Why The Obsessive Coverage of QAnon is Dangerous To Vulnerable Targets

Newly-minted Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is now a rising star of the criminalized GOP, thanks to the nonstop coverage she garnered some weeks ago, after her social media accounts were ambushed by detractors who reposted the vile comments of a white supremacist and NRA loyalist for the world to see.

Greene has stiff competition from another GOP Congresswoman who is also new to the spotlight, Lauren Boebart, another gun-toting racist, who is unapologetic about the American patriotism rooted in the supremacy of whiteness.

Both women have something else in common and it happens to be the belief system cultivated by a more sinister branch of far-right extremism known as QAnon.

This tragically verified group of bat-shit crazy followers, finally got the stamp of approval from the former Terrorizer-in-Chief, who flat out refused to denounce QAnon when he was challenged to do so by NBC News staple Savannah Guthrie, during a Town Hall for NBC, that replaced the second presidential debate after the insanity of the first one.

The harder Gutherie pressed, the more defiant Trump became in his steadfast pledge to not alienate his kooky base of cultists, who ravenously devour conspiracy theories and proudly proclaim their pro-Trump affiliation.

The Liar-in-Chief chose to share his own conspiracy theories about how QAnon fights against the evils of pedophilia, before segueing into the default of vilifying the violent antics of ANTIFA, while lying about his lack of knowledge about a noted domestic terrorist group that he once boasted about during a news conference:

“I understand they like me very much.” They love America.”

It’s no wonder that we are now engaged in the precarious era hosting the soaring popularity and power of a white terrorist cell that orchestrated the horrific events that took place at The Capitol on Jan. 6.

Aside from the anchor of the GOP’s supreme leader, and new members of Congress who are emboldened representatives of a hate group stationed at the epicenter of legislative authority, mainstream media is also doing its part to give QANon the audacity of being taken seriously, despite a damning reputation of idiocracy.

Fox News allows over-paid disrupters like Tucker Carlson to diminish the noteworthy presence of QAnon with his televised tirade that aims to mock those who bought the falsehood about the existence of an imaginary white terrorist group that worships at the feet of Donald Trump:

“So we checked. We spent all day trying to locate the famous QAnon. Which in the end we learned is not even a website. If it’s out there, we could not find it.”

Other liberal cable news outlets like CNN are committed to the quest of allotting a lot of time to the dazed and confused members of a dangerously enabled cult that’s becoming more empowered by the day, due to the extensive reporting that traitorously humanizes the so-called vulnerability of glorified inductees of the KKK.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper already produced a TV special that delved into the darkness of QAnon, exposing the unrelenting appetite for offensive content that’s seeped in baseless claims that run the gamut from utterly laughable to disturbingly graphic.

Anderson’s personal quest stems from his own inclusion in the rampant rumors spread by QAnon followers, targeting celebrities who are famously critical of Trump and the cowardly GOP, and also have a strange penchant for “eating babies.”

Following Cooper’s grand expose, CNN has continued its obsession with the destructive antics of QAnon, and strong ties to the seductive Trump brand that has proven to be hard to resist for cable news networks that can’t afford another major dip in the ratings, which occurred right after the Biden administration took centerstage.

The reason why my critique hits harder with CNN is mainly for the thrill of demoting the “holier than thou” mantra that misleads viewers into not realizing how harmful it is to be faced with unreasonably excessive reporting about a white terrorist cell that attacked The Capitol, and the future felon and former president who spent several months inciting the chaos and mayhem.

It seems CNN has adopted the schedule of beginning every new week with another segment about a batch of QAnon members who managed to escape one of the world’s most lethal cult and lived to talk about it on morning shows.

Can we honestly say that if the insurrectionists that stormed The Capitol on that gray Wednesday afternoon in January had been an angry mob of Black and Brown rioters with an agenda of bringing the federal government to its knees— we would be treated to Skype and Zoom interviews with former and current members being given the privilege to make their case?

Not a week goes by that mainstream media doesn’t pay homage to Marjorie Taylor Greene and her latest controversial delivery that has paid off with the lucrative attention that also enhances the viability of QAnon, which will surely reaffirm the dedicated stance of followers while attracting more cultists to the fold.

We could’ve easily predicted how the staying power of Donald Trump would remain the eyesore for weathered viewers and rabid consumers of the news cycle, even with the arrival of a new administration that can’t compete with the viral poison of Trumpism.

Instead of making a solid effort of transitioning to more hard-hitting news that explores pending subjects that were abandoned for the punishing streak of Trump and his cabinet of fools, who gave new meaning to “breaking news” and demolished the integrity of White House Communications for four long years — prominent outlets are more interested in humanizing white terrorists.

This also recalls the ongoing issue with lack of diversity in notable newsrooms, and why decision-makers at the top are mostly white and male, in order to maintain the dominance of white narratives in our newsfeeds.

Focusing heavily on white folks who left QAnon, but not necessarily the bigoted mindset that made them easy prey is an affront to Black and Brown viewers, who deserve an extended break from the psycho babble.

Why can’t news organizations spend more air time highlighting Black and Brown citizens of a battered and healing nation, who are making an impact in ways that are worthy of prized coverage?

Relying on ratings gold via Donald Trump is so 2016!

We can’t afford to make the same mistakes and pretend it won’t have serious consequences, like spending a whole weekend trolling activities at CPAC, and releasing countless clips of Trump’s signature incoherency with such frequency that it would’ve been wiser to capture the entire speech.

Even after the the mercilessly terrorizing era of the Trump presidency, the media-at-large is still unable to defeat temptation and do better.

And that’s just the worst!

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