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Why the New Black ‘Bachelorette’ is Proof That Being “Diverse” Only Works When The Timing Is Right

ABC has had an enduring goldmine with The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise, which is no surprise when you consider the heroes, and heroines that cater to the fantastical tendencies of eagerly propped White women that can’t wait to melt into the flood of dizziness — erected for induced madness.

Not, that Black women don’t swoon over the array of White men that dashingly feign interest for the token Black girl before expectedly giving her the boot. It’s also worth noting that as the years flew by — there was effort inputted in the time allotted to the token Back girls.

Back when I was somewhat intrigued by the presently over-wrought formula of love — the Black contestants were tossed aside pretty earlier on in the game.

But, a shift happened that warranted our presence a little longer to create the falsehood that perhaps we can kick it with our fairer counterparts and be one of the girls vying for the ring that rarely ever fits.

The thrill of such a suspenseful possibility is the sort of thing that White girls can’t ever imagine because as we know they are wanted all the time. Even Black men can’t help being seduced by the immaculate creation of a woman who was born with assigned features but reworks them as a “fuck you” to Black women ( à la The Kardashian women, Iggy Azalea, etc) and an invitation to Black men to indulge in the better version of the the real thing.

Beyonce losing Album of the Year to Adele was an exceptional blow that continues the narrative of how the struggle to be treated with dignity, grace and recognition continues to remain an everlasting thorn that never pricks the powerful and the greedy.

Now, we have to contend with the huge announcement from ABC that sounds like a monumental detour in the right direction, but is really a cheaply implemented ploy — that is driven by the climate of stifling desperation — and the mandated need to seize the trend of managing a diversified pool in ways to ensure that those that matter don’t drown.

Rachel Lindsay is going to be the first “Black Bachelorette.”

ABC, which falls under the Disney umbrella — a leading entertainment powerhouse that recently made headlines for being the absolute worst when it comes to recruiting black directors — decided to propel their new find in a historic move by announcing her new gig even before she vacates her current role on The Bachelor.

Obviously the sense of urgency is wrapped around the excitement of finally allocating the ideal Black girl at the right time.

When you try to comprehend the logic of White people in influential positions — you almost have to numb your senses in order to reject all that you accept as sensible.

We are now forced to believe that despite ABC’s most lucrative franchise’s almost 15-year run — it was impossible to find a worthy Black man or Black woman to fill in the slot of the one who picks The One?

All through the years — there have been naysayers who couldn’t keep quiet and pretend that ABC was doing justice to a loyal audience. Back in 2012 — the “Alphabet network” won a lawsuit aimed at the producers of the show that claimed that people of color were being derailed from participating — and even when they made it past the stringent casting — they were ultimately shown the exit in order to keep the White contestants secure.

Listen, I’m older and wiser and I possess very little patience for the luster of things that only shine when you keep polishing without breaks.

It is quite clear that ABC’s misplaced enthusiasm is a consolation prize for years squandered for the sake of maintaining a systemized code that can’t be re-coded unless special circumstances come into play.

Yes, people of color are special.

We have special needs that don’t translate with the norm. In order to compete with the present times, a dirty little word has to be initiated for the purpose of alignment.

Diversity has now become that ugly spectacle that nudges those who need such treatment to cave in as they imagine the dollars and cents — raining down as a result of feeding the hungry slabs of steak instead of chicken wings.

The new Black Bachelorette is proof that being diverse only works when the timing is right

The timing isn’t right when you need to keep things consistent and not ruffle the feathers of Upper Eastsiders or the crowd in Santa Monica — or I suspect the sorority houses at The University of Texas.

The timing is never right when your agenda is specific and can’t be tampered with — even when the political incorrectness reeks of exclusiveness in ways that are difficult to overcome.

The timing can’t be an experiment in acknowledgment for the people of color that are fans despite internalizing the insulting fact that they are woefully under-represented — on a show that is supposedly geared towards the American spirit of love and neverending dreams.

The timing for Black people has to be just perfect in order to give us the glory of glowing headlines, bloated statements explaining why we’ve earned the glare of the spotlight and the selected props that are positioned — for the gawking masses that will be content with the consensus that we finally deserve to win.

Even if it takes a mighty long time to catch up to the blueprint of success that White people garner just by solidly occupying their viable template.

Truth be told — a Black Bachelor would’ve been way more honest and promising because of the pleasure of knowing there will never be one.

It’s too risky a move.

It’s safer to have the well-spoken Black girl with the name that we can all pronounce — poised with the mission of giving diversity the elevation it needs to keep network executives happily ensconced in the lie that perseverance can truly make a difference.

All you have to do is wait for the right time.

Well, time was up a long ass time ago, and from where I’m sitting, the new Bachelorette won’t make America Great Again. It’s just too White out there.

And maybe it should stay that way.



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