Why The Notion of “Anti-White Racism” Is a Purposed Lie

A recent article in the National Review, written by a White man who declares that “Yes, Anti-White Racism Exists,” is fully loaded with enough ammunition to push him as the lead mascot for the alt-right movement.

The New York Times has ruffled feathers with a recent addition to its editorial board. Sarah Jeong, an Asian-American woman and technology whiz, is the latest in a slew of personalities — being relentlessly harassed with blasts from the past — in the form of old tweets that contain the damning evidence of their prejudices.

MSNBC staple, Joy Reid has been battling the virus of online haters, for months, as her vulnerability as a notable African-American woman with a progressive platform, makes her a prime target for the alt-right, who are hell-bent on honoring the current climate of hostility that has reduced us all to variations of the trolls we claim to abhor.

The attack on Reid’s character and the threat to the career that she’s painstakingly curated, in an industry that still isn’t embracing talented voices, that match her template, was levied by a White woman who invested the time and effort to unearth pertinent content from Reid’s decade-old blog — The Reid Report.

The ability to retrieve content that isn’t easily readily accessible, can be achieved with the help of what is known as the Wayback Machine, and that sucker is a bad motherfucker!

The rules of engagement have been choreographed for our pleasure and absolute hell, because of the freedom to infect the landscape with dynamite as the race war heightens to reveal how the once powerless can become overnight warriors of injustice.

Reid’s undoing happened to be a point of view that was laced in homophobia, which was supposed to expose the TV personality as a fraud, who parades herself as the voice of equality when she secretly harbors tendencies that don’t quite match up with her public persona.

Her detractors didn’t succeed in their quest to exterminate Reid’s career, and that has everything to do with the support she’s garnered from the network that hosts her popular platform, but there’s reason to believe that she’s not out of the woods and still has to stay alert and ready for the next slew of attacks.

Jeong, has now joined the roster of victims who are being unceremoniously outed for the sin of expression based on the uniqueness of being, that forces us to be defensive at every turn if we dare to engage on levels that leave us raw from being skinned alive.

Most of the thirty-year-old’s “rhetoric” is targeted at White people, which makes her case even more problematic for the maddened crowd, who are beyond pissed at the shit that she tweeted to counteract the venom from racist trolls.

Examples of her “anti-white” sentiment from 2014, include:


“Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

“White people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

As a Black woman who writes about race as often as I brush my teeth, I can attest to the fact that my scorching portfolio is the main reason why potential employers run for the hills when they peep the Google results after a quick search.

I’m apologetically aggressive with my delivery, and while it might be in my best interest to be more diplomatic in my approach, the stakes keep getting higher by the hour, as newly posted videos of Black people being chased out of public spaces by White people make it impossible to waste time with pleasantries.

This fact makes it unbearable to politely internalize the nonsensical and woefully misinformed rebuttal, by a privileged White male writer, who is aptly utilizing the power he wields as a weapon of righteousness against a population that he assumes gives a fuck about the wounded pride of oppressors.

Yes, systemic racism exists, and that’s why White people are automatically categorized as oppressors of society, because they’re immune to the injustice that renders marginalized people helpless to the institutionalized procedures — that essentially strips us of our rights.

Jeong’s tweets may have hit too close to home, but she can’t be labeled “a racist” or “anti-White” because of her penchant for giving White males the reminder of how they effortlessly enjoy a global viability, that doesn’t have to be attained from ridiculously good luck or miraculously emerging victorious from the obstacle course of a bitingly biased process.

Anti-White racism is a purposed lie that only proves how the writer of the piece and others like him, are so blissfully protected by the currency of Whiteness, that they’re simply not capable of removing the veil of ignorance long enough to consider how this conversation could be highlighted for the benefit of mutual coherency.

Reading the essay was a painful experience, but I managed to get through it with my faculties intact — and of course stumbled on some gems that demanded my attention.

Finally, to indulge at all the notion that injustice, even systematic injustice, can excuse or legitimize hatred against a class or group of Americans is to open Pandora’s Box. I’ve seen it argued across the breadth of the Web that anti-white sentiment is a legitimate and understandable response to the actions of white people and “white” power structures.

Basically, the author is trying in vain to play the victim card on behalf of a race that is disproportionately protected by the very laws that are assaulting Black families as we speak. Not to mention the fact that we’re accommodating an administration that is headed by a White man who publicly endorses the legitimacy of White supremacy. There’s also the wave of harassment by White people who can’t stomach the sightings of Black people a mile away.

We can’t be “anti-White” if White people control whether we live or die.

The battle for survival is much bigger than whether or not people of color consider White people the enemy, and that again, is due to how high the stakes are, and why we have to be pre-occupied with daily threats that make being “living while Black” a deadly endeavor.

The disconnect strewn all over the article is the main reason why White America remains distantly removed from the trials and tribulations that afflict non-White communities.

There’s the percentage who truly want to empathize with the plight of their darker counterparts, but still feel “attacked” by the generalization and acute depictions of how they knowingly or unknowingly fail us. Then there are those who are obstinate in their stance of how they deserve to be treated fairly in a game that they’ve already won.

We can’t be accused of racism by a race that has historically prospered from the blood, sweat and tears of the oppressed.

At this point, White people should be more than generous with their patience and tolerance as it pertains to being subjected to mildly-offensive wordplay — that really only provides some measure of gratification that swiftly evaporates once a new hashtag starts to trend.

As a Black woman in America, who has to contend with the endless possibilities of my demise based on my affiliation with a race that is considered less-than-human by those who are tasked with maintaining law and order — I can’t imagine that my wariness of White people with or without badges would be viewed as unreasonable or even prejudiced.

The fact that Black people are even able to step outside their door into a hate-filled society that is propelled by a racist president and the murderous bigotry of law enforcement, should be enough to convince White people of our uncanny ability to remain graceful under gracelessly deplorable circumstances.

The accusation of “anti-White racism” by a White man against those, including Jeong, who publicly express the frustration of dealing with the fragility of Whiteness at every turn — is the jarring illustration of how White people consistently dodge the bullet of ownership when it comes to blatant complacency.

In the spirit of generalization, it has to be said that White people are generally reluctant to erase themselves from the equation, in order to fully grasp the perilous disposition of casualties of war.

This is the reason why you’re able to be entertained by graphic images of people of color, being chased out of living or bleeding to death after shots fired. It explains why White mothers aren’t tortured by the killing of Black children, but are able to summon grief for sickly animals that need a home. It displays the echoes of how Whiteness lazily assigns Blackness with the responsibility of being physically superior enough to take the pummeling on our template and spirit, as if those powers absolves the brief interference of guilt.

It sums up why Whiteness is the privilege that never quite allows for the activation of equality, in the real sense of the word and meaning, because of the fear that supremacy will no longer supply the chokehold that you depend on for our illegitimacy.

A healthy society urges people to reject unhealthy temptations to generalize, and instead urges that we treat our fellow citizens with a degree of grace and to judge them based on their individual actions.

The author relies on the high road by initiating a reckless argument for the pursuance of the unattainable goal of “a healthy society,” at the expense of revealing how his privilege perpetually centers an invisible narrative.

Unfortunately, this creates the falsehood of why we should all co-exist in a direly oppressive environment — that will always place his best interests above those who don’t apply, which explains his gravitation towards sweeping statements with theoretical icing on top.

Any categorical hatred or disgust stands directly against this virtue. So, yes, anti-white racism is real, and Americans can and should reject it while still keeping in mind matters of gravity and proportion.

The “matters of gravity and proportion” continue to be helmed by the value of Whiteness and how non-Whites can’t compete for that level of humane treatment because our lives have never mattered.

Black lives are disproportionately devalued, and as the streets continue to be flooded by the blood of those who were gunned down for being unlawfully American, White lives continue to flourish under the blessing of their status, which they delightfully indulge in without issue, and with the callousness of 9–1–1 calls or the wielding and usage of weaponry that reduces us to the graceless state of being.

As long as White people continue to be the fundamental reason why marginalized people can’t ever function in peace and prosperity, we will always be tasked with the mandate to publicly shame you for our grim existence and unjustifiably catastrophic outcome.

The notion of “anti-White racism” is absurdly racist against non-White people, when you consider how the dangers we face with domestic terrorism, at the hands of those who weaponize their Whiteness against us, has been normalized as the preferred method of extinction.

Whether or not Black people hold a grudge against their oppressors doesn’t prevent us from being victims of what transpires when White cops decide to exact extreme measures, that lead to life-altering results with sobering finality.

There is no flexibility in the range of emotions, that the oppressed manage with acute awareness of how a moment can suddenly become the difference between breathing and having your life abruptly snatched away, by the negligence of a White supremacist who won’t ever pay for his crime.

So, no, anti-White racism doesn’t exist because hating something that’s killing you isn’t just warranted — it’s human.

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