Trump’s America

Why The Normalcy of Trump’s Diseased Presidency Won’t Be Recoverable

Saturday, August 4th, happened to be former president Barack Obama’s fifty-seventh birthday, and it was only fitting for Twitter to designate it #BarackObamaDay. There was also the moving tribute from his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, as it was announced that a law was passed to declare the birthdate of the first-ever Black president as a commemorative holiday.

Ever since the Obamas moved out of the White House, and Donald Trump and his henchmen moved in, the country has been under siege by a contemptuous storm of discontent that has escalated into a full blown emergency.

Americans are angry as fuck.

When Obama claimed his historical win on election night 2008, the overwhelming joy that followed that epic moment remained the constant high for the eight years of his stoic presidency. And despite the disappointment of the opposing party, there was a general sense of progression that elevated the nation onto the global platform of established reverence, that solidified our distinguishable influence.

President Trump’s diseased administration has finally launched the attack that will prove too deadly for recovery operations.

His tempestuous spirit has infected the epicenter of activity and essentially dismantled the dignity of the office that he purchased with pedigree, and the privilege of Whiteness, that permits behavioral patterns that are supposed to be reserved for the storylines for TV shows on cable networks. These are the platforms that normally depict the dysfunctional vibes of wealthy White dynasties, that thrive from the monstrosities of the babyish patriarch.

Trump’s parasitical presence is hosting the viral ceremony of hate, that can’t be civically internalized by even the followers who misguidedly voted for him. It’s very telling that the population occupying the eroding landscape of Trump’s America, seem to be angrier than those of us who are enduring the daily assault of being too Black and too Brown for the formal invitation to #MAGA.

Nobody is thriving in a healthy existence of normalcy because there’s nothing normal about the shit show that none of us deserve to be embodying.

As much as we would like to condemn the antics of White America when it comes to punishing us all for the sin of living while Black, there’s also the empathetic tendency that creeps in when we witness the betrayal of a cowardly lion, who showcased his instincts when he publicly shamed his own country on foreign soil.

Trump doesn’t love his America or the people that he professes to labor for because he hates himself. And he hates anyone who exposes his weakness. He uses Twitter as the outlet for his destructive insecurities, and there’s every reason to believe that his catalog of ramblings will be carefully studied for historical purposes.

Take for example, the tweet about star athlete LeBron James — a Black man who overcame a challenging childhood with a single mother, to emerge as the success story that aptly defines the classic American Dream. His refusal to endorse the divisive twists of a White man who not only praised the pursuits of White supremacists that terrorized Charlottesville with deadly consequences, but also uses his wealth and resources to weaponize vulnerable citizens — is a bone of contention for Trump.

The President of the United States of America has no qualms vocalizing his bigoted beliefs by habitually demeaning Black folks who dare to state the obvious at the risk of being insulted, and in some cases threatened by the White man who is freely distorting the office of the presidency.

Back in June, President Trump mercilessly provoked California Congresswoman, Maxine Waters with a series of tweets that were meant to paint the picture of an elderly Black woman who is not only “crazy,” but possesses the deficiency of an “extraordinarily low IQ.”

This is supposed to explain her gripe with a pampered White male, who is only able to occupy the Oval Office because of the value of Whiteness — and how it’s the currency for approved chaos.

When White people perpetually question the validity of their privilege, it never fails to astound those of us who are tasked with the burden of oppression on a daily basis.

How can you not see the imbalance of power and how it favors White men who can’t ever be saddled with the responsibility of ownership for their questionable actions?

Former president Obama was vilified for wearing a tan suit, and those days are laughable when you compare it to the present dilemma of a White president who would rather give a shoutout to a conservative White woman — who demonizes the messaging of Black Lives Matter to sustain her pathetic career — than celebrate the lifesaving measures of an American hero, who thwarted the murderous rage of a domestic terrorist.

We’ve all noted the reluctance to acknowledge the mistrust of Black America when it comes to the national anthem and how the symbol of demonstrating why those words provide torment in the midst of the war for our lives, is the only way to survive the nationalized terror of our existence.

White privilege is the audacity of a White man, using his station as the tool to encourage violence against institutions, that have always been assigned the honor of serving those who demand the truth, even when it hurts. He is able to curse out law-abiding citizens on a platform that clearly discourages those practices, but allows it to happen for the sake of protecting the fragility of Whiteness.

It’s almost ironic how much quicker we would’ve been saved if only it was a Black man creating the temperature of hostility.

Now, that we are aware of how very precious White males are in this society of disturbed unevenness — there’s simply no turning back.

The stakes are getting higher by the day, as we accommodate the falsehood of this new normal, and how it identifies the tyranny of our governmental structure, that is crumbling into pieces. They won’t ever be reunited in the quest for healing and management.

We are now fractures of pained hysteria.

Trump’s America is a heated volcano of misplaced emotions that’s bursting into the ashes of manipulation, and furious fury that signals the pathetic adherence to ignorance, and the folly of being misled and abandoned.

The rest of us are dodging the hits of being targeted by the supremeness of agents that are blessed with the authority to fuck up our world on command — with the aid of over-priced devices that have become the preferred mode of communication when it comes to Black lives under fire.

The media is the enemy of the people according to the leader who is leading us into the monumental era of national disarray, that is bloodied with the souls of trauma, that range from Hurricanes that were permitted to galvanize a whole island without mandated interference — and the expansive wasteland of the race war that has only become more intense with the infusion of Whiteness in The White House.

The normalcy of Trump’s diseased presidency won’t be recoverable, which is a great thing because none of us will ever be the same, and for the sake of this once-great nation — we need this terminal status of kill and be killed to tarnish the motherboard.

Original settings be damned. We need the revolution.

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