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Why The Legacy of Colonialism and White Greed is The Shithole Black and Brown People Can’t Get Out Of

What President Trump said about people from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador doesn’t upset me. It’s not that I don’t find his words offensive — it’s really the weightiness of being mature enough to examine the stuff in the “shithole” that Black and Brown people can’t get out of.

Perhaps my days are numbered or maybe there’s a definite shift in the parameters of my mind as I take in the historical crimes against my people — and realize how blatantly the sins of White people have been celebrated through the lenses of Hollywood — and the betrayal of White politicians who support a racist leader with shameless authority.

We celebrate shows like The Crown and hail the real-life Queen as some kind of a heroine when she’s really a bedazzled thug — decked out in the jewels that my ancestors were drowned for after enduring lashes of indignity from their White oppressors.

Films like A Good Man in Africaa trash-filled comedy that only the English can perfect — is centered around British diplomats who are based in an African nation that conveniently straddles “a huge oil reserve.” This immaculate discovery naturally forces the British officers to nix their exit strategy — as they devise a way to screw the locals out of their resources without much fuss.

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Sean Connery and Colin Friels are “good men in Africa”

There are plenty more classics from British and American filmmakers who think nothing of romanticizing an era that was nothing less than painful and tragic for the groups that paid the ultimate price. These sweeping epics are usually immersed in themes that exaggerate the goodness of privileged Whites who willingly explore the wilderness of territories that challenge their ability to survive.

In Out of Africa we get to observe how socialite Karen Blixen(played by Meryl Streep) overcame the devastation of her husband’s infidelity and thrived on the Kenyan-based plantation that made her even wealthier. We’re also entertained by the “true story” of British socialite Gertrude Bell (played by Nicole Kidman) — who rejected her privileged status to become Queen of the Desert — which led to her exploration of the Middle East and the book that inevitably secured her fandom based on her admirable choice to “rough it out” with the natives.

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This poster is funny AF!

There will never be a shortage of remakes of The Legend of Tarzan or another spin on how dead monarchs actually developed genuine affection for their servants as displayed in the most recent release — Victoria & Abdul.

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Victoria looks smitten!

And that’s the crux of the issue.

When White people like Trump who are wealthy as fuck and have no idea what it means to “earn a decent living” — boldly declare the irrelevance of people from “poor and troubled” countries and continents — it hits at the core of the truth of why these nations continue to under-perform at the expense of citizens who are still suffering the consequences of White greed.

After being exploited for our resources — Nigerians were abandoned and left to pick up the pieces that were too jagged to put back together again. The English and Scottish explorers may have introduced us to Jesus Christ — but The Son of God didn’t provide much shelter from the greedy fucks that used the Lord’s Prayer as a veil to smoothen the goal of destabilizing our structural map — in an effort to ensure the security of the British empire.

This method of cultural thievery was adopted by the industrialized world — that didn’t necessarily start off that way — but managed to build themselves from the ground up with the toiling of Black bodies that were shipped over like stale cargo to the ports of interest.

The shithole that we can’t get out of is the evidence of how White people continuously celebrate their victory and callously dismiss the fact that they never earned the basic amenities they casually enjoy — as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

The shithole countries are troubled because of the outstanding debt that is owed them from the Western world that is still raping them of their resources while the people of the land are sinking in villages ravaged by oil floods — or fleeing an uninhabitable climate for the trappings of modern day slavery in Libya.

President Trump is providing a service by voicing what most truly believe, but wouldn’t dare admit in a room that echoes. His words don’t cut as deep as the realization that progress in the “troubled” parts of the world has been halted due to the negligence of those accused.

We can’t get out until the “hole” is turned into the pathway that leads to the overdue amount — paid in full and without the shitty excuses that have encouraged the delays that only lead to a barrage of insults — and the playbook of how and why racists are free to express their bigoted views.

The Hollywood endings don’t work anymore — now it’s time to pay up or be racists in the dark while shitting in the hole you can finally afford.

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