She’s bad to the bone, but it’s worth it!

Why The Brutal Shaming of Azealia Banks Is Assholish and Unfair

I like Azealia Banks. Her feistiness propels her catalog of remarkable tracks and also exposes the level of talent that bursts through her vibrant performances in video and on stage.

The one in the middle
Iggy Azalea paid a lot for this
Kylie bought her lips and ass and a black man too!
Janet Jackson had Poetic Justice braids, so…

I think that the shaming of Azealia Banks is assholish and unfair.

Yes, she has a tendency to evaporate her feels so that none of us have a chance to really dig what she’s saying. But it’s time to get over that shit. A lot of what “The Most Hated Black Woman in America” has to say is right on point and maybe that’s why Black men detest her black ass so much.

Ill Na Na!

She’s in pain. She’s always been in pain and that sensation is absolutely inexcusable when it’s released without warning.

But, if White women can throw public tantrums and still rely on men of all shades to defend them to the end — then maybe we can allow the Extremely Loud Black Bitches some breathing space.

We ignore Venus Williams because she’s not Serena. And we stomp on Azealia Banks because of her foulness and how it doesn’t mask the truth. We hate her unfiltered bits for attention. We berate her headiness and wish she could be tamer so that the Black men she wished she could rely on — will have an easier time fucking her over — endlessly.

“The black men” — what does that mean and who are they?

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