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Why The Luxury of CBD Can Be Affordably Accessible

Treat yourself to holiday cheer!

As the year comes to an end, there are an array of emotions that overwhelm in ways that can be deeply toxic. We are saying farewell to another decade, and welcoming the arrival of an era that contains uncertainties for those of us who are gripped with routine paranoia.

For me, the last 10 years have been quite the rollercoaster ride, as the checks and balances still leave me with an amount that serves as the reminder for the wins and incalculable losses.

It all started off strong and promising, but between the years 2014 and 2016, something snapped.

Erratic hormones birthed the monster that couldn’t be restricted. Suddenly my self-control was being traded for problematic spontaneity as my decision-making skills took a nosedive into the abyss of self-destructiveness.

The enviable discipline that prevented me from falling into crippling debt, and ending up in situations that are detrimental to my psyche, became the norm, and the accumulated cost finally became too high for comfort.

The big change happened almost 3 years ago, when I chose to make the much-needed adjustments to reshape my life for the sake of spiritual fulfillment that would positively impact my physical being.

There had to be major alterations to my diet, which included releasing my dependency on mind-altering substances, like alcohol, weed, etc., and adoption the adherence to a more balanced platter that was fueled by the desire for an unclogged existence.

It’s absolutely true that when you de-clutter your world with the skills that make everything less complicated, starting with the maintenance of body and soul, there’s a transformation that grabs hold and doesn’t let go, unless you’re uncannily motivated to fuck it all up.

While I’ve thankfully mastered the art of reasonably indulging in the goodies that elevate the mind with festiveness, there’s also the realization of how I was ready to explore healthier options that could assist with my roving theme of overall wellness.

2019 was the year of self-discovery and empowerment in the realm of gaining knowledge about the sudden explosion of the CBD marketplace, and whether or not it’s all a hoax.

After months of test runs, that involved dutifully investigating the frenzy around CBD products, by indulging in samples of popular varieties, that range from oil tinctures to mints — I have concluded that based on beneficial results, there’s a fair amount of tangibility and legitimacy assigned to the inventory that has been vetted for authenticity.

The companies that I’ve scoped out were chosen through the process of intense research, and the word of mouth from reliable sources, spreading the word.

There are certainly nefarious operations that are capitalizing on the trend of all-things CBD, by issuing items that claim to contain key ingredients, that are supposedly manufactured in an all-natural climate. And the price points are too high for that method of deviousness, that willfully leads customers astray with unkept promises that guarantees the air of pessimism from affected buyers.

Thankfully I’ve been spared the worst case scenario during my exploratory phase. And it’s really the good luck of being introduced to the very best that this burgeoning CBD market has to offer.

As mentioned earlier, the onset of hormonal imbalance was a violent disturbance in an otherwise calmed disposition, and this forced the urgency to map out the structure that would help restore my settings.

The goal was to find the perfect match of affordability with quality products that deliver relief from anxiety, insomnia, and even the aches and pains from over-exertion at the gym or activities that require quite a bit of strength for extended periods of time.

As great as a lot of these items are from well-established companies, that have been around way before CBD became a household name, newbies will be immediately struck by how expensive it is to remain a loyal customer, which is a growing concern for those who enjoy the calmness from frequent use, but have to contemplate the sacrifice of expenses.

And that’s why CBDistillery is one of the newest additions to my steady supply of daily supplements that meet my expectations, when you factor in the great bargain, and the range of products that are each uniquely suited to my specific demands.

The main goal of this Colorado-based CBD manufacturer is to combat the crisis infecting this newly-minted marketplace, that’s unfortunately flooded with over-priced replicants.

The mantra of their #CBDMovement is committed to educating cautious consumers about the essentials of CBD and why it should be “a way of life,” as opposed to a trending “buzzword.”

It’s the movement that gifts regular customers with access to “high-quality, fairly priced, U.S. grown, hemp-derived CBD products,” that evolve into the healthy habit that soothes both the internal and external layers that become inflamed from interferences that are outside our control.

And particularly during the holiday season, when stress levels are amplified by the hysteria of the weeks ahead, and how these flare ups can be debilitating in ways that encourage gluttony in areas that take an enormous toll by the time the new year is upon us.

CBD oil tinctures have been a godsend for the mid-day jitters, and how my focus is reassembled after that wave of calm finally settles. And the nighttime gummies have been the life-changer when it comes to vanquishing the insomnia that gave me bags under my eyes.

CBDistillery has been the one-stop-shopping, ever since I calculated the cost-effectiveness, and how I’m consistently satisfied with my shipments.

That’s exactly why I’m inspired to highlight the products that I personally recommend, for those who are curious and willing to give them a try.

The best part about the holidays has to be the bonus incentives attached to merchandise that are in high-demand.

Black Friday is the initiator for this annual practice, and like most retailers, CBDistillery is featuring an array of items that are mood boosters and relief stimulators for both emotional and physical comfort, especially while accommodating this exhaustive climate, that won’t relent until after the New Year.

The luxury of CBD can be affordably accessible if you are knowledgable about where to get what you’re looking for, and that’s why my passion and education is being fashioned to inform the consumer, accordingly.

Check out the list below and don’t miss out on the incredible discounts!

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture — 1000mg — 30ml: $60 before discounted price

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Image courtesy of CBDistillery

This CBD oil tincture is one of the most popular items, and I can attest to the effectiveness that usually requires one or two rounds a day, depending on preference. It’s the best way to start your CBD journey, because of the simple application of placing some drops under the tongue, and holding for a few seconds before swallowing. It’s the best de-stresser for the rowdy holiday season! And it’s easy to carry around, which means you can partake right before the morning commute or during lunch breaks at work.

New and Improved CBD Nighttime Gummies — 30mg — 25 Count: $55 before discounted price

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Image Courtesy of CBDistillery

These CBD gummies are nothing short of magical! If you’re suffering from insomnia, like many of us do, you will absolutely benefit from the combination of “highest quality hemp-derived CBD with natural calming properties of melatonin.” It’s the perfect accompaniment for anyone who is hoping to conserve energy during the headiness of this festive season. These gummies are also “gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan and kosher.” And you can pop one two before bedtime and enjoy a goodnight’s sleep, thanks to the “99+% pure CBD isolate,” without a hint of THC. The variety of flavors are quite yummy, and include, raspberry-lemon, raspberry and strawberry.

CBDol Relief Stick — 500mg: $40 before discounted price

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Image Courtesy of CBDistillery

When it comes to relief from aches, pains, and the strain from lifting and hauling produce and filled up gift bags, this CBDol relief stick is loaded with all the necessities to provide recovery for affected areas of the body. It’s a simple glide that leaves no residue, and swiftly initiates a “cooling sensation of menthol” on contact. You can toss in your handbags or carry-on luggage for easy access during those long layovers. And everyday use is safe if warranted.

CBD Powder — 99%+Pure CBDelicious — $28 before discounted price

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Image courtesy of CBDistillery

This high-quality hemp-derived CBD powder has 0% THC, but all the natural enhancements that will make this daily supplement an added bonus to your daily regimen. It’s tasteless and odorless, which makes it the perfect item to mix into your favorite drinks, including coffee or hot chocolate. You can also mix this CBD powder into dips or baked goodies. It’s all about being imaginative, and for more inspiration, visit the CBDistillery blog for recommendations on how to maximize this ingredient for your staple holiday recipes.

FYI: In light of the ongoing confusion stemming from the clogged CBD marketplace, it will help to know that CBDistillery adheres to the strict guidelines that are in place to weed out companies that conduct dubious operations.

Here are the certifications that give CBDistillery its earned prominence.

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