Look what happens when I enter “the dark side of the force!”

Why The Dove Ad Is A Lot Worse Than It Seems

By now, you must’ve heard that Dove, the cosmetic brand under the larger umbrella of Unilever — that services both the U.S. and the U.K. — is currently battling the consequences of an ill-conceived ad — that was meant to prove the badge of Whiteness against the dirtiness of color.

Black soap makes you look like this
Vintage proof of Dove’s washing powers for that “lily white” clean that leaves you “creamy”
White is tres blanc!

This is why an ad featuring a Black woman becoming a White prototype is akin to a horror flick that gets way too personal.

The mixture of Get Out and Single White Female was depicted in my realm, but the notion that it’s acceptable to openly Whitewash palettes — in order to retain the norm that’s always been challenged and defeated — gives the impression that Whitewashing will never fail to lather up.

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