tweet is the beginning of the end — and the blaring signal that we can’t accommodate a hateful asshole in the seat of infinite power any longer.

His call to arms for a destructive system of power that rendered Black South Africans powerless during the period of White supremacy, that stripped them from ownership of their own land, as a form of oppression — gaving the White population freedom to enjoy the benefits of colonization — is an affront to international human rights.

It needs to be formally addressed with disciplinary actions that relieve him of his duties.

Trump’s persistence in celebrating the currency of Whiteness in the White House has been routinely glazed over — despite the Black and Brown lives that have paid the ultimate price — and the surge in domestic terrorism that is plaguing the country he’s gleefully mismanaging.

But his damning violation of his position as the nation’s chief diplomat has to be the final straw that removes the White man who has ceremoniously bitten way more than he can chew. And maybe he should just choke on his supreme burger of shit.

We aren’t able to save Black and Brown America from the threats of a dictator, who is allowed to encourage the great divide by dropping venomous tweets and reciting hate-filled monologues at the White nationalists rallies he’s conducting all over the country. But perhaps this latest misfire that encompasses embittered historical references — that surpasses the casualness of a national crisis — is exactly what is needed for an emergency coup.

If Trump remains in power after publicly decrying the “powerlessness” of White South Africans who’ve spent decades performing criminal acts that destabilized and systematically assaulted the rightful owners of what was forcibly taken away — that basically translates to the United States finally approving of the normalcy and undeterred activation of White supremacy on an epic scale.

Steve Bannon’s presidency is producing the encrusted sores that extend to the fallen henchmen that helped build this toxic administration, and while the beastly talking head continues to abide by the rules that instituted his ascension, there’s the unavoidable issue of how the office of the presidency is dangerously regarded as unbreakable.

Irrevocable damage has paralyzed the corridors of governmental functionality, and nothing will ever restore the security that was barely in place, but the president’s strategic snafu has to be the alarm that rings urgently enough to answer whether or not we can survive the aftermath of Trump’s America.

The race war has just gotten bloodier and the battlefield is rapidly expanding with the simmering betrayal of a once “super power” — that’s turning the world upside down with biblical authority of White supremacy — and the soldiers that are quite certain that they will never be defeated.

This is what it means to be American.

For those of us who were always privy to the definition, our shit just got uglier.

And the ones who are safe under the roof of nonchalance, don’t let the falsehood of your “Beautiful” view deceive you because your privilege won’t save you.

The reality of an overthrow by the swell of cells that are challenging the pollutants in our midst isn’t a myth — it’s America.

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