Fyre Fest scammer: Billy McFarland

Why The Glorification of White-Collar Crimes Is The Disease of White Privilege and Its Supremacy

When Elizabeth Holmes was formally charged with massive fraud ,and other criminal activities, after her revolutionary blood-testing startup, Theranos, that she created in 2014, was forced to shut down after damning evidence that proved beyond a doubt that operations weren’t yielding the results that billionaires had invested in — the assumption was that the disgraced 35-year-old would lay low and await her fate.

But the phenomenon surrounding the epic rise and disastrous fall of a privileged White woman, born into an elite D.C. family, who dropped out of Stanford, (we assume she got there based on merit), to initiate her dramatic takeover of Silicon Valley — has inevitably increased the celebrity and viability of a future felon.

Holmes managed to merge the privileges of being White with the lethality of White feminism, for the benefit of being able to seamlessly dwell in the trickery of her delusions of grandeur, that never quite manifested based on the impossibility of achieving greatness with the mental shortcomings of a mad scientist.

As a subject of analytic fare with the infusion of public fascination, Holmes has been treated to the expected reception of hard-hitting documentaries, that attempt to untangle the complex web of a White woman genius, who was literally on top of the world based on the falsehood of her manufactured theories, that sounded as unfathomable as they turned out to be, but because of her winning physical attributes and disarmingly deep voice — she was able to indulge in the luxury of a millionaire scam artist.

The theatrics behind the plight of White people, who commit high-brow crimes that never seem as serious based on the cavalier handling of the judicial system, and the media, is a very common occurrence that both infuriates and victimizes, when you consider that this level of coddling is never transferred to Black counterparts regardless of the crime.

Not too long ago, Hulu and streaming giant Netflix both unleashed their film versions about another scam artist, Billy McFarland, who became a household name when his highly-ambitious venture dissolved into quick sand, along with the capital from foolish investors, and the booking fees from hoodwinked Millennials, who were ready to party it up in a tropical paradise against the backdrop of a bedazzled blueprint of “Coachella” that didn’t exist.

The major takeaway from both offerings that were equally enlightening, was the glaring adulation of Whiteness in its purest form.

Billy McFarland was clearly an overly-pampered “whiz-kid,” who understood his limitless power as a young and energetic White male, who could get away with the worst offenses without suffering appropriate consequences.

He leveraged his good fortune for the benefit of concocting fantastical proposals that sounded appealing, and irresistibly current for the present era of “influencer culture” that surpasses anything the 80s could’ve manifested simply because of the pressurized cooker of social media, that propels engagers to take ownership of realities that are fundamentally out-of-reach.

His uncanny ability to persuade seasoned professionals to join his recklessly devised schemes, that were bound to end with the reassurance of how Whiteness can survive being unchallenged even when the perpetrator is holding the gallon of gasoline as the building burns around him, perfectly matches the nefarious trajectory of Elizabeth Holmes.

The striking young woman with the big blue eyes, bright red lips, and shiny blonde hair represents an aesthetic that is typically viewed through the lenses of global adulation, and when you couple that with the celebrated brilliance that converts into a potentially life-altering invention, the sky was the limit for the modern-day template of a Millennial superwoman who was White enough to fool her way into nationalized foolery.

The documentaries on Hulu and HBO, that have been produced with the assignment of capturing the essence of a criminal, who undoubtedly possessed the physical and mental characteristics of a well-manicured creep, seem to blame White womanhood and seductive charisma for the shameful way in which Holmes was feted by co-conspirators, despite the deafening alarms and vivid red flags that were hard to miss.

But what’s even more unbelievable, is how stardom has catapulted Holmes into a viral sensation, thanks to the intensity of media outlets, that are committed to maintaining her relevance in ways that disgustingly showcase the disease of White privilege and its supremacy.

Elizabeth Holmes is facing 11 criminal felony charges, and while that may not seem as severe as it sounds given this climate of nonchalance that was heightened by the arrival of a New York gangster, who is currently brutalizing the office of the presidency, we can’t downplay the fact that Theranos fucked with the lives of those who innocently believed they were getting dependable blood test results, and were distraught to discover they had been played.

Why are we being bombarded with personal updates about a wicked witch, who isn’t at all apologetic for the crimes she willingly committed, because of her inherent lack of humanness, and how that deadly item led to the unnecessary and volatile disruptiveness in the health sector, and in the homes of vulnerable citizens, who were tragically sold a boldface lie.

Why are bridal magazines featuring the future bride with an homage to how a cold-blooded criminal remarkably snagged a dashing young heir, and is presently spending the days leading up to her trial under the endorsement of high society, as she takes up residence in an opulent San Francisco apartment, making scheduled appearances at notable events.

Could it be the same exact same reason why Hollywood C-listers, Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, who made headlines for participating in the college scandal involving fraudulent transactions that were processed to guarantee entry of their offspring to Ivy League institutions, are enjoying splashy spreads in popular publications as they make court appearances for their white-collar crimes?

Jussie Smollett is still being vilified for charges that were abruptly dropped, but somehow the fact that he has been ceremoniously absolved of any wrongdoing is causing friction, particularly amongst conservatives, who along with their White nationalist leader in the White House, can’t seem to get over the intimidating factor of a young Black man’s thorough vindication and release from the jaws of the law.

And unsurprisingly, appetites never sour at the sight of White deplorables, who are packaged in the brand of feminism that automatically deflects from the stigma of societal demonization.

Imagine that Lori Loughlin shows up at the location of her court procedure, in high spirits, grinning from ear to ear, decked out in stylish apparel, and armed with enough shamelessness that permits signing of autographs and picture taking, despite facing charges that are abhorrent in nature with the likelihood of a jail sentence.

And it’s all caught on film and posted on high-traffic blogs, that are predictably up to the task of helping to normalize the privileges that White people weaponize when their criminal activities evolve into neutralized reporting, that is boosted by Insta-worthy lookbooks.

Instead of tackling the core issues which center around how the rich and famous are able to effortlessly purchase their way out of the requirements of a system that is rigged to oppress Black folks, while protecting the overall interests of White people, we are sadly focusing on how White villains navigate the cushiness that comes with balancing the high-end existence of privileged outlaws.

Even notorious drug offenders who happen to be children of A-listers, are able to be apprehended without bloody shootouts, and then shortly released with the mugshots that could serve as glamorized movie posters for future artistic endeavors.

The glorification of white-collar crimes or the serious shit that White folks do that would easily get Black people shot and killed by thuggish cops is proof of how and why White supremacy is the most valued currency in America.

The portrayal of the grittiness of “thug life” is always immersed in the imagery of the streets where violence dictates the lifespan of gangsters and those caught in the crossfires.

But we never consider the Hills where over-paid stars reside behind gates of landscaped mischief in the form of bribery and corruption, or the Valley, where empowered inventors hatch plans to drain more than blood with the stealth assistance of rich old White men, who are groomed never to question young White women with deep voices.

Life isn’t easy, but when you’re White and criminal, you may have shot at testing that theory.


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