Truth be told, he looks a little unwell…Photo: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Why The Coronavirus May Kaput Trump

The pandemic of our lifetime is roaring full speed ahead. And as the staggering data from around the world continues to close in on us, Americans also have to contend with President Trump’s alarmingly tone-deaf narrative about how “perfect” everything is, and why our historically robust economy will buy our way out of the worst case scenario.

Of course any sane human being who possesses even a flicker of common sense and minimal interest in world affairs and domestic issues already knows that not only are things getting steadily worse, but the forecast for the future is scarily uncertain.

There’s nothing more aggravating than residing in a leaderless nation, particularly when shit finally hits the fan.

The Trump years have been both terrorizing and traitorously revealing from the standpoint of the deadliness of white supremacy, and how we were punished with a disorderly white male, who had no business running for the once-illustrious office that he was determined to permanently deface.

A former reality TV star, who likes to throw his weight around and push as many buttons as possible for the enjoyment of measuring how much he can get away with based on his unearned privilege.

When he managed to escape the possibility of impeachment after that disastrous stint in Helsinki when he boastfully sang the praises of Putin and grossly denounced his own intelligence agencies, he later took things even further with that “perfect” call with Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky.

That disgraceful call was far from perfect.

Despite the glaring discrepancies that revolved around the reprehensible actions of a sitting president, who had the audacity to risk our national security by coercing a foreign leader to interfere in our democracy in order to secure a second term, Donald Trump and his cult members willfully downplayed his criminality.

Trump was eventually impeached, and while that will be a large stain on his polluted legacy, the fact that he was cleared of wrong doing by the GOP is the frightening reality that will haunt this administration right out of The White House.

The only reason why we have the bullish oaf straddling The Oval Office, fucking up everything in sight, including the latest national health crisis that has so far been mishandled, as a a result of the epic incompetence on display, is due to America’s obsession with preserving the lineage of white power.

Based on that premise, and the remaining contenders for the ongoing presidential race, it will clearly take another white man, with a good head on his shoulders and the endorsed viability that confirms basic decorum and resume of proficiency to beat the white male who was elected to kill us.

It appears that our savior this time will be former Vice President Joe Biden, and whether or not he’s outfitted with the necessary requirements to successfully defeat the virus with no cure remains to be seen.

No, not the coronavirus.

Although this timely pandemic is not only threatening lives, it’s also extending its venom to the Trump presidency.

There’s no question that Donald Trump will be recorded as the worst president to ever smugly take the oath of office. But he may also add another shitty achievement as the only one to be destroyed by a special kind of foe, spearheaded by the sweet irony of complicated combativeness of biblical proportions.

We are scared beyond belief.

At a time when emotions and panic levels are at an all-time high with the hourly updates that do very little to assuage our fears, we desperately deserve strong leadership, coupled with the due diligence of a dependable administration that’s committed to the responsibility of calming and informing a wary nation.

Instead we are served the nagging reminder of the sudden loss of daily press briefings, due to the disappearing act of the so-called press secretary, who cowardly cowers behind the keyboard as a Twitter troll on behalf of her mobster boss. And when she takes breaks, she heads over to her equally disruptive tribe at Fox News.

Vice President Mike Pence is a live prop, who barely understands what’s happening around him, and prefers to allow God to take the wheel of an out-of-control vehicle.

And President Trump is as idiotic as ever, spewing out nonsensical jargon, and expectedly showcasing his baffling shortcomings at every turn.

This harrowing period of the coronavirus has definitely reiterated the main reasons why we as Americans can’t afford to accommodate the horrors of this toxic administration for another four years.

This relentlessly hostile pandemic is going to kaput Trump, and if it doesn’t we are certainly going to perish.

It’s really that simple.

We have to swap the white supremacist with a leader who is ready to fumigate an unrecognizably dire state of our union.

And maybe he will have the much-needed assistance of a stoically passionate woman of color for the added boost.

Who knows!

What we can verify is that we’ve spent enough time as tax paying and law abiding citizens being unfairly assaulted by the cowardice of Trump and his sick cult following.

The booming economy isn’t doing shit to keep most struggling households afloat, and on top of that we have an unhinged parasite at the seat of absolute power, berating the collective for daring to whine about what seems like the end of existence as we know it.

Nah, it’s not going down like that.

Fear and loathing and the in-betweens will not stand for this. And that means Trump’s presidency may not survive the intense scrutiny that will convict the recklessness and unforgivable stupidity that ultimately put our lives at risk.

I think we can see the sliver of hope that signals the time out for the waste of space who occupied what he couldn’t afford to inhabit on a good day.

Coronavirus +Trump = Kaput!

And for those of you who feel empathy for our embattled Commander-in-Chief, please crowd him with hugs why don’t you!

You have our permission. Plus, he’s “perfect” enough to take it.

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