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She’s bad to the bone, but it’s worth it!

Why The Brutal Shaming of Azealia Banks Is Assholish and Unfair

I like Azealia Banks. Her feistiness propels her catalog of remarkable tracks and also exposes the level of talent that bursts through her vibrant performances in video and on stage.

She gets into trouble often and when she does I have no choice but to defend her. I did it here. And also — here.

If you want a cheat sheet on list of celebs that have fallen prey to lethal tongue of the Harlem-bred artist — you can head over here.

Of course the one out of the bunch that especially makes my blood boil — is the on again/off again battle of wills between Azealia and Azalea.

The two young women have been locked in a feud that has spanned over two years — although there was an announcement this past summer that seemed to indicate a potential truce.

The impending collaboration most likely won’t happen because sometimes bad blood never regresses its stench. However it’s worth noting that if I were Azealia Banks — forced to share the vast landscape of my chosen genre with — a White Australian lass — sporting a swollen ass and inflated pout — I would lose my shit too.

That’s exactly why I was #TeamAzealia when she instructed the White woman that Black men in an industry that is known for it’s potent misogyny and radical homophobia — to quickly have several seats.

The rise of Iggy Azelea is a fairytale that you can access online in minutes. The long and short of it is that Amethyst Amelia Kelly — decided to conquer a world mostly reserved for the scribes of the hard cold street.

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The one in the middle

I’m not an expert when it comes to the blueprint of rap— but it’s quite apparent that in order to make it as a female rapper — you have to play the game — armed with the pricey assets that define the tempo of twerking with the shiny tresses shagging against whitened shoulders.

Iggy Azelea is the personification of white privilege in its purest form. She is a White woman who is more than eager to be a Black woman — as long as she has the coins to show for such ambition — as well as the investment of Black men who can’t ever resist the Whiteness of women in need.

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Iggy Azalea paid a lot for this

It’s indescribably assaulting to watch White people rape a culture that they can’t even bother to respect long enough to keep the oppressed alive.

The Kardashian women are decked out in features that were manufactured for their accessibility to the types of men that want Black women that sorta look White, but are thankfully exotic enough to provide the best of both worlds.

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Kylie bought her lips and ass and a black man too!

The flaunting of such a disposition is excruciating to behold — especially when the pixels magnify the slightly darkened hues — and the hips that sway in recognition of what it feels like to never have to pay for a crime against the population you stole from.

Azealia Amanda Banks hasn’t had an easy life.

I was curious about her some years ago — and so I did the research. Her father died of pancreatic cancer when she was two — so she barely knew the guy. Her mother allegedly raised three daughters with an iron hand — to the point of physical and mental abuse.

Banks finally left home at the age of fourteen and camped out at with her older sister. She was the youngest — and clearly the chaos of her early life — had to find a way to creatively manifest.

As a victim of sexual assault at very young age — I was forced to initiate an outlet for the shock and confusion. Writing became the life-saving vice and that is still applicable today. But every now and then — I find myself succumbing to the triggers that recall how much I endured at a time when I wasn’t able to fight back.

Azealia Banks is fighting back and I want her to win just as badly as you want her to lose.

Back in 2015 — Banks ruffled feathers when she flat out confirmed her unwillingness to date Black men. XXL — a hip-hop pub — was one of many to rail against the “Ice Princess” in her quest to “whine” about the fact that “Black men in the entertainment industry never defend her when she suffers publicly.”

Her tweets caught the attention of some rapper name Wale — and he proceeded to shame Banks — as most Black men love to do with the applause of a wired audience.

“we are all terrified of you . Public embarrassment is a real fear . U prolly have thousands of pple scared to say anything 2u.”

In true fashion — Banks responded like the lioness protecting the heart nobody else seems to give a fuck about:

“As you should be! With that said, I am a VERY generous woman. I share with everyone I come into contact with.”

Wale then gave the ultimate zinger with a cowardly comeback that did very little to discredit the claim Banks has always made against Black men — who view Black women that look Black — as black enough to accommodate insults and the stony treatment — that convinces us why chivalry is dead when we can’t pass the test of lightness.

“U completely harlem shaked thru all my points @AZEALIABANKS. THAT behavior COULD be worrisome to SOME black men,”

Black men have a history of abuse against Azealia Banks. They mock her brassiness and challenge her ability to hold her own against the bullets — that pummel her fight to be all she should be with the glory of her artistry.

Earlier this year — when the Oliver Twist of rap — French Montana — proceeded to call out a young Black girl on Twitter by degrading her “nappiness” after she rightfully questioned his relevance — it was mostly Black men that endorsed the notion of a non-Black man reducing one of their own to a slave term.

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Janet Jackson had Poetic Justice braids, so…

Black women are not allowed to be righteously vulgar like Madonna or complexly delicious like all the non-Black women or men that have permission to be recklessly genius — as humans deserve to be.

Now, there is a new foe in the mix and this time the dramatics are heightened because the new chick is the flavor of the moment. Her name is Cardi B and she’s a Bronx-raised rapper who recently made great strides — by garnering the spot of the Billboard charts and ultimately joining forces with the iconic Lauryn Hill — as the only two female rappers to hit №1 — as a solo act.

I listened to Bodak Yellow because I needed to defend the fact that Cardi B and Lauryn Hill were being mentioned in the same sentence. It turns out that there was cause to panic — the hit single basically plays like anything else you would hear from a passing car full of teenagers.

Banks actually likes the track as depicted in the comeback from her newly-minted nemesis — who received the wrath of a woman scorned. The two New York natives went at it in the social arena that breeds more much from where that came from.

Azealia said this:

“I’m sorry. Black industry men are too hype for this Latina girl I’ve never seen them jump like this for Remy (Ma) or Nicki (Minaj).” “Spinning this ‘for the culture’ story when they are simply letting white men at Atlantic buy them into hating their own women… I wanted spicy Latina and she gave me poor mans Nicki.”

Cardi posted this:

As you can imagine all hell broke loose — as most of you memed your elation that the ordained heiress thwarted the tentacles of a much-hated cyborg — who is talented as fuck but can’t seem to get out of her own damn way.

Luckily there were a few brave hearts in her corner:

I think that the shaming of Azealia Banks is assholish and unfair.

Yes, she has a tendency to evaporate her feels so that none of us have a chance to really dig what she’s saying. But it’s time to get over that shit. A lot of what “The Most Hated Black Woman in America” has to say is right on point and maybe that’s why Black men detest her black ass so much.

There is a systemized code in place that renders dark-skinned Black women vulnerable to the elements that were designed to shame our likeness. Famous Black men from the sixties to present have never failed to give the middle finger to a future with a Lupita Nyong’o prototype.

I think of Foxy Brown and how dope she was and yet there was the road block around her darkness and how that bled out. Like Banks, she was a woman with smarts and the verses to boot — and she was acutely aware of her assets, which she bargained with in exchange for the credits she earned.

Foxy Brown was criminalized and slaughtered by those that were meant to receive her — regardless of her qualms. Black guys who rap — are afforded more than their share — I mean look at Dr. Dre for Christ’s sakes. The famed California rapper and producer has gotten away with vile acts against the women that fought back much later.

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Ill Na Na!

My point is that Azealia Banks is the Black bitch that we love to fuck with because she’s dark, with a big mouth, and a temperament that is borderline iffy. We have no issue cursing her out for cursing those she’s targeted for relief.

She’s in pain. She’s always been in pain and that sensation is absolutely inexcusable when it’s released without warning.

But, if White women can throw public tantrums and still rely on men of all shades to defend them to the end — then maybe we can allow the Extremely Loud Black Bitches some breathing space.

If Banks looked like Cardi — there would simply be no “Cardi B of 2017.”

That’s correct. If Banks were light enough to make Beyonce nervous and the Beyhive disrupted — she would be on a higher plateau. There is nothing hotter than White women with Black blood and Black women with light-haired pussies — spouting out the passwords for entry into a venue that Black men dominate with the authority of descendants that perished in vain.

When #BlackGirlMagic only admits the trends while ignoring those who actually fight tooth and nail for their privilege — it’s hard to maintain decorum during the phase of hypocrisy.

We ignore Venus Williams because she’s not Serena. And we stomp on Azealia Banks because of her foulness and how it doesn’t mask the truth. We hate her unfiltered bits for attention. We berate her headiness and wish she could be tamer so that the Black men she wished she could rely on — will have an easier time fucking her over — endlessly.

“The black men” — what does that mean and who are they?

They’re the ones that see it fit to give Iggy Azelea the chance to make Azealia Banks miserable for being kickass in an industry that shuns her — while uplifting the version that can’t even compare to the basement mixes that still inspire.

Yes, she’s beyond reasoning with and I won’t deny that her tone can be off-putting to the point of permanent disconnection. But, she’s Black like me and I won’t discard her. I won’t admit that I like Cardi B because I don’t. Banks is a much more porous artist with the stamina of a survivor who looses her shit enough times to warrant the empathy from those of us who can relate.

If White women can have mini-breakdowns as often as can be mustered — then Black women with gorgeous faces, original templates — and the restlessness of Millennials who use their bullhorns for validation — should be able to tell Black men in the view of their disconnect to fuck off — while also dragging the women that get all the luck at the expense Black beauties — stuck in motion.

When we are an assholes — you like it, and that’s not fair.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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