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Why The Judge Is Dead Wrong About Maxine Waters

Judge Peter Cahill denied the motion for a mistrial during closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial, before the deliberation phase was activated. But Judge Cahill didn’t miss the opportunity to grant Chauvin’s defense attorney a righteous gift by acknowledging the source for the last-ditch effort to game the system on behalf of a murderous former cop.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has never been shy about vocalizing her assessment when it comes to national emergencies that are a matter of life and death, and her recent statements regarding the high-stakes of a murder trial that had to deliver the only verdict that matches what the world witnessed nearly a year ago is exactly what we all needed to hear.

During her visit to Brooklyn Center in Minnesota, the monitored location where peaceful protesters and reporters are converged ahead of the highly-anticipated verdict, Waters simply spoke truth to power about what has to transpire if George Floyd’s cold-blooded killer is allowed to walk away from his crime.

Judge Cahill evidently took offense to the viral declaration by Waters, which was unsurprisingly exacerbated by the ire of conservative media, thanks to the practiced recklessness of overpaid, faux-journalists, who couldn’t wait to demonize a high-powered Black woman’s passionate plea for justice.

The problematic judge noted that the controversial comment by the seasoned congresswoman could possibly grant the defense “something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned.”


White privilege at the seat of power and judgment is exactly what motivated Congresswoman Maxine Waters to resoundingly speak up and speak out against the forces of evil at the helm of a biased judicial system that faithfully follows the deadly rulebook of white supremacy.

The judge is dead wrong about Maxine Waters, and is clearly unfazed about weaponizing his white power to coerce the wiles of white supremacists, who are invested in the likely outcome of an acquittal for one of their own, who graphically carried out his directives with the callousness of a rogue cop, who considers Black lives unapologetically expendable.

This isn’t the first time that Waters has utilized her authoritativeness in ways that expectedly rattle the white establishment, for the sake of uplifting the empowered narrative of the Black experience in the midst of societal rubble, and the wirings of systemic injustice rigged against our very survival.

The “angry Black woman” theme runs deep in a country that permits the outrageousness of white women with the inappropriateness and threatening stance, that’s rarely critiqued with the same amount of disdain and dismissiveness that’s automatically assigned to Black women, who shouldn’t have to hold back strong emotions for the comfort level of white detractors.

It’s no shocker that Judge Cahill seized the prime opportunity to exact unfair judgment on a well-respected and accomplished truth-teller, who basically uttered the words that reflected the exact temperature of her traumatized community, as we tried with all our might to secure out mental strength, while we waited for the moment that will solidify our fates.

We saw George Floyd’s life painfully seep away from his Black body.

A Black body vulnerably under deadly pressure from the ire of white supremacy, and the white soldier of death, proudly assuming the killer duties of his badge, a symbol of white power that’s used to permanently silence Blackness without consequences and with the victory of freedom to exact more terror.

What white folks don’t realize or maybe they do and pretend not to know, is that being Black in America is a constant battle. Walking down the street in the wide open or casually driving in your car can quickly lead to an encounter with uniformed thugs who are ready to escalate and orchestrate the worst case scenario.

When Maxine Waters implores the brave crowds that have gathered to hold a criminalized judicial system accountable, ahead of a monumental verdict that could go either way, based on how Black lives don’t matter, to stay “active” and “get more confrontational” to demonstrate “that we mean business” — it’s the historic call to exercise the fundamental right to reject anything that doesn’t spell justice for George Floyd.

Thankfully, justice has been served with George Floyd’s killer found guilty on all three charges.


Black people have to be re-traumatized over and over again with viral clips of systemic violence levied against our own, and now the wait is over.

No more crippling trepidation for what the traitorous judicial system has typically delivered as proof of the expendability of Blackness.

But we can’t overlook the judge’s massacre of the bold statement that Waters delivered with the encouragement, support and pure love that was meant to soothe the raw nerves of those who has everything to lose if we were destroyed by a senseless verdict, is quite clearly a bigoted response to an ongoing crisis that he undoubtedly helps to inflame with his influential status.

The scorn of whiteness consistently shames the humaneness of Blackness with the accompanying censorship that House Minority Leader and noted Trump leech, Kevin McCarthy has vowed to draft in a quest to silence Congresswoman Maxine Waters by restricting her ability to fight the same system that acquitted a white terrorist and former president for inciting white terrorism at The Capitol.

Judgment day has come and gone, and the great divide that has always existed is getting even wider, and so we must stand our ground and never waver in the face of the damning track record of systemic injustice that plainly illustrates why the guilty verdicts levied on George Floyd’s killer needs to be a symbolic mandate for the future.

Donald Trump and his minions of chaos held a rally just steps away from the scene of a crime that the Terrorizer-in-Chief willfully staged and cheered from The White House, when all hell broke loose, killing five people and exposing how domestic terrorists were enabled by law enforcement to perform the unfathomable at the sacred seat of American functionality.

What Maxine Waters said or did doesn’t come remotely close to what the supreme leader of the GOP was allowed to dictate to white insurrectionists who are still being coddled by the supreme powers that built them.

Regardless of the blessed outcome of Derek Chauvin’s impending sentencing, there are plenty more badged white supremacists terrorizing the streets, and in order to combat the ongoing crisis of police brutality, we must remain vigilant and as woke as possible.

Maxine Waters calls for what we deserve:

Justice for all. Always and Forever.

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