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Austin bomber: Mark Anthony Conditt — Mass shooter: Dylann Roof

Why The Lethal Tolerance of Intolerable White Males Isn’t Worth The Risk

Media and politicians be warned

President Trump was elected to do one thing and one thing only, and his rate of success is the reason why the shutdown is breaking records. It explains why he can run the Oval Office like an unhinged gangster, who throws tantrums daily, and bullies employees who dare to encourage the Commander-in-Chief to command his long-neglected post. It validates how we assumed that former White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, was losing his marbles, working in close proximity to a certified idiot, who made him wish he could be fired because that would be the “best day I’ve had since I walked into this place.”

When you have a trust-fund baby, who evolves into the impossibly wealthy White man, with all the luxuries that money can buy — without the regular man’s hard labor as proof of earnings — you can expect a major disconnect with the modestly-situated masses.

But when a White supremacist gets elected as president, after spending his entire campaign demonizing Mexicans with generic insults, and then increasing his fan base by endearingly aligning with White rioters in Charlottesville, before mandating the caging and gassing of migrant women and children — that’s when you understand the supreme currency of Whiteness.

The GOP was always the hub of racism, and the enabling of an unsightly hero, who is freely endorsing chaos and mayhem by dutifully widening the divisiveness in the country that he loathes isn’t shocking in the least.

White males in America are precious cargo, and the coddling under the duress of their glaringly questionable actions, is a sport that White America excels in.

This was quite evident during the Kavanaugh briefings, when his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, bravely stepped forward and embraced the era of #MeToo and Time’s Up, with her determination to expose the man who was on the ambitious climb to absolute power for who he really is based on what he had done to her all those years ago.

The public shaming of Brett Kavanaugh proved to not just be a harrowing ordeal for the alleged offender, but also for White males and the White women who love them. Trump’s America erupted in full blown hysteria at the audacity of the swift takedown of an accomplished Ivy Leaguer, who may or may not have attacked an impressionable young girl during an event that she will never ever forget.

The president was particularly worried about the overall security of White men in America, based on the threats of accountability that kept hovering with imperative reckoning. He was convinced that his righteous pick for the Supreme Court was being unfairly harassed by bitter naysayers who wanted to overturn his decision as a political ploy.

Trump also believed Kavanaugh’s version of the story because Whiteness can’t ever be blemished by the truths that succumb to the unreasoning of how White men can’t ever be defeated — guilty or not. Of course this tradition doesn’t extend to boys and men of color, who are automatically handcuffed or pummeled with bullets, before there’s the chance to voice innocence.

When the Central Park Five case became a national obsession, the five young men of color who were on trial for a crime they didn’t commit, were publicly harassed and vilified by Donald Trump, who was adamantly chanting their guilt — despite the evidence that proved otherwise.

Blackness is evil and Whiteness is pure with sprinkles on top.

Trump believes and adapts that mindset, which explains why he’s beefing up the potency of this intolerable climate by saturating it with all the elements that heighten the stakes for marginalized communities.

His administration has been engaging in a web of nefariousness that has resulted in disastrous setbacks for the LGBTQ community, legal immigrants, and non-White citizens stuck in the gutter of societal brutality.

There’s also the expected suffering of the lowly White Americans, who stupidly voted for a recklessly inept businessman, with a penchant for uttering racially-offensive jargon, with the shameless confidence that overrides the competence and human decency of his predecessor, who he slandered for not being “American” enough for the position he’s now poisoning.

But regardless of the winners and losers in this hellish scenario, the one thing that can’t be downplayed or overlooked is the fact that badly behaved White men are encouraged to be as horrible as they want to be based on the institution of racism, and how these human errors are that much more respectable and forgivable when Whiteness is in the driver’s seat.

This is why we can’t afford to continue to minimize the urgency of an activated situation, that involves domestic terrorism, and the White men who terrorize without being dutifully categorized as “terrorists.”

If four White men manipulated a popular app for gamers to methodically plan to bomb the hell out of a rural Muslim community, nestled along New York’s Pennsylvania border — those horrific details of proposed terrorism against a vulnerable group, that continues to be verbally brutalized by Trump ever since the Muslim Ban greeted his arrival — should be officially documented as domestic terrorism.

Trump is winning the war against Black and Brown people, and tragically the reinforcements that should be supplied by passionate journalists, who are committed to astutely assess danger zones with the appropriate messaging— hasn’t yet been initiated.

Trump’s America still wants to hold on to the falsehood of how the bloody wall will keep out the drug lords, murderers, rapists, and terrorists, who are desperate to invade the White sovereignty of America the Beautiful.

But we know that the truth lies in how White males are the unstoppable threat to non-White citizens, but because of their supremacy, and the allegiance to the man-baby in The White House, we have to endure polite articles about the White men who do the unfathomable without the pressure of the law on their backs.

Being Black in America is a horrendous reality that could invite knife attacks at Metro stations, shooting episodes at community parks where a blissful Black boy is mistaken for a fuzzy giant object that moves, a false harassment claim by a White woman against a frightened Black child, the epic beatdown of Black women at popular eateries, and bomb packages at our doorsteps that detonate on contact.

And when an American hero swoops in to save the day, by overtaking the murderous pursuits of a White terrorist, who already collected a handful of Black bodies as trophies, his remarkable selflessness isn’t even recognized by the White man in The White House, who was obviously disgruntled at the fate of his fallen White soldier.

Trump is deeply empathetic when it comes to the Covington Catholic students, and has condemned the ire of those who denounce the religion of hate as the official language of a country, that can’t seem to overturn the blotted past of systematic oppression.

In case you missed it, there were early reports some days ago that came in the form of a viral video, as it always does, that showcased a mob of White teens wearing #MAGA hats, infiltrating an indigenous gathering of Native Americans, with jeers that followed the previous chants of “Build That Wall.”

The most precious White male in America, who is weathering the dangers of his Whiteness being under attack by radicals who dangerously fight for equality — Nick Sandmann — stood in front of a Native American man and Vietnam vet, Nathan Phillips, with a smug look on his face that basically illustrated his adherence to the supremacy that his ill-mannered buddies were loudly championing.

Not too long after the clicks produced winning traffic numbers, and the ratings skyrocketed, news outlets promptly introduced the extended version of events, with footage that was meant to exonerate the unruly and racist White teens, on the basis that they were reacting to the unwarranted aggressiveness of a group of Black men, who challenged their presence.

We can assume that news organizations definitely had access to pertinent information that would’ve encouraged cohesive reporting, but the seductiveness of racial themes, and the villains who incite them, dictated the messiness of this ongoing saga.

The notion that these White haters donning the fashionable symbol that elevates the privilege of Whiteness, were somehow bullied into taking a hateful stance in order to defend themselves from the climate they helped to create — is utterly ludicrous.

But White America has bought this nonsensical narrative, and of course Trump is eager for any opportunity to hype up the realness of #FakeNews, by touting his little soldier boys as celebrated heroes, and guaranteeing that they will use their newfound fame as a testament of how to courageously navigate these unbearably trying times.

NBC definitely agrees that this could all “end in a dream!” when you consider Nick Sandmann’s much-heralded televised appearance with Savannah Gutherie, who is apparently filling in for $69 million girl, Megyn Kelly who is presently on extended leave.

The interview was a bloated tribute to the legitimacy of White privilege, and how White males are granted access to the biased court of law that will never rule against them — even if the evidence is overwhelmingly damning.

Nick isn’t sorry at all for the part he played in traumatizing an elderly man, who paid his dues in every way possible, and absolutely didn’t deserve the blatant disrespect he was awarded. Nick believes that things would’ve worked out a lot better if only the victimized war vet had simply walked away.

“I’d like to talk to him…But I can’t say that I’m sorry for listening to him and standing there.”

Once again a White male escapes the consequences of his actions by claiming his victimhood, negotiating his power with the media, who are more than willing to profit from their gross negligence and rejection of solid journalism, and providing the Trump administration all the loot required for their ongoing pursuit to legitimize White nationalism.

It was recently reported that the White terrorist who used a sword to strike down a 66-year-old Black man, Timothy Caughman, on the streets of New York City, back in 2017 —will be delivered a life sentence on February 13th — after pleading guilty to murder charges.

James Jackson is a domestic terrorist, who traveled from Baltimore to the Big Apple with the intention of targeting “young Black thugs” and “successful older black men with blondes.” Interracial relationships made him angry and he was driven by the need to end that shit.

Caughman “who was remembered as a gentleman and a good neighbor” was just “a practice run.”

You probably haven’t heard about the White terrorist who violently brandished a gun at a group of Black protesters, raising their voices against the injustice of of housing inequality in their battered and bruised Miami neighborhood.

The problem started with the unplanned intersection of two separate groups, using their activism to speak up and against issues of that are paralyzing communities, and when the White man felt his space being invaded by Black bodies, the only alternative was to use his deadly weapon to strike back.

Mark Bartlett is a domestic terrorist, who was armed and dangerous and ready to shoot to kill Black people until he was apprehended by police officers.

We don’t need a billion dollar barrier to keep out the threats to our lives because we are surrounded by White thugs in high and low places, who have the same agenda when it comes to maintaining the status quo.

Left, right, centrists, they are all the same when White America is in session, and White males are prosecuted for bad behavior to the point of nationalized frenzy.

If you don’t believe me check this out:

The House is controlled by now Democrats, and for the White people who claim to hate Trump’s guts and efficiently reinforce their allyship to Black and Brown and other, the divisive content that was uploaded and shared without vetting, was done for the purpose to demonize White teens who attend Catholic school and have God on their side.

Domestic terrorism is the instrument of death that Whiteness wields without restraint or the punishment that fits the crime of murdering those who don’t resemble the template of superiority.

It’s time to dispense with the pleasantries and red carpet receptions.

Black lives are at stake, and since I claim that category, I demand that White people who terrorize by utilizing their supremacy as acts of hostility — be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We need to begin with the confiscation of power that the president is criminally misusing at the expense of the world and everyone in it.

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