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Why Mental Health Can’t Be The Savior For White Supremacy

The back-to-back horrors of domestic terrorism that were orchestrated by two young White males, in their twenties, armed with high-powered rifles that were used to exact as much damage as possible within seconds of pulling the trigger wasn’t inspired by the blows of mental illness; despite what President Trump and his cowardly henchmen are desperately try to hawk to the American people.

During his address to the nation, where he failed to accurately follow the script that was blazed out in front of him, and instead mentioned his condolences to “Toledo” instead of Dayton, Trump managed to utter the words “White supremacy” without choking, and the media annoyingly gave him an “A” for effort.

He also borrowed talking points from conservative media, by lazily blaming our ongoing national catastrophe on “violent video games,” and “mental health” with the empty promise of working with “congressional Democrats” on “reforming mental health law,” as a way to expertly pick out the ones that his Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney callously refers to as “sick people” who are “not normal in the head.”

The major category that wasn’t covered during the news conference was the president’s own admission of how his hateful rhetoric which began while he was campaigning for the nomination that he fatefully garnered, has been consistently divisive and damaging to the point of inspiring a spike in hate crimes that continues to grow with each passing year of his terrorizing presidency.

Trump isn’t holding himself accountable for labeling Mexicans as “rapists” and “murderers,” and for vilifying Brown migrants as “criminals” who are threatening to bulldoze the barriers at the border for the pleasure of over-running and “infecting” White America with their inherent lawlessness .

The Thug-in-Chief refuses to acknowledge how his damning record of highly offensive and overtly racist statements that shame Black and Brown citizens as “anti-Americans,” who need to return to their “broken and crime infested countries,” or purposely demeaning predominately Black communities in historical cities — has a direct effect on radicalized White males who are searching for ways to act out their deadliness.

The Bigot-in-Chief will absolutely not humble himself in the face of enormous tragedy on behalf of a nation that’s under siege by the direness of White nationalism, which he has publicly pledged allegiance to, and even went as far as declaring White supremacists as “very fine people.”

There are unconfirmed rumors that indicate how Trump’s team of enablers are studiously trying to delete the evidence that threaten to implicate their supreme leader’s unrelenting support to far-right groups, who constantly pollute their twitter feeds with vile content that’s meant to exalt the ugly mantra of “White power.”

But if that’s the case, they might as well delete the president’s twitter account and start over because pretty much every tweet and retweet is encased in combativeness, with the kind of messaging that willfully breaks the rules and policies of a platform that’s evidently quick to discipline regular folks, but somehow is willing to overlook the violent imagery that have become the president’s preferred mode of communication.

Trump is a White supremacist, and that translates into why he is a proud racist who can’t afford to alienate his base because of how desperately he needs those votes for the 2020 elections.

He is also a fighter, who will stop at nothing to win. He doesn’t give a fuck about the disposal lives that were lost at the Walmart situated near the border in El Paso, nor does he lose sleep over the mass shooting in Dayton, the town that he thought was Toledo because it might as well be.

This is why presidential candidate and El Paso native, Beto O’Rourke, lashed out at the media when he kept getting asked about whether or not it was fair to label Trump for what he really is.

If you don’t believe that Trump is a racist that pretty much proves that you are racist.

And now there’s a new weapon of choice for Republicans and their offshoot, Fox News, and it comes in the form of disgustingly politicizing mental health as the reliable method of shielding the true evils of White supremacy, with the lies that are meant to cleanse the blood splatter from the NRA and ruthless politicians who are selling the belief of how “mental illness and hate pulls the trigger.”

But this is nothing new.

We still accommodate a climate where news organizations outright refuse to label hate crimes for what they are, and prefer to cowardly blame the horrific slaying of a Black teenager on a White man’s mental deficiencies, which were exacerbated by the sound of rap music.

Imagine the roaring headlines blaring with the nonsensical and disrespectful memorial to a Black child who was the victim of a heinous hate crime at the hands of a White male with a knife, who didn’t wouldn’t have chosen a White teenager to slice open, even if he was blasting verses from Jay Z’s Black Album

We are always greeted with the humanizing narrative when it comes to White males who are terrorizing Black and Brown populations in America, and the media helps to propel this falsehood by highlighting the uneven backgrounds of these killers with the neutral photos to match, while the bloodied victims only get a paragraph that barely allows for the required mournfulness that should ordinarily haunt us.

Mental health is now being used to mask and protect the lethality of White supremacy and that’s an intolerable trend that must swiftly end.

When a White man is wielding a large knife on the platform of a BART station, and makes the decision to approach three Black sisters who are exiting a train, and proceeds to attack them with a viciousness that kills one and seriously injures another — that’s a fucking hate crime, and his questionable past that includes more crime and the diagnosis of being mentally unstable doesn’t change that fact.

When two White males are energized by the their president’s anthem of ethnic cleansing, that targets brutish migrants, stuffed in caravans, who are hell bent on invading a country that needs to protect its sanctity of Whiteness at all costs; they can either attend his KKK-themed rallies and yell “shoot them!” or they can actually carry out those directives with the death wish that honors the code of their supremacy.

Exploring the option of “reforming mental health laws” is not a bad idea, but that’s not the crux of our present nightmare as it pertains to domestic terrorism and the polarizing presence of a White nationalist president who routinely retweets abhorrent content from the accounts that foreign governments and the FBI have flagged as far-right extremism.

As someone who suffers from depression, I am a part of a community that is grossly misunderstood and recklessly pummeled with stereotypical offerings that don’t accurately dignify the complexities of our varied dispositions.

It wasn’t until the last five years or so, that the conversation around mental health was updated to abide by the respectfulness that was sorely missing back when superstars like Mariah Carey and Britney Spears were publicly coping with their challenges, and the media had a swell time capturing those moments with damning pictorials and outrageous commentary that diminished the pain and suffering of their vulnerable subjects.

Now, that there’s an attempt to be politically correct about ultra-sensitive issues surrounding the fragility of our mental health, and why even professionals in that realm are still connecting the dots that will never lead to a cure, there has been a marked difference in the coverage of celebrities who, are generously open about their persistent struggles with bipolar disorder or the crippling anxieties that they strive to keep under control.

But we are still observing the media’s inability to successfully avoid the habitual need to blame Selena Gomez’s need for self-care on her breakup with Justin Bieber, and how his abrupt marriage may have thrown her into disarray. Or resort to the assumption that Kate Spade committed suicide because her troubled marriage and impeding divorce took her over the edge. And of course there’s the stalking of Britney Spears, who has been down that road before, and somehow, a decade later, there’s no attempt to allow the privacy she’s earned.

For me, it’s a daily challenge to keep my head above water, it was hard enough when my hormonal levels were balanced, but now that aging is in the mix, it’s even harder to manage my “sick head” and so I’m dependent on the array of neutralizers that are combined to keep me functioning.

I still harbor unfathomable thoughts that won’t ever go away, and there are still periods of distress that leave me physically and emotionally drained beyond words. And while I realize that the childhood trauma I endured was the instigator, I’m determined to fight the good fight until the end.

However, I’ve never been prone to violence. I’ve never wanted to harm anyone, and in fact that transference that threatens the lives of strangers or loved ones is the exact opposite of my motives. When I hurt and feel the pain that overpowers, the numbness comes from visualizing my demise or at least being physically wounded.

There’s no evidence that unequivocally correlates mental illness with violent tendencies.

The Trump administration and its unqualified soldiers, are trumpeting the damagingly misleading misconceptions about a topic that they never cared about until they discovered how it can be seamlessly used as the perfect diversion from the criminality that envelops the White House.

It’s the easy solution that safeguards White terrorists who can continue their rampage of terror because they already have the waiting defense that Black and Brown can’t touch because they’re shot dead before they can attempt to make their claims.

It’s woefully unfair to demonize a misunderstood and weaponized community that’s barely hanging on, especially in this extreme temperature that breeds cold-blooded killers, who are motivated by the sickness that forces them to uncontrollably and unapologetically slaughter innocent lives, who just happen to resemble their hate-filled agenda.

It’s triggering for those who valiantly face each new day with the will to live, to have to internalize the static of misinformation at their expense, and with the betrayal of the media that refuses to forego trending buzzwords in favor of uplifting the truth in ways that drown out the nefariousness of conservatives, and the supreme leader who is maximizing his privilege for the welfare of #MAGA.

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This is the incurable disease that’s killing America

Mental illness can’t be galvanized by the adherence to dramatics that are strewn from the reality of how we apply labels to things that aren’t as clear cut as we would like, and so we manipulate doctrines to dress up stereotypical messaging.

White supremacy is winning because of how White folks are indistinguishable when it comes to the blatant disregard for the oppressed and how that betrayal is allowing the mutilation and extermination of targeted communities and the migrants who dare.

White supremacy is a mutha! And mental illness shouldn’t be used as the glazing effect to humanize monsters who are even more frightening because of sound mind and body.

Just, don’t do it!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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