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Why The Casualties of Covid-19 Are Dying From Another Disease

We are on the brink of a guaranteed catastrophe, thanks to the ongoing nightmare of a global pandemic, that could’ve been defeated accordingly if not for the nefarious motives of a toxic administration, that will go down in history for its damning contribution to this season of death.

Donald Trump and his henchmen at The White House and so-called media outfits like Fox News, worked overtime to reduce the real threats of the coronavirus to a political hoax, staged by the “radical left,” who are desperate to derail efforts to reelect the worst president ever to occupy The Oval Office

By the time the deadliness of Covid-19 was finally taken seriously, due to the wrath of a mysterious virus, fast and furiously making its way across the country, the worst was already happening with skyrocketing numbers of new cases and somber data to support the inevitable.

And as summer 2020 winds down, and a new school year beckons, a weary nation braces for the unknown, amidst the bullish mandate from the Trump administration and goonies like Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos that promises to cut federal funding from institutions that dare to follow CDC guidelines.

To make matters worse, the political back-and-forth pitting Republicans and Democrats against each other in a busted attempt to provide jobless Americans with a second stimulus package, that should’ve been delivered way before the extra $600 ran out, is further proof of how needy Americans are punished for their dire statuses.

Wealthy political officials like Steve Mnuchin, who is worth a whopping $300 million can afford to be tone-deaf, and blissfully unaware about the utter desperation of calculating how to maintain a household with a modest bank account that’s rapidly depleting.

The heightened hysteria around a deadly virus that has gotten deadlier with a death count surpassing 160,000 is the code red of our current existence.

Couple that with the embattled job market, that doesn’t feature the blooming opportunities that clueless members of the Trump administration claim are waiting to be assigned, and you have a catastrophic series of events that can understandably lead to physical and mental challenges derived from grappling with insurmountable stress.

We hear about infected patients, young and old, tragically succumbing to the symptoms of Covid-19, as the numbers steadily rise in hot spots across the country, but we also can’t dismiss the other casualties of this unprecedented emergency, who are dying from another kind of disease.

The subject of mental health and the illness that’s too complicated to be simplified for the weaponizing that formulates stereotypes, about how to recognize the “madness” in someone who exhibits behavior that typically qualifies, has been inexplicably missing from the national conversation of recommended survival tactics.

Actress Taraji P. Henson has graciously setup a homepage for her nonprofit organization, The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, with the immediate goal of uplifting the spirits of the African-American community, by providing resources for those suffering in silence, due to the stigma attached to mental illness.

A host of influencers and lifestyle gurus are maximizing their massive platforms for the betterment of less-fortunate followers, who aren’t sequestered in ideal settings, when you consider the precariousness of daily living, that involves waiting for financial assistance that may never come — and the agonizing fear of how much worse things will get.

But as we know, the onset of depression can take a morbidly darker turn without any warning, when bad days slap you harder than ever before, and suddenly you’re spinning out of control without the much-needed lifeline that you can’t bring yourself to accept.

As a sufferer, I’m positive that my savior has been the blessing of not being completely alone, even though they are times that I would give just about anything to return to an empty apartment.

When demons take formation, the attack is thwarted by the fact that I have to answer to those around me, and while I can acknowledge my success thus far, I know why the unpredictability of my condition can’t be casually downplayed.

The high sensitivity around mental illness comes from being acutely defensive whenever media outlets continue the long-held tradition of overtly shaming celebrities, who are clearly going through rough times in full view of the public.

We’ve witnessed it with Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and we are seeing it now with Kanye West, and the unraveling of a mastermind, who has the luxury of constructing an alternate universe that doesn’t belong in the breaking news section.

About two months ago, a well-known TV writer, who boasted an enviable trajectory with solid imprint on popular shows, unexpectedly passed away. The unbearable loss was the brutal reminder of the pain and suffering Covid-19 is exacting on those who were managing life-threatening symptoms long before this nightmare began.

Social media is the landscape of performative dysfunction that never ceases to rely on extremes, which means that we are engaging at our own risk.

The addiction to be seen and heard is a shared condition that often times results in chaotic episodes, and it’s for that reason that some of us opt to stay offline when afflicted with mood swings that won’t let up.

But whenever users tweet about how dangerously close they are to the edge, my heart skips a beat as I visualize all too well what those harrowing ordeals are like, especially when being alone is no longer the preferred mode of safe functioning.

Just the other day, a Black woman creative, an incredibly talented artist with a tumultous track record that has ultimately worked against her, in ways that might seem fair to detractors, but for me, it’s never conveniently black and white — deposited an alarming Instagram post that swiftly went viral.

The themes of the message alluded to her personal woes, and the overwhelming need to take drastic measures to permanently escape what can’t be rectified.

Media outlets shamelessly turned her cry for help into tabloid fodder with screen grabs of the Insta-story competitively aligned with attention-grabbing headlines, and the generic blurbs that achieved nothing outside of capitalizing on the real life terror of a human being.

At the end of the day, none of us are immune to the emotional toll of the stressfulness attached to insanely demanding schedules, and the 9 to 5 grind that leaves very little room to refresh before the alarm clock rings in a new day.

But these present times are unforgivably cruel in nature, and while some are able to effortlessly transition into the “new normal” without much impact, there’s huge swaths of the population, who are trying with all their might to convince themselves that staying alive is the better alternative.

Living in the time of Covid-19 has become a costlier endeavor than most anticipated for obvious reasons, and the consequences of enduring a hostile climate that literally forces you to lose your mind, if you’re stuck in a helpless situation can unearth destructive tendencies.

Mental illness is a public health crisis that should be taken as seriously as any other illness with life-altering symptoms, especially during a global pandemic, that forces the mandate of staying indoors, which can be a tormenting experience, depending on the situation unfolding without an audience.

There should be more of an active stance by mental health professionals on behalf of the population of sufferers, who don’t deserve the added upset of joblessness, homelessness and the lack of federal funds to ease a lot of the burden.

If there was ever a time to restore the narrative around mental health with the recognition of how and why lifesaving measures must be applied in the form of tangible assistance, that’s readily accessible to the grossly neglected — this would be it.

The long-range ramifications of Covid-19 will take a long time to tally, but in the meantime, there are lives at stake, and it goes beyond temperature checks.

These pre-existing conditions are manifesting into the infection that won’t go away with shots of a vaccine.

It’s time to respect why mental illness is the disease without a cure, and make this national crisis the crusade of this new era.

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