A cop is filmed physically assaulting a Black girl at a Florida high school

Why The Brutal Policing Of Black Children Is Domestic Terrorism

2021 is still in its beginning stages and already our timelines are littered with graphic images of police brutality. This time it’s the sober reminder of how Black students are easy targets of dangerous encounters with hired militarized reinforcements, that wield a threatening presence with the approval of traitorous school officials.

It’s no secret that Black students, regardless of age and stature are more prone to the violence of disciplinary measures, that almost always never match the “crime” committed by impressionable kids, who never have to gawk at the slam dunk of a white counterpart by a badged thug without mercy.

Headlines come and go, and eventually blend into familiarized calls for justice after viral footage of yet another Black girl being brutally overpowered by a wrathful police officer makes the rounds, before disappearing into the abyss.

But some of us can’t forget the little Black girl, with a tear-stained face and the haunting look in her eyes, illustrating the trauma of experiencing cold, metal handcuffs on her tiny hands, courtesy of a rogue cop who was summoned to arrest a Black child throwing a temper tantrum in her classroom.

Imagine that we’re living in a country where adult white males are permitted to commit offenses that should land them in prison, including a white supremacist, with the title of “president” who incited white terrorism at the Capitol, but won’t be convicted for his acts of treason — and yet, Black children across America are in danger of being tossed at the backseat of a police car and booked at a station for simply acting their age.

Remember Chikesia Clemons?

She’s the twenty-five-year-old Black woman, who became a viral victim of blatant racism by a white manager at a local Waffle House, who called a gang of uniformed white men with guns to rescue her from the ire of two Black patrons, who had an issue with the being charged for extra utensils.

The footage of the beat down of a defenseless, unarmed Black woman on the floor of a popular eatery, featuring a bunch of white savages, who were on the verge of tearing off the victim’s dress, as she desperately held on to it, screaming for her life, was captured by captivated onlookers, who couldn’t wait to share their prize of the day.

Saraland Police Department reviewed the incriminating evidence and released a statement that praised the actions of the white police officers, who violently assaulted a young Black woman for reasons that still remain a mystery, and weeks later Chikesia Clemons was charged for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

This was in 2018, a couple of years later, a jury found Clemons not guilty for the ludicrous charges she fought to dismiss, and she has since filed a lawsuit against Saraland Waffle House, citing “unlawful discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution, and abuse of process.”

Black boys can mistakenly get lost on their way to school and wander off into a neighborhood of white people, who let out screams when they open the door and see a helpless, lost and scared child, who just wants to get directions back to his neighborhood, but ends up running for his life, from bullets aimed at his direction by the white man of the house.

The system will negligently award custody of five children of color to two white women with documented histories of abuse and mental instability, with minimal attempts to keep tabs on a turbulent household, that forces Black and Brown prisoners to knock on doors begging for food, with visible evidence of starvation and suffering written all over their bodies.

Of course the horrific ending of those poor children, who were drugged and fastened to the seats of a jeep that that was driven off a high cliff by murderous “parents,” who hatched the cowardly exit with deadly vengeance, is just another cautionary tale that warns against dismissing warning signs of potential harm by the privilege of whiteness that tragically gets the benefit of the doubt.

But let’s get back to the illegal policing of Black children and highlight the latest viral video featuring the usual suspect, a white cop, prowling assigned school halls with the fancy title of “School Resource Officer,” who was filmed brutishly slamming a Black girl against the concrete ground of Liberty High School in Osceola, FL.

The most hurtful part of the clip is the monstrous way in which this white cop manhandles a Black body with such force that you can actually hear the skull hitting the concrete, and witness the onset of unconsciousness take over the powerless victim.

As usual, media outlets add to the dehumanization of a Black girl, who was viciously attacked by a predator, physically bigger and stronger than his target, by referring to the victim as the “female student.” This immediately diminishes the fact that this was Black minor in high school, and not a full grown adult, who still shouldn’t be subjected to acts of violence, when there’s no threatening stance.

The Sheriff’s Department had no choice but to respond to the online furor from the viral clip, with a spokesperson claiming that an activated investigation is ongoing, while adding that the student was being subdued by the overly-aggressive cop because she was in the process of starting a fight.

For too long, the mandate has permitted the willfulness of badged and armed officers stationed at schools that are populated with predominately Black and Brown students, who are the most vulnerable to systemic violence, to freely weaponize the power they wield with the full support of a biased judicial system without issue.

But how many disturbing videos containing triggering content of out-of-control cops brutalizing the bodies of white boys and girls on school premises have we been privy to?

According to analyzed data tracked by Education Week Research Center:

Additionally, based on the civil rights data gathered by the U.S. Department of Education back in 2014:

There’s plenty more damning evidence that points to how Black students across the country are arrested at rates substantially higher than white students, with Black boys bearing the brunt of systemic abuse in classrooms, while Black girls suffer a little less, but still a lot worse than white girls in similar settings.

We can’t downplay how the system was set up to demonize Black children even before they reach their teenage years, and this includes punishment for donning ethnic hairstyles that results in being extracted from class and sent home in humiliation or even suspension.

Domestic terrorism can’t just be regulated to Islamic militants, who’ve succeeded in normalizing the accommodation of Islamophobia, based on how the faces of terror are recognizably endorsed.

The horror show that unfolded at the steps of Capitol Hill, that left five people dead was white terrorism, incited by a white supremacist who used his absolute power to coerce his cultists to overthrow the government as payback for his election loss.

Domestic terrorism can also consist of terror cells situated all over the country that harbor the legalized nefariousness of law enforcement with the assistance of school officials, who are complicit in this deadly operation, geared towards silencing the basic human rights of Black boys and Black girls, who are relentlessly mistreated, and prepped for their roles as future felons in a society that entraps that status.

The examples of this longstanding epidemic of violence against Black children in schools are endless, and there’s no indication that there will be lifesaving solutions to protect the overall wellbeing of our Black youth.

Perhaps the Biden administration can be reintroduced to this terrible practice of policing, implemented by institutions of learning that have been doing way more harm than good — for far too long.

In the meantime, the terrorizing continues.

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