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Why The Nashville Bomber is a Domestic Terrorist

As 2020 comes to a sobering end, it’s blatantly clear that the toxically high levels of hysteria, hopelessness and paranoia, festering from the hostile climate, hosted by the ravages of COVID-19, and the Murderer-in-Chief who greatly assisted in exacerbating the direness of a national tragedy, will be readily carried over to 2021.

Continuing with the grim trend of what was supposed to be a reasonably optimistic start to a brand new decade, Christmas Day 2020 was a memorable one for all the wrong reasons.

A 63-year-old, white male, Anthony Warner, made the decision to greet the early morning of Christ’s birth with an explosive device that shattered parts of downtown Nashville.

The parked RV, right outside the AT&T building, at some point before detonation, briefly played the popular sixties hit “Downtown” by Petula Clark, which was accompanied by a voice recording, warning folks in the vicinity to prepare for the countdown to what happened next.

Police officers in the area were alerted by a 911 call about gun shots fired in the area, and it was their quick action and lifesaving instincts that kicked in just time to evacuate the danger zone and prevent the senseless loss of lives.

Three victims were transported to a nearby hospital with non-threatening injuries, and it’s a miracle that there were no casualties reported when you consider the graphic footage of the extensive damage from the blast.

In the harrowing hours after the brutal attack in downtown Nashville, that was thankfully not heavily trafficked with seasonal revelers, it was confirmed that the human remains found at ground zero, belong to Anthony Q. Warner, a white man, who was mysteriously elusive, making it harder for investigators to establish a motive.

And while local authorities and the FBI continue to solve the puzzle of the suicide bomber, there’s also the high alert for copycats, a dreaded prediction that came true a day later. A 33-year-old white male, James Turgeon, stupidly parked a white truck near a church in Murfreesboro, TN, and wired it with a similar recording that his predecessor used, before his RV blew up.

The perpetrator was eventually apprehended and charged, and is currently being held on $500,000 bond at a detention center.

Aside from the fact that Turgeon managed to survive his arrest after cops tracked him down at a traffic stop, and were able to calmly execute job duties without tasering the subject to death or pumping bullets into his body, there’s also the matter of description, as it applies to Anthony Warner — the suicide bomber who is so much more than that.

Domestic terrorism, as per the United States Department of State is defined as:

“Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.”

Investigators at the crime scene in downtown Nashville, that features a vast landscape of structural damage were wary about advancing conspiratorial assessments, and kept reiterating how the bomber’s timed event indicated he wasn’t interested in mass casualties, a key item that the media also hyped up.

There has been a marked effort on all fronts to avoid labeling, Anthony Warner a domestic terrorist simply because there hasn’t been any concrete evidence to suggest his actions were linked to radicalization from an ideology standpoint, that’s typically rooted in extremism.

But who are we kidding?

If we were talking about a perpetrator of color or more specifically a Muslim-American, you can be sure that images of the bomber would’ve been released to the worldwide web in record time with blaring headlines containing the word:


There would be no grace period to painstakingly sift through documentation, and exhaustively cover ground with no stone unturned, before establishing the conclusive intent of the guilty as charged, without the privilege of “benefit of the doubt” that white perpetrators are afforded — even when they senselessly gun down unarmed victims.

A 37-year-old white male, Duke Webb, an “active military member,” was safely taken into custody on Sunday night, by Rockford police, not long after he stormed a local bowling alley, Don Carter Lanes, and began a shooting spree that killed three people and injured three more, in what has been described as a random act of violence.

Somehow, white males armed with guns or explosives are able to carry out their crimes without being killed or mutilated by arriving police officers, who are able to refrain from activating the worst case scenarios, that are always applied to those who are not privileged enough for the humanizing treatment that even the media perpetuates for white villains.

When Dylan Roof, a white male, psychotically attended a bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina, with the premeditation to shoot down Black worshipers in his midst, the domestic terrorist didn’t suffer even a scratch from police officers. He was apprehended without issue, and on the way to the station for his booking, Dylann Roof was able to grab lunch from Burger King, merely minutes after slaughtering nine Black lives.

Back in 2018, when a 27-year-old white male, John Lee Cowell, illegally jumped the turnstile at the Bay Area’s BART Station and proceeded to slice the throat of 18-year-old Nia Wilson, a young Black woman who was transferring to another train with her older sister, who was injured in the unprovoked knife attack, there was the expected hesitation to label the killing a hate crime.

Cowell, who had a rap sheet of violent episodes, including charges of battery and armed robbery was humanized by authorities and the media with references to his fragile state-of-mind, that could’ve attributed to the senseless slaying of a young, beautiful Black woman, whose only crime was being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

If Nia Wilson had been a white woman, John Lee Cowell wouldn’t have enjoyed the treatment of being regarded as a victim of circumstance, based on his unproven mental challenges — and would instead be branded for the lethality he showcased.

White America has a sick and twisted obsession with white men who are famous for executing unfathomable events, that go down in history for the particularly vile details that human beings should never be capable of conceiving.

From sixties terror, Charles Manson, whose death in 2017 erupted in a festival of recognition based on his celebrity to famed serial killed Ted Bundy, who was feted by the likes of Netflix with a documentary about his exploits and a useless biopic starring Zac Efron — white folks consider these brutish men — icons of the eras they massacred.

So it’s no wonder why a white suicide bomber, who purposely chose a public area to launch his explosives, regardless of his in-built warning system, is able to avoid being called what he really is — a domestic terrorist.

The impressive blast did injure people in the area, and could’ve potentially resulted in fatalities — warning or no warning.

And you better believe that if a mastermind with darker skin or a noted disciple of Islam had orchestrated the exact same crime scene — there would be no question or debate about whether or not domestic terrorism applies.

The Nashville bomber is a domestic terrorist, pure and simple, and his whiteness doesn’t cleanse away the stark proof of his public display of violence, with a smoldering aftermath that’s terrifying to behold, even from big screens, surveying the destruction.

There are two judicial systems — one for white people who are given the benefit of the doubt and the other is the oppressive mechanism that non-white, non-evangelicals have to suffer through with no justice in sight.

And until the media rejects the biased narratives that propel their uneven reportage, as it pertains to white and non-white perpetrators — the damning messaging will never fail to humanize the monsters amongst us.

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