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Why The NPR Interview With Jason Kessler Isn’t As Upsetting As The Actual Words

America the beautiful has never been that stunning to those who have had their faces in the dirt long enough to choke on the legacy of enslavement and the entitlement of White America.

When the first-ever Black president was elected a decade ago, we wanted to believe in the Hollywood treatment of how the oppressed rise above the ashes, to claim the dignity of societal ascension that was dramatically dislayed with the luxuriousness of Blackness in The White House — and how that victory would transcend the bullet-ridden streets of a race war.

But what we got was the assurance of how the privilege of Whiteness can’t be overrun with the arrival of a Black Messiah, who helplessly watched his own get tormented by those he was supposed to monitor. As each Black body fell under the hail of bullets, our Black president used sobering words to console. He even empathetically imagined his sorrow if the son he didn’t have — perished for the American sin of being a young Black male in a hoodie — exploring the darkness of a quiet neighborhood.

Obama talking about Trayvon Martin in 2012

The temperament during the Obama years was heightened by the relentlessness of White people in power, who wielded their supremacy in ways to evoke the promise of how Black people will never be awarded the dignity and pride of their station — even if their hero won the biggest prize of all.

Donald Trump was the ringleader in the cause to demean and torment the Black man he refused to recognize as president. He relentlessly berated his targeted nemesis with accusations that were intended to discredit the “Americanness” of the American, who sported a name that could easily be identifiable with a Jihadist militant.

The birther conspiracy was Trump’s winning card, as he bullied the leader of the free world without issue, and with the supreme assistance of his wife, Melania, who seems to be enjoying the privilege of praise from those who view her as a “victim,” when she’s just as deplorable as her cowardly hubby.

White America’s First Lady

Fast forward to the present, and Trump is now situated in the seat of power that finally elevates the spirit of Whiteness to a level of normalized superiority.

The damaging rhetoric dauntingly clouded the electoral season to such a degree that Hilary Clinton was beyond certain that her victory was imminent — just based on the logic of how Americans were “too American” to embrace the possibility of a loud-mouthed, uncouth racist being elected in a position that demands humane tendencies.

Her remarkable defeat was even more historic when you consider how the ugliness of the battle between the bad and the even worse produced the extreme result.

America had been preparing for someone like Trump for quite some time, and while we always knew the valued currency of White privilege, there was something almost refreshing about the visceral response of White America, after the Black family moved out of their House that needed to be White again.

The anthem of #MAGA was the appealing message that resonated deeply with the population that can’t tolerate the threat of extinction, and the ones who couldn’t hide their prejudice any longer. The latter are the White people who seem to be flexible in their dealings, and therefore don’t reveal their affinity for extracurricular activities that don’t include a variation of hues.

The truth is that President Trump’s agenda was never a secret, and his boldness when it came to upholding the principles of White supremacy was a main attraction to those who abide by those statutes, and the ones who were rejuvenated by the prospect of a racist motherfucker — dominating the world stage.

The GOP isn’t torn asunder by the presence of a poisonous virus that has infiltrated operations with the sting of death and destruction. The party is soaring on the wings of nationalism and the leaders who are successfully enforcing the mandate with unapologetic gusto.

Power couple

You have to figure that if eighty percent of Republicans gave the thumbs up to Trump’s horrific performance at the summit in Helsinki, where he irrationally dismissed the integrity of the U.S. intelligence community, by rebuking the findings of Russian interference during the 2016 elections, while high-fiving Putin, a murderous dictator, in full view of the world — that unequivocally proves that White supremacy isn’t just an American issue.

The Western world is under siege by the sprouting of White nationalism, that has been taking hold ever since the foundation was laid, back when we bought the shit about how “change in America” was going to cleanse us from the blotted past. You can’t hide from ancestral infamy, and you can’t control the ire of Whiteness as it pertains to recouping the loss — stemming from Blackness blackening the corridors of immense power.

Trump’s close confidant and ex-advisor, Steve Bannon is hard at work as we speak, spreading the themes of “nationalist populism” as he boosts the fundamentals of White pride, by reinstating White sovereignty in Europe, at the behest of his supreme leader, who used his disastrous tour to mock the systems in place, that have devoured the sanctity of Whiteness.

While speaking to a London tabloid newspaper, President Trump extended his distinct lack of respect for his foreign hosts by condemning the immigration laws that have shattered the culture of Whiteness. This is the same method of extremism that allowed migrant children to be caged at borders as their desperate parents were dehumanized for daring to seek a better existence outside the chaos of their homeland.

“So I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad.” “I think you are losing your culture. Look around. You go through certain areas that didn’t exist ten or 15 years ago.”

Trump’s words echo the sentiment of how White culture is being attacked by the influx of “millions and millions” of sub-humans who are arriving in droves and with the audacity of infected rejects — on a quest to dethrone the hierarchical stamina of White nations — that thrived off of colonial authority that solidified prosperity after stealing and destabilizing conquered territories.

Bannon’s baptism of Trump, and his America, armed him with the seed of his exploits that birthed The Movement, which is currently on the move abroad — providing lifesaving strategies for nationalist cells in Europe, that are in dire need of solutions to combat a weakened landscape.

“Right-wing populist nationalism is what will happen. That’s what will govern.” “You’re going to have individual nation states with their own identities, their own borders.”

Steve Bannon’s ideology is seeped in the burrows of the Anglo-Saxon religion, and how it should be worshipped with every ounce of pride that can take the hit of being labeled “racists” because only then can you be assured of your viability.

That’s the reasoning behind Trump’s ability to shamelessly endorse the “very fine qualities” of White supremacists in Charlottesville, who staged the Unite the Right rally a year ago, and essentially ignited a national crisis by attacking the population that’s depleting the power of Whiteness. The event was met with furor by protestors, who challenged the outrageous assault on civil rights, that were being carried out with the agenda of domestic terrorism by “the alt-right, neo-nazis, neo-Confederates, Klansmen and various militias.”

At the end of one of the most terrifying demonstrations of the epitome of White privilege, that remains charged through the currents that flow from the cord of White supremacy — several people were injured and Heather Heyer was dead. All were victims of a hate crime — stemming from the deadly actions of a murderous racist — James Alex Fields Jr. who performed vehicular manslaughter to prove his devotion to the religion of hate.

President Trump vehemently refused to publicly vilify the group of White people that put him in The White House with the promise that he would work diligently to Make America White Again.

Since then, it has been abundantly clear, that the White aesthetic has increased in value, as Black and Brown Americans are struggling under the duress of not only enduring oppression from law enforcement, but also systemic harassment from those who’ve been tasked to wield their privilege as the weapon of mass destruction

The normalization of violence against non-Whites has escalated into a bloodier version of The Running Man, complete with dystopian rules that regulate the fate of the oppressed, who are constantly provoked into acting out roles, that play out like mini-movies for the convenience of mini-screens secured in high-priced gadgets.

The title of viral clips are based on the hashtags that apply.

#LivingWhileBlack #AliveWhileBlack #WalkingWhileBlack #EatingWhileBlack #SleepingWhileBlack #SwimmingWhileBlack


The reality of #BeingBlack in Trump’s America has never been more potently life-threatening, as we inhabit the category that has been marked for immediate extinction — with swift injustice and the backing of those who are within their rights to end our lives without cause.

The battlefield is everywhere and the raging war isn’t asking whether or not we’re suited for a hail of bullets or the devices, that are programmed for our urgent removal from sidewalks or cafes.

We are fighting to survive with every breath and step we take.

And as “Unite the Right” rally descends on D.C. on the anniversary of the national disgrace that was Charlottesville — there’s an energy of doom that’s circulating, as hundreds of White supremacists prepare to storm the vicinity near The White House, to exert the supremeness of White power in honor of their White leader.

Noel King from NPR spoke to Jason Kessler, the man at the helm of the rally who is returning for another round of domestic terror. The interview exposed Kessler’s unfiltered rage, which is usually the nagging symptom that depletes the durability of Trump’s Americans.

They’re still raving mad, despite the unwavering support of the powers-that-be and the symbolic loyalty of a White supremacist president who has demonstrated his disdain for Black athletes who reject the lie of the national anthem. He knows why they kneel in defiance and he’s completely aware of the casualties of war on the fields of America’s cities, but nothing can impede the progress of his toxic administrative duties, that warrants unmeasured hostility against those who can’t join the ranks of equality.

While Kessler’s anger fuels his motive to be heard as he claims to fight for the “rights of White folks” against threats from Antifa and inexplicably — Black Lives Matter, he also accepts the scientific jargon from the likes of Charles Murray by unleashing this load of nonsense:

“There is enormous variation between individuals, but the IQ testing is pretty clear that it seems like Ashekenazi Jews rate the highest in intelligence, then Asians, then white people, then, uh, Hispanic people and black people,”

Kessler then goes on to spew out more incoherency with his wish list including being able to freely express his first amendment rights by polluting a public park, and then perhaps being able to initiate a spirited dialogue with the organizations that rightly oppose the deadly antics of the alt-right.

Many are enraged by NPR’s decision to invite a White supremacist in an effort to engage and empower his damning rhetoric, while also providing the exposure required to normalize the effrontery of hate groups.

But after listening to the shit, the conclusion is that the interview with Jason Kessler isn’t as upsetting as the actual words that came out of his mouth.

What was divulged was the ranting of someone who is fighting for what doesn’t exist. We are being threatened by the intimidation of White folks who are scared that their Whiteness will be wiped away by the fury of a country that is moving forward without their consent.

We are dying for a cause that’s buckling under a crumbling foundation, trying hard as fuck to contain the renderings of practiced ignorance, that can’t be sustained with the invalidity of a non-existent ailment that can’t even be efficiently diagnosed.

As much as I loathe the spotlight being doused on those who use it for the purpose of advertising the profitability of hate at the expense of society’s most vulnerable souls — there’s also the intense gratification that comes with being tuned into the crippling fearfulness of Trump’s America — and how those insecurities will be their undoing.

The actual interview was upsetting because of the wastefulness of Black and Brown lives that are succumbing to the blatant callousness of White privilege, that scripts the horror flick, so it leaves no survivors to recast.

It’s upsetting to internalize the language of hate on a noted platform that is committed to shaming those who are against equality, and insist on the currency of White power at any cost.

But there’s also the element of transparency that’s released from the fibers of a White dude, who represents the beginning of the end, as he stumbles in his quest to convincingly deliver the finality of his sickly narrative.

I’m so damn desperate for the revolution in favor of those that resemble my template. If we can just hang on long enough to survive the quake when the foundation re-shuffles the cracks into debris-free paths to freedom and justice.

I’m sure I’m being frightfully naive and possibly mentally negligent in the belief that the unreasonable contempt that White supremacists deposit at mainstream outlets like CNN and all the others, that consistently woo the evils of Roger Stone and Steve Bannon — will at some point be washed away by the venomous timidity of White tears.

But for better or worse, and at the risk of temporary alienation, I can’t downplay how Jason Kessler’s cracked monologue gave me the strength to hold on for dear life.

And that’s more than I can ask for, so I will abide by it.


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