When monsters collide — shit gets crazy!

Why The Crazy World of Righteously Indignant White Men Is The Official Anthem of America

Against the backdrop of a ravaged nation that has been tossed around by the endorsed freakness of Mother Nature — and the general temperance of a leader who is mad as hell that he won the honor of an office he never deserved — there is the debate about kneeling and activism.

There’s also the disturbance of very badly behaved White men — who have earned the right to be naughty in public — through the statutes that have made this so.

These are crazy times, but what makes them crazier is the fact that White privilege is on full display in ways that are tiresomely off-putting.

Look, it’s not a secret that the system was rigged to ensure that the justice system takes extended breaks when it comes to the way Black people are mistreated — under the guidance of White men in uniforms who can’t end the tradition of needless torture — even when statistics don’t lie.

If you want to handle the truth — pretend this poster is new

The truth of the matter is that only wealthy people have money and time to waste. There’s no sense of urgency unless the stock market hesitates for a second to assuage the fears of money managers — who depend on patented thievery to stay out of prison.

My days working at the one of the most prestigious financial firms in the country — exposed me to the world of privileged excess — situated where mortgage deals are rehashed for the benefit of sketched out portfolios — that are perfected at the expense of everyday Americans who aren’t #Great enough to escape the trap of desperation.

The fact that Donald Trump eventually became the president and that almost a year ago — we were in a position that gifted us with the power to choose our fate — is very easy to believe.

In the real world — we have to swear-in a Black man as president — only if he’s too fucking good to be true. He can’t just be an honorable gentleman with the brains of a rabid scholar — he also has to possess an acutely charismatic disposition that subs as a reflex shield to protect him from the shit White men fling around for territorial reasons.

He looked like a movie star and it was really hard for detractors to get past that

In the White world — anything will do — as long as the mission of repairing a broken nation that has become “too diverse” for comfort is accomplished — through the aid of scheming men with enough power to convince lost souls that they aren’t worth saving.

This is the photo from Time Magazine that features Americans that still owe White America their lives

White people gave us Donald Trump — with all the shittiness that kept him popular in New York and in circles where dollar bills are funded. His victory was a societal coup as the power of Whiteness began the cleansing process — under the glare of horrified spectators who truly believed that America was great. Again.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is a well-respected author and speaker of all things that pertain to the strain of race relations — and why the fundamentality of Black versus White is a ludicrous analysis when you consider the reasons why blood had to build the cities White folks enjoy with unabashed diligence.

How many strokes did it take to build Martha’s Vineyard?

His delivery isn’t easy to digest and there is always debate about how to receive his latest and greatest, but whether or not you’re on his side — can’t override how his power is conducting the conversations that we thought ended when the First Family was a Black family .

We know that White men who are natural douchebags with heightened disdain for working-class Americans — particularly The Blacks and Brown people who pathetically can’t earn their right as Americans due to “pigment issues” — have the authority to devalue our existence at the expense of our expendable lives.

Vice President Mike Pence and his angelic wife Karen, are both able to attend a football game with the mission of reducing America’s cherished past time into a national spectacle of pettiness — real Americans hold out hope for the return of basic amenities on a an island that has been tragically castaway.

This is what happens when you’re not a “White” American

President Trump is able to bring his fashionably-inclined bot to kid-proofed areas of natural disaster — as directors try to ensure a sharable reel, but end up engulfed in the madness of a king — who hates to see land being wasted under the stupidity of indigenes who are too brown for their own good.

White people love America more?

White males are able to shell out heart-tugging essays that beg us to give White males with carless tendencies a break — because of how hard it is for them to adjust to being “over-the-hill” — at a time when such a thing is a challenge. Couple that with the “8 years of Obama” that undoubtedly took a toll on White middle-aged men who are decent compatriots until the threat of extinction rears its ugly head.

White men can carry bamboo-styled torches in the middle of the night like weak-minded vampires and this soulless exercise is described as “marching” as if there is some form of protest involved.

White guys are allowed to “lose their shit” because “shit happens” to the best of us and that population happens to encompass only White men — who can’t see past their transferable privilege.

White male athletes can visit foreign countries and blatantly lie to protect their asses by relying on standardized stereotypes that can make fabricated stories— sound authentic. The youthfulness of thirty-something “bad boys” is a White affair that no Black teenager can attest to because they’re too busy proving why their immaturity at twelve should save their lives.

“Okay, look, I know I’m wrong, but I’m White!”

A White man who meticulously staged the perfect crime by checking into a hotel with the view that would stun us all the following morning is currently enjoying the status of what he was — before he faltered.

The massacre of innocent lives and the injured parties that are stationed at all corners of our map — is given the respectability that people of color can’t garner once they’re targeted for “living while Black.”

Check out the general sentiment for Stephen Paddock who killed over fifty Americans and injured hundreds more:

He was the every “White” man who is inherently good — until “diversity” poses a risk

Now, compare that glowing recommendation against the subdued report of a young Black woman in her twenties, who was headed to work and happened to be pulled over by a State Trooper — who was too White to accommodate a Black woman, and her impatience for White men — who are too righteous to be put in their place.

Her “wokeness” killed her. It also reduced her to the punchline that remarkably has more than enough juice — after centuries of non-stop usage:

She was branded a criminal because she knew a White man would most likely kill her

The national anthem isn’t the verses — causing all this trouble and turning White men into multiplied Scrooges who don’t want the responsibility of paying for the sins of their fathers.

The national anthem is the homage to White men who can mock other Americans — as long as they prove how un-American they are — based on debts and the misfortune of being disabled by the fury of weather tantrums.

The mayor of Puerto Rico has been gutted by FEMA and other organizations that are run by White men — who can’t stand being scrutinized by the poorer parts of the country — that are too uncivilized to conceive the brilliance of whiteness.

The anthem of America is currently in “draft” so it can become anything at any moment. The fight to keep White men out and Black men in — is something that the pleasantly horror flick Get Outillustrates with biblical precision.

The horror of seduced content that holds no truth and the president who loves being the “most hated man in the world” — so much that he will work hard to retain that title at all cost — in order to coerce Americans into the bloodshed of being #WhiteAgain.

We can’t kneel to an anthem that is devised for our removal from anything that resembles — life.

We can’t pretend that White people don’t suck — with their incoherently manufactured leader and the mechanism that is designed to give them breathing space — while the rest of us suffocate under the weight of Americans — who stole their nationalism with the brutality of privilege.

This world is crazy as fuck and we have White men and the Whiteness that separates criminals from the criminalized as the sanctity of hope that will overcome the blandness — once White becomes the America that Puerto Rico deserved back when White was life.

One day soon, we will all get to live as Americans — blackness and all…

In the meantime — this is how White guys who use their power to fuck around until White women have had enough — choose to endure the burden of unmasked Whiteness:

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