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Why The Injustice Of Breonna Taylor’s Murder Is So Triggering

We hear the tragic series of events over and over again, and at some point, the familiarity of victims, circumstances, and infuriating outcome becomes the blueprint for cautious expectations.

What happened to Breonna Taylor, the young Black woman, with the joyous disposition, and starry eyes filled with hopes and dreams of one day becoming a nurse was a criminal act carried out by thugs-in-uniform, posing as Louisville police officers, conducting a “narcotics investigation.”

They shot Breonna Taylor 8 times!!!!

She never stood a chance of survival with rogue cops immersed in the deadliness of trigger-happy tactics, that are always directed at Black people, even Black children, based on the training that gives killers permission to shoot at will, even when the victims are unarmed and non-threatening.

Breonna Taylor’s bereaved boyfriend, Kenneth Walker managed to survive the home invasion that ended with the death of his girlfriend, and the confirmation that there were in fact no drugs found at the premises.

Walker was rightfully alarmed at the unexpected intrusion of men with guns in the dead of night, and proceeded to fire back at the invaders. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder, but thanks to the uproar over the inexplicable actions of these so-called police officers — the charge against Walker was dropped in May.

This horrific episode occurred on March 13th, 2020, and we are now approaching the mid-year mark, and still, Breonna Taylor’s murderers are free.

Naturally, the graphic footage of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a white racist cop, who relished the honor of giving the world a full view of how Black Lives Don’t Matter, eclipsed our focus, and became the rally cry on behalf of all Black victims that have been systemically slaughtered by institutions that adhere to white supremacy.

But as a Black woman living in a country that considers me expendable by officers of the “law,” it’s triggering to witness how gangsters with badges can freely break down my door, shoot me to death, and have the protection of law enforcement officials with the endorsement of a biased judicial system.

It’s heartrending to go through the roster of Black women, who have been brutalized by the killer instincts of rogue cops, who would never showcase those murderous instincts to white women, who are free to cross the line without suffering any consequences for their deplorable behavior.

Sandra Bland is the name that will haunt for the rest of my days. She was killed because of the pathetic fragility of a white traffic cop, who didn’t expect to be confronted by an intelligent and self-aware Black woman, who outsmarted him in ways that drove him to violence.

Sandra Bland

She died in a jail cell, and her death was conveniently ruled a suicide, but we know what really happened to Sandra Bland. We know why she died and we know why she was victimized by a system that was rigged to legally terrorize her right to live.

We never got over what happened to Sandra Bland and we never will.

And we won’t forget what befell Atatiana Jefferson, a young Black woman, who was gunned down in her own home in Fort Worth, Texas, by a police officer who responded after a concerned neighbor called a non-emergency number when he noticed that Jefferson’s front door was open.

Atatiana Jefferson

It was early morning, and still quite dark outside when the arriving officer began to explore the outdoor surroundings of Jefferson’s home, which prompted her to walk up to the window to check out the activity.

Atatiana Jefferson was fatally struck with bullets by the white cop who was called to investigate and deescalate the active situation that was non-existent. Her bullet-ridden body was found near her 8-year-old nephew, who had been playing video games with his aunt just minutes prior to the shooting.

Of course the media hyped up the fact that a handgun was found at the crime scene, as if that discovery somehow justifies why a supposedly trained police officer would shoot through the window without identifying himself and assessing whether or not there’s a real threat.

Atatiana Jefferson was murdered in cold blood because law enforcement has rendered absolute power to police officers, who are confident in the truth of how killing Black people will not result in jail time.

Officer Aaron Dean resigned from the Fort Worth Police Department and was subsequently charged and indicted for the murder of the young Black woman, who committed the crime of looking out the window of her own home when she heard trespassers.

Breaonna Taylor’s murderers are on administrative leave which translates to a paid vacation. They have not been charged with staging a home invasion that turned violent, and resulted in the senseless killing of another Black woman with a promising future, which abruptly ended when she was woken up by the sound of gun fire.

The only infuriating update, is in regards to one of the killer cops, Detective Brett Hankinson, who is apparently on his way out, as evidenced in the letter written by Louisville Police Chief Robert Schroeder, who firmly condemns the actions of Hankinson, and verifies the decision to activate Hankinson’s termination from the police force.

Excerpts form Schroeder’s letter:

“I find your conduct a shock to the conscience.”“I am alarmed and stunned you used deadly force in this fashion.”

[You showed]“an extreme indifference to the value of human life when you wantonly and blindly fired 10 shots into the apartment of Breonna Taylor March 13.”

Hankinson is being cited for violating the departments use of force by recklessly firing bullets “without supporting facts that your deadly force was directed at a person against whom posed an immediate threat of danger or serious injury to yourself or others.”

And yet the thuggish cops who were involved in the shooting death of an innocent Black woman, who was peacefully sleeping in her home with her boyfriend, when her world came crashing down for reasons that will never make sense, haven’t been apprehended or charged for their crimes.

The fact that Breonna Taylor was killed in her own home by cops who misidentified her, but chose to treat her as a criminal who deserved to die without the privilege of the rights that are readily assigned to white folks with rap sheets, is the reason why we as Black women feel the sting of being routinely forgotten and devalued.

The injustice of Breonna Taylor’s slaying is triggering because it serves as the terrifying proof that we are not exempt from the systemic ills of police brutality, and despite the countless faces of Black women who look like us, and end up dead because of the gross negligence of law enforcement, it’s almost impossible for justice to prevail.

Breonna Taylor should be alive today, but she’s not.

Her killers should be documented with handcuffs and mugshots, with murder charges delivered without fail, but that hasn’t happened.

It’s hard not to envision the scenario where you are the Black woman shot multiple times by invading officers, who eventually get away with murder, while your spirit joins the others, who have formed the sober sisterhood of outstanding warrants that never get assigned.

This would never HAPPEN to white women, who have the security of their white tears to bail them out and wash away the guilt that saves them from the brutal fate that their Black counterparts can’t escape.

We need justice for Breonna Taylor effective immediately!

And the fact that we have to beg for it because there are no viral videos showcasing the bloody shooting death of another Black body, is another reason why as a Black woman in America:

I’m Triggered.

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