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We finally see his true color, and it’s WHITE

Why The GOP is Officially A Racist Party That Needs To Be Duly Recognized As Such

If you claim to be a proud Republican, then you are definitely a racist. If you claim to be part of the Republican party by default, and surrender to the obligatory assignment, that you’re either too lazy or too chicken to discard in favor of human decency — you are absolutely harboring racist tendencies.

If you happened to either enthusiastically or reluctantly vote for Donald J. Trump during the contemptuous 2016 elections, that graphically showcased the revolting mannerisms and dangerously tepid tongue of a celebrated street gangster — you can bet your bottom dollar that your inherent bigotry massively paid off.

“A man that can be provoked by a tweet shouldn’t have his hands anywhere near the nuclear codes”

As we near the end of 2018 and the almost second year of being assaulted with the reign of terror, supplied by a bullish thumbnail, that only comes alive when he’s garnered enough shit in the dirty mouth that spews out vomit-inducing foulness at occasions that warrant the very opposite — the main takeaway is reliant on the embrace of the “elephant in the room.”

Americans seem to thrive in coded areas that periodically dispense hints that can sometimes gather to create the collage of truths that may not set us free; but somehow possess the equipment to build that bridge that could eventually lead to greener pastures.

It’s never easy to operate in absolutes because of the murkiness that dwells in the “gray areas,” and how the flexibility of being secured in the realm that shouldn’t be so starkly defined, provides the escape route from the hindrance of finality, and how it forces the reconciliation of unearthed disturbance from within.

The betrayal of Trump’s ascension was merely standard procedure, but the moment the newly-installed president expressed empathy for White nationalists, who violently stormed Charlottesville, with the intent to terrorize on behalf of Whiteness and threats to that currency — the GOP officially became what it has always been without the hampered disguise.

“What about the alt-right that came charging at the alt-left, do they have any semblance of guilt?”

As a Nigerian-American, who was born in the States and bred in Lagos, there’s an uneasiness with the realization that I’ve remarkably weathered the very worst of both worlds.

The current American leader possesses a roster of similarities that match the military dictators that dominated the “gangster years.” This tumultous time made the eighties and early nineties a period of great duress for a nation that was unceremoniously devoured by the evils of the British empire.

White supremacy was distributed to former colonies under the guise of generous assimilation into the privilege of civilization, that carried the bait of self-awareness laced with the tragic lifelong infusion of self-hate.

We were supposed to be proud of the ultimate insult of having English as our mother tongue, and the pathways that presented easy access to priceless resources ensured the forever bonds to our masters, who have the Holy Trinity to thank for the weaponry that conquered former protectorates beyond resurrection.

It’s no wonder that when the British willingly afforded Nigeria its full independence in 1960, after royally fucking us up for life with the ammunition that sealed oil chambers all over our land; with the crest of the western world’s activated indulgence — the scrambled brains of government tried in vain to meet the insurmountable challenges.

And by the time I was old enough to comprehend the chaotic nature of my environment, we were full speed ahead into the danger zone. The bribery and corruption of inter-changeable heads of state, demonstrated the dire consequences of unquenchable lawlessness, that renders citizens incapacitated and vulnerable to unnerving unpredictability.

Local journalists that dared to hold the government accountable for tribal warfare, systemic dysfunction and the gross negligence of partnering with global detractors stationed in Europe and the U.S. — who were and still are causing hazardous environmental conditions for the glory of the almighty currency of oil — were swiftly dealt with and never seen again.

The horrific bombing death of the editor-in-chief of Newswatch, Dele Giwa, occurred in 1986, and I can clearly recall the intense fear of the thirteen-year-old, who silently noted that she would never be able to dedicate herself to the pursuit of truth and justice in a county ruled by soulless imbeciles and implemented assassinators.

If you dared challenge the military ruler of the season about the unjustifiable methods of oil extraction by westerners that boosted the bloated Swiss and British bank accounts at the expense of formerly robust villages, that were sinking under the pressures of pound and dollar — you were guaranteed to never see the light of day.

These days, I’m inclined to believe that if President Trump had the authority to exact cruel punishment on those who are undeterred in their mission to prove his allegiance to White supremacy, and how that faith dictates his hateful rhetoric and abusive treatment of Black women — he would aggressively enact the laws that would enable his unlawful bidding.

“You have nationalists, and you have globalists”

But all he has is the constitution and the abiding loyalty of supporters who remain rooted in the cowardice that permits the level of nonchalance, that made inaugural day of 2016, the mandated outing party for the ill-fated GOP.

What a disgraceful moment

Historically, America never excelled at the practice of neatly compartmentalizing the unsightly characteristics of racism, and that’s why the legacy of hate that used to permeate through the shafts of designated spaces, has now expanded into a relentless epidemic, that White men and White women in power have furnished for personalized agendas.

The GOP is officially a party that has basically updated the statutes of systemized oppression against non-White America, thanks to the orchestrated takeover that bequeathed an already fragile nation with the hardened surface of a decked-out future felon, whose familial membership to the KKK gleams with pompous fury.

Republicans are racists, that hide under the umbrella of a democracy that was shattered with the bidding of old White men with smelly farts, that clog the lenses of shamelessness, that their female counterparts shield with shiny blondness and selfish discipline.

It’s time to cease the tasteful lingo, and adopt the dialect that visibly adheres to the unfiltered documentation that illustrates how the United States is expertly acting out the stages of mayhem, that arms an unqualified authoritarian with the power to take huge dumps all over the corridors that were erected to uphold the likeness of ancestral traitors.

President Trump is rocking this kingdom to its core and members of his party, overflow the sidelines as goggled-eyed spectators, with gutless demeanors that are able to accommodate the trigger-worthy offensiveness that should ordinarily melt them all into a puddle of disbelief.

Imagine that the successor to the first-ever Black president, is given the freedom to inhabit thug-like qualities in his quest to mock the former First Family by standing firm in his birther controversy, and dismissing the former First Lady’s detailed pain and frustration at the high risk that was posed to her loved ones, as a result of Donald Trump’s dangerous accusations.

The GOP’s ordained hitman at his finest

Instead of graciously acknowledging the error of his ways and the possible repercussions that arise from the tentacles of his supremacy, President Trump declared that the first Black woman to reside in The White House with the appropriate title that was always assigned to White women — was merely a saleswoman, hawking her merchandise for profits.

The diseased savior of the GOP hates Black people, and that’s exactly why he’s an esteemed member his pathetic party.

It’s no coincidence that fellow White nationalists like Steve King, Carl Paladino, to name a few, who’ve all shitted out unfathomably grotesque language that passionately describes their utter disdain for people of color — are prominently nestled in the thorny nostrils of an organization that has the tolerance for the stench of inhumanity.

President Trump is maximizing the skills that are utilized to curse out those that defy his expectations of consistently stroking his over-sized ego with the diligence that keeps murderous dictators elevated. He’s reveling in the rejuvenated bliss of never having to pay the high price for high crimes because White men like to win — even if the victories are agonizingly costly.

He hates the media and he loathes the reporters who do their job well enough to facilitate the tweeting at odd hours of the night when the seething is particularly torturous.

But Donald Trump hates successful Black women who excel even more.

He rages against their presence, in his face, with queries that breed the supremacy that is normalized enough to be acceptable to his constituents, who silently observe the public demonization of Black women, who simply do their jobs when seeking answers to the questions that Republicans have abandoned for the sake of stifled careers.

We are now wholeheartedly recognizing the GOP for what it truly stands for, and how that stance makes it impossible to ever revert back to the deceit of renewed mission statements, that were meant to attract outsiders into a world that would never quite forget who they are, and why it will always matter.

We have reached the point where we break away and re-establish the line that firmly separates.

Republicans have found their hero in the fieriness of a buffoon, and the rest of us are a mixed bag of formulated hysteria that will regroup according to how much or little we react to the temperature of a hostile climate.

What we can’t ever do is carelessly forget the differences that keep us reasonably apart, and how that gap defines the racial divide that the GOP has been fostering since its existence under the umbrella that has now been replaced with the roomy template of a Commander-in-Chief — who is commandeering the epic downfall of his disabled base.

Racists of the same feather cling together with the damning roster sheet that’s furiously expanding with the negligence that keeps Whiteness within the scopes of its own poison.

If you’re a Republican who voted for Trump, I hope you never find that antidote, and reap the oozing sores of criminality. It doesn’t have the capability to revive the valve of heartless racists.

Final Word:

What a view!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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