Why The Media Prefers To Coddle Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump isn’t my favorite person, and I’ve spent way too much time bitching about why I can’t stomach the way reputable news organizations coddle her, with the safety that assures her ability to avoid accountability for the vital role she plays as her father’s so-called “senior adviser.”

From The New York Times to The Atlantic, mainstream outlets have committed to the practice of publishing elaborate essays that center on the irresistible fascination with Trump’s favorite child, who is the perfect version of White feminism.

Ivanka Trump’s coerced presence in The White House is a security breach that former chief of staff, John Kelly readily denounced when it became clear that his criminal boss was hellbent on breaking the rules that guard our national security.

In retaliation, Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner, who was also granted a fancy White House job that he isn’t qualified to execute, both conspired to have Kelly removed based on his chilly reception to their forced entries.

Aside from how she’s been able to glamorize her political pursuits with splashy photo ops, detailing her trips her around the globe, as the roving representative of initiatives, that she’s wrongly being credited for by an administration that specializes in packaged fabrications — Ivanka is also eating her cake and having it too.

She publicly confirmed the obvious when she told a crowd at a Republican fundraiser that she gets her moral compass from the White nationalist, who orders the caging and gassing of migrant kids and their mothers.

And all through the national emergencies, that include the hysteria over mass shootings and the White terrorism that’s inspired by Donald Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric, Ivanka has cowardly chosen to keep silent as the dutiful “senior adviser” who maximizes that unearned title for personal gain.

And of course when she does happen to insert herself in the active conversation of gun violence, she aptly demonstrates how she’s her father’s daughter to the core.

During that horrific episode this past summer, with back-to-back shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, the Trump administration took major heat from critics, who decried the endorsement of the bigoted messaging that led to the massacred venue of a local Walmart situated near the border.

President Trump had no choice but to step out of character by robotically reading the script that rejects the deadliness of White supremacy.

But Ivanka Trump was also working on her own response in the form of ill-fated tweets that targeted the city of Chicago, with the convenient reminder of the shooting incident that took place that same weekend, and how the media needed to include that in the narrative.

She was undoubtedly fighting back on behalf of her father, and not only was it a very low blow, but it was also a classic example of how Ivanka gets away with being openly foul.

The media barely picked up on the racist and deplorable act of the president’s daughter, who saw it fit to feign concern for the Black victims of violence at a historically Black city, as a way to deflect from the real and present danger of her father’s celebrated recklessness that she clearly cosigns.

The only good to come from Ivanka Trump’s shitty tweets was how the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot swiftly counterpunched with a reading that was beyond epic.

And now, as the nation struggles under the strain of Donald Trump’s impeachment and the presidential debates that do very little to provide the much-needed hope for tomorrow, Ivanka Trump is back at it with a press tour to tout the hefty accomplishments stemming from her father’s reign of terror.

Her recent visit to the well-lit studios of CBS News, just days after her father’s impeachment was a transparent move that worked out exactly how she plotted, with the traitorous help of the media, that never misses the chance to ordain her every move.

Ivanka sat down to talk with Face the Nation anchor, Margaret Brennan, who is usually gracefully feisty with high-profile guests, who have a lot of explaining to do.

But this time, the brief interview was unnervingly lax and unremarkable as Brennan held back and cautiously questioned the “senior adviser,” who is guilty of complicity when it comes to crimes against humanity.

Brennan presented queries that were clearly pre-approved to guarantee the comfort level of Ivanka Trump, and ensure that she will stoically retain the White victimhood of her father and his equally vile enablers.

She was able to talk about how her father is heroically weathering his dishonorable status, and even added how he’s “energized” by the brutal climate of dysfunction that he callously created to the detriment of exhausted and harassed citizens.

Ivanka calmly used her White feminism to clean up the filth of a rogue administration, that she proudly serves.

And CBS News assisted in that effort with the ending that featured Gayle King’s applause for their gracious morning guest, who was able to summon the strength to show up, under harrowing circumstances.

It’s absolutely gross to watch how all this plays out, and we can’t help but wonder how very different it would be if Malia Obama was in that same position, repping her maniacal father, who happens to be president, and how that interview would hit at all the reasons why she can’t be left off the hook.

It’s the way this country protects the fragility of White women, by empowering their questionable motives, and using them as the cleanser that humanizes the horrors that they actually help to create.

We can’t ever stop talking about it because these vices are directly linked to the normalization of White supremacy.

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