Why The Media Refuses To Spotlight The Brutal Slaying Of Nia Wilson

A Black woman was sliced to death in broad daylight

Nia Wilson and her older sister, Letifah, were commuting like we all do, without thinking anything of it. Unfortunately for the two young Black women, the station they chose for their transfer was the same one that hosted a White man on the loose, with a criminal record, and a lust for blood.

John Cowell, had unlawfully jumped the fare gates of the BART station, without issue, and that action granted him access to innocent lives and the freedom to exact life-altering consequences.

Nia and Letifah were sadistically massacred by Cowell, and it happened so fast that they both didn’t have time to escape the knife attack, that furiously ripped them to bits and left one dead, and the other near death.

The sheer brutality of Nia Wilson’s murder at the hands of a White man who has been described as “mentally-unhinged” with a rap sheet that would ordinarily regulate a Black man to an assigned cell — is both stunning and evidential of the current national emergency that’s gripping this country with a deadly stance.

Racially-motivated crimes have risen considerably since White America elected a White supremacist as president.

According to a study conducted by the NAACP:

The report shows that racially-motivated crimes comprise nearly 60 percent of overall crimes, and African Americans remain the most targeted group. Overall “Anti-Black, anti-Semitic, anti-gay and anti-Latino were the most common type of hate crimes.”


The NAACP believes there is a direct relationship between the rise in hate crimes exemplified by the continual #LivingWhileBlack incidents and other reported crimes and President Donald J. Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric and racist policies.

When the story broke about the two young Black women who were viciously attacked by the White dude with a knife, who casually walked away with his bloodied weapon after the slaughter — mainstream media outlets were sure to mention it — and as usual there was the attention to pleasantries as the nightmare was labeled “random” as opposed to the truthful description of “hate crime.”

And now, weeks later — Nia Wilson has been laid to rest.

Her mourners wore white T-shirts — showcasing the picture of the fallen 18-year-old, who was killed by a domestic terrorist, as punishment for being too Black to escape the harshness of #LivingWhileBlack, which has become the initiated hashtag of the moment.

The Wilson family is seeking justice for the brutal slaying of Nia, and it centers around the notion that her killer was able to enter the station illegally without being disciplined. This ability to escape the claws of the law is embedded in the virus of White privilege, and it’s the main reason why people of color are vulnerable to the elements of a direly biased system.

But even with this hostile climate of hate, encased in real time footage; featuring White characters freely harassing Black people with the assistance of shitty White cops, who are elated at the prospect of being asked to humiliate yet another person of color, there’s very little attention being paid to an issue that has gotten out of hand.

The media’s obsession with Donald Trump is all encompassing, including the offshoots that replay the unbearably redundant analysis of the first lady — that heighten her “public intrigue,” which manifests only when she’s willing to exert her “quiet independence,” in the midst of her husband’s chaos.

Why aren’t outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and all the others in that realm focusing more on the horrific slaying of Nia Wilson?

These so-called liberal news organizations are demonstrating how very little time they have for extensively covering the pending items that can’t be overlooked — even when the president’s tweets continue to provide adequate distraction.

Trump’s tweeting habits aren’t just a reflection of his habitual allegiance to celebrated dysfunction, but it also proves how successful he has been with baiting the media into the addictive phase of priming his strategic functions as the incentive for daily and nightly meals for maddening reportage.

It’s beyond appalling that the only assignment on the murder of Nia Wilson and how her death is the symbol of why hate crimes are becoming prevalent — especially in Trump’s America — was granted when her hashtag was newly implemented.

And even when her tragic death was briefly reported, the subject of hate crimes never came up.

We are thriving in a society that has accepted the mandate of how Black lives never matter, and this normalized horror show has filtered through the avenues of truth-tellers, who are no longer committed to the duty of arming us with the statistics that deliver the dismal state of affairs.

How can it be admissible for a young Black woman to have her throat slit open by a White dude who has made a living as an outlaw, and none of the illustrious cable news networks feel the immediate urge to dedicate a portion of the time they readily donate to the man, who purposely misbehaves for the delight of being overly feted?

You can bet on anything that if it had been a “random” attack on a young White brunette by a Black man with a brutish past, CNN would’ve assembled her family members with a quickness.

We would’ve been treated to gut-wrenching fare; including a collage of poignant images of the young White woman, that would begin with childhood to the present. We would hear testimonies that attest to why her demise at the hands of a Black felon is harder to take, and how law enforcement needs to intensify the methods of eradicating Blackness.

If Nia Wilson had been White — the terrifying end to her life would be secured in martyrdom with the blessing of the White president who would pledge his desire to protect all young White women from the tyranny of Black America.

But she was a young Black woman, from the Bay area, and her imagery doesn’t quite evoke the empathy that would encourage a national outcry from across the board.

A-list actress Anne Hathaway got her feet wet in foreign territory with a public plea to her fellow White comrades, who are usually callously silent when it comes to lending their support to causes that don’t line up with their personalized agendas.

Her enviable attempt at being a White ally is duly noted, but this isn’t a one-time-special type thing, that will be logged as evidence of her past activism.

As a Black woman who lives in a country that won’t stop operating the day my life is taken by a domestic terrorist, who is well within his rights to make that call under the security veil that his White president provided the day he moved into the Oval Office — there’s nothing remarkable about a famous White actress, breaking with protocol to serve her need to be lauded.

The truth is that if the media doesn’t give a shit, that enables the mentality that helps to validate the theory of how we can accommodate the frightening concept of more bloodshed that continues to flow — undisturbed and without alarming recognition.

The media needs Trump so desperately that it’s impossible to visualize what the news cycle would look like if we weren’t saddled with a shameless traitor, who has sealed his bloody legacy with the open veins of restless souls, who will guide the words of future historians — tasked with condemning the press for righteously playing in the hands of a conniving coward.

It’s deplorable to assess the recklessness of organizations that were supposed to rise above the rubble in order to get a clear view of how to prioritize the value of the citizens that they essentially work for — day and night.

As a writer, who once thought critiquing fashion week would be the fulfilling fluff for a stabilized career — my role as “race writer” who depends on the power of words to decongest the backed up vessel of discontent that I carry with heavy heart isn’t a pleasant endeavor — but it’s extremely necessary.

There was a time when I believed the hype surrounding companies with the branding of influence, but things have changed for the worst.

The adherence to due diligence and the thoroughness of investigating the stories that matter above the trends of venomous tweets and the erratic moods of an abominable creature — has suffered a ghastly demise.

It’s safe to say that it’s not just the office of the presidency that has been destroyed beyond repair. The state of journalism has also been woefully infected by the virus of an administration, that has paralyzed the pure practice of unbiased reporting, that used to put pressure on facets of power in order to reverse the effects of gross negligence as it pertains to life and death situations.

The media refuses to focus on Nia Wilson, because the trend has come and gone. And that treatment is the same as killing her all over again.

If she doesn’t rest peace, none of us will. Trust.

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