It hurts so bad…

Why The Loss of Nipsey Hussle is The Brutal Reminder of Unchallenged Reality

Ezinne Ukoha
6 min readApr 3, 2019


White supremacy is a mutha!

Centuries later, and those chains can’t be unshackled for shit.

The brutal murder of Nipsey Hussle has paralyzed me.

When he was alive and well, I barely paid attention. In fact, it was about two weeks ago or little bit more than that, when I stumbled upon the vibrant GQ spread that featured the rapper, entrepreneur, community activist and so much more, with his ladylove, actress Lauren London.

It was a beautiful collage of love in the culture that celebrates such things in verses, but when you see it manifested in all its glory — there’s nothing like it.

And then when the shots rang out and the death was announced, the present climate forces you to research videos from the past, and that’s when the hilariously entertaining Q & A session between the two artists hit my screen, and I was frozen.

And then right after that, hours were spent getting to know the young man whose life was violently stolen at the age of 33, by another young Black man, named Eric Holder, who wasn’t able to survive the whooping of his ego by a successful visionary, who represented pretty much everything he would never attain because of those shackles.

Nipsey Hussle was a bright light, getting brighter, and he certainly didn’t need nor will he ever require a halo to alight the steps he has taken, and the ones that will be laid out in his honor.

Nipsey Hussle

Heroes don’t need capes or masks or any special powers to prove their grasp of humanness, and why it takes the fallen to get back up, with the motivation that those behind them won’t trip as easily as they did.

The moves made by movers within the space that chose them, is the special kind because it’s homemade.