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Why The First Lady and First Daughter Are A Match Made In White Heaven

Their purposed inactivity during national crisis is their legacy

It’s no secret that I have no love or admiration for the First Lady or First Daughter. I’ve been quite vocal about the reasons why they’re both on my lifetime shit list, and it has everything to do with how they use their privilege as a blanket, that absorbs the convenience of White feminism.

This badge of honor allows Melania Trump to be stoically silent as she watches her husband stumble his way through his diseased presidency, which wouldn’t be a crime except for the fact that he’s actually responsible for the deaths of innocent citizens caught in the web of a monstrous storm — as well as the inhumane treatment of migrant children, who are still separated from their parents.

Mrs. Trump has been hailed by liberal outlets like CNN and The New York Times, as a lovely mystery, who may actually be more of an ally than we give her credit for, because of her innate way of expressing herself through coding that confirms how much she hates her brutish husband for subjecting her to the embarrassing seizures of his exploits.

Apparently her wardrobe of choice when she finally decided to emerge from her shell, to do the job that she reluctantly accepted, was just another example of how she pokes fun at the distressing and disarmingly appalling methods of execution — that has become standard procedure for her husband’s recklessly callous regime.

And when all else fails, we have the explanation from White writers stationed at notable pubs, who have perfected the art of breaking down senseless situations that only they can comprehend.

Melania Trump isn’t the evil being that we witnessed back in 2011, when she was spouting out the same jargon that matched her husbands’s messaging, of how President Obama needed to be held accountable for his supposed refusal to honestly prove his birthplace.

She’s just a White women, who got caught up in the scheming mechanisms of a man that she married based on his net worth. Her unwillingness to stand up for humanity, and publicly reject this toxic administration’s mandate to punish Brown lives with cage imprisonment — and the refusal to provide adequate aid to victims of Hurricane Maria, is just a ploy to hide her true feelings and genuine concern.

What a load of shit!

Then we have Ivanka Trump, the prized daughter of the president, who was hustled into The White House, along with her hubby, Jared Kushner, to serve in a capacity that still hasn’t been verified, although the titles of “advisor” is still applicable to the over-indulged couple.

The First Daughter has also enjoyed an easy ride from the mainstream media, as her Whiteness allows her the benefit of the doubt, and the fabled treatment of how her familial connection to the Monster-in-Chief shouldn’t in any way demonize her status.

The Kushners, are praised for their expertise when it comes to laying low during the periods of national duress, in an effort to dodge questions that would position them in dangerous territory, as their reputation could be irrevocably ruined by their inability to provide adequate reasoning behind the shit show they’re helping to propel.

Ivanka Trump’s Whiteness and the privilege that’s automatically attached, helps to absolve her from the responsibilities that usually accompany her status.

And so the think pieces elevate her smarts, and the enviable bond that she shares with her father and husband, and how she’s able to hold her head high and above water, even as the man-baby that she’s charged with “advising” is working overtime to convert this country and Europe — into a landscape that resembles the lily-White temperament of his favorite domain in the world — Norway.

There’s even a recent entry by a reputable women’s outlet that wasted precious time trying to dissect theories of why The Kushners are no longer publicly affectionate, and how this drastic change in body language could be a sign of something that we should give a fuck about.

The reason why the First Lady and the First Daughter are a match made in heaven, is due to the fact that both women are righteously able to remain purposely inactive during a national crisis.

It’s so bad that even as Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, battles the ire of the sane women of America who don’t want to witness the erasure of Roe vs. Wade in their lifetime — both Melania and Ivanka are visibly absent from a conversation that absolutely requires their notable input.

And the stakes are even higher with the accusations from psychologist and professor of statistics at Palo Alto University, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who stepped forward with damning revelations of how Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982, during a house party, when she was fifteen and he was seventeen.

Kavanaugh vehemently denies the accusations.

Blasey Ford’s insertion in this process has shaken things up with the possibility that President’s Trump’s prized candidate for the Supreme Court, may have to step away from consideration based on his potentially blemished record.

The country is immersed in moral turmoil, as Republicans and the media outlets that cater to that particular way of thinking, relentlessly and desperately try to poke holes in Blasey Ford’s testimony, while Democrats stand by the woman who deserves to have the opportunity to be heard after waiting decades for this moment.

The set date of the hearing that will give Ford the opportunity to formally present her harrowing experience hovers with authority, as the debate rages on.

And as expected, the victim at the center of this mayhem is helplessly vulnerable to the deplorable assessment from detractors and naysayers, who are using their platform to thwart “the mission” to undermine the president’s controversial pick for a job that’s supposed to showcase a respectable and level-headed candidate.

NBC’s million-dollar woman, Megyn Kelly, who has enjoyed a lucrative career as the White woman who gets paid to shit all over Black people, expectedly had a disgusting monologue prepared for her failing morning show, as she played the White feminism card to “reasonably” unleash the other side of the equation.

Kelly created a scumbag reputation during her years at Fox News, where she viciously demeaned the Black community by downplaying the validity of Black Lives Matter, each time a Black life was subjected to systemic violence.

When Sandra Bland was found dead her cell, days after she was pulled over by a traffic cop, who proceeded to throw her out of her car, pummel her to the concrete ground, before tossing her into the vehicle that led her to her demise — Kelly’s summation of the injustice, was that Bland’s “angry Black woman” act ultimately sealed her fate.

There’s also the episode when Kelly used her privilege as the White woman who cares deeply about the White children of America, as the catalyst for her plea to Black children to stop believing in the fairytales that depict Jesus Christ and Santa Claus as Black folk heroes.

Her latest gem is another indication of how Megyn Kelly can seamlessly profit from her victimhood in the form of a starring role in an upcoming untitled film about the late Roger Ailes, the former big boss at Fox News. Kelly alleges that she was also a victim of his unwanted advances, and her appearance in the A-lister paradise will be dramatized by actress Charlize Theron.

And as she enjoys the rewards of her confession, it’s Interesting that Kelly decides to publicly shame a woman who bravely stepped forward to attest to an incident that deserves to be given the spotlight as it serves as the much-needed dealbreaker in a process that could make or break us.

But at least Kelly is offering her opinion, even if it’s an off-putting anti-feminist rant, it’s way more than what we’ve been able to amass from the two women who are intimately acquainted with the man who has turned The White House into a maggot infested hellhole.

Trump, managed to keep his mouth shut and maintain a neutral stance in the days after Christine Blasey Ford became the name on everyone’s lips, but he finally let it all hang out when recently he posted a series of tweets that essentially recalls how the president has a penchant for White men who share his tendency to behave very badly with zero consequences.

As conservatives pathetically strive to clear Kavanaugh’s name with maddening proposals of the possibility that the man who attacked Blasey Ford, could’ve been his lookalike as opposed to the man fighting to command the Supreme Court — we are still waiting with bated breath for responses from the two women who are cowardly silent.

One could argue that their reluctance to be vocal is attributed to the complications that will arise once their point of view is proven to differ greatly from the man that they’ve pledged allegiance to — and how that could create a heavy tension that would leave the nation — spellbound.

Or perhaps the decision to reject the right to intervene in the real-life drama of alleged sexual misconduct is both Melania and Ivanka’s way of demonstrating the fact that they don’t buy Blasey Ford’s story — and truly do see her as a vulture who is trying to destroy a White man, by taking away the one thing he wants the most — based on a bogus recollection of events that supposedly transpired over thirty years ago.

The collection of women in the session below, certainly aren’t holding back when it come to demonizing a victim, who dared to risk it all for the sake of personal healing, and the firm belief that time changes nothing when it comes to a harrowing experience, and how the residue persistently haunts.

It’s utterly disgusting to observe the nonchalance of the positioned women in an administration that’s headed by a nefarious character, who has a distinct lack of respect for women, that has been societally documented and publicly scorned by those of us with the blessing of a conscience.

All bets are off when it comes to the state-of-affairs of a country that’s basically at the edge of a precipice.

As Blasey Ford agrees to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee before the week ends, she’s undoubtedly stepping into unknown territory, with the knowledge that nothing will ever be the same.

That amount of pressure can easily challenge practiced resilience, and an unshakable spirit, and the hostile atmosphere heightened by the steadfast betrayal of powerful White men, who automatically see themselves in Kavanaugh’s plight.

And there’s no doubt that there are more White women with prominently placed hubbies, defiantly and loyally standing by their men with cautious prayers — that need to be answered with the hope that their families will be spared the hassle of a destructive blast from the past.

The First Lady and First Daughter, pretty much know their place, and have evidently accepted the honor of carving out a legacy that will crucify them for the blatant disregard for what is fundamentally moral and just, in favor of retaining their position in the eyes of a demon.

White feminism is entrenched in the philosophy of never having to get your hands dirty during turbulent times, even when those emergencies surpass the instinct to dodge the mudslinging and treacherous terrain. White women can lodge safely on the sidelines, and amass credit for their spotless frocks, after shit simmers down.

Just because mainstream media prefers to reserve the sanctity of Melania and Ivanka, doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to follow suit, by pretending that their loud silence on issues that should rouse up their innate sense of womanhood — is normal or even ethical.

They’re both a match made in White heaven, which by the way does exist, in case you’re confused. The only requirement for entry is the ability to stay White enough to not be stained by the pit of activism.

And of course your familial ties to President Trump is the only qualifier.


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