Fyre Fest scammer: Billy McFarland

Why The Glorification of White-Collar Crimes Is The Disease of White Privilege and Its Supremacy

Ezinne Ukoha


When Elizabeth Holmes was formally charged with massive fraud ,and other criminal activities, after her revolutionary blood-testing startup, Theranos, that she created in 2014, was forced to shut down after damning evidence that proved beyond a doubt that operations weren’t yielding the results that billionaires had invested in — the assumption was that the disgraced 35-year-old would lay low and await her fate.

But the phenomenon surrounding the epic rise and disastrous fall of a privileged White woman, born into an elite D.C. family, who dropped out of Stanford, (we assume she got there based on merit), to initiate her dramatic takeover of Silicon Valley — has inevitably increased the celebrity and viability of a future felon.

Theranos scammer: “makeup free” Elizabeth Holmes

Holmes managed to merge the privileges of being White with the lethality of White feminism, for the benefit of being able to seamlessly dwell in the trickery of her delusions of grandeur, that never quite manifested based on the impossibility of achieving greatness with the mental shortcomings of a mad scientist.