Why The English Language Is An Overrated Form of White Supremacy

Ezinne Ukoha
8 min readJan 29, 2019

Just the other day, my mother was threatening to once again force me to relearn the fluency of my mother tongue, because she and her friends were discussing the fear that speaking Igbo was going to eventually stop being the norm.

The later generation of kids, who moved away from our shithole country and successfully assimilated into the lesser vibrant culture that offers English as the non-negotiable, are more likely to replace the language they were born to speak with the language they were forced to claim as the mode of survival.

The recent headlines from all over world, particularly in Europe, are indicating a major shift towards White nationalism, and one gets the feeling that Darth Vader /Trump’s former Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon — has definitely hit his stride with the ambitious quest to spread the diseased messaging of the urgency for traditionally “White countries” to strive to do everything possible to protect the sovereignty of purity.

Your president definitely registers under the banner of White supremacy, and his blatancy on that topic is both jarring and extremely dangerous.

The GOP has resigned itself to the description as an endearingly racist party, and this is demonstrated in the deafening silence, that accompanied historically tragic events like the White supremacists violently seizing Charlottesville, and their supreme leader praising the rioters as “very fine people.”

There’s also the systemic demonizing of vulnerable ethnic groups with damaging labels that reek of stereotypical jargon. While he was reveling in the shitfest that he created out of the 2016 presidential elections, where he inappropriately trolled his running mate Hillary Clinton without pushback — Trump was also diligently laying down the foundation for his incoming toxic administration.