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Why The British Royal Family’s #MeToo Problem Is Problematic

You would have to be living under a rock to escape the latest royal scandal that’s only getting more riveting and cumbersome by the minute.

It’s all thanks to the disaster of an interview, featuring the Queen’s dishonorable second son and third child, Prince Andrew, who took the bait of a BBC exposé, that dutifully illustrated exactly why the British monarchy is woefully outdated.

As a refresher, we must go back to when the embattled royal was married to ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, also known as “Fergie,” who is understandably voicing her support for the father of her two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Fergie also weathered a period of salaciousness, courtesy of the ruthless British tabloids back when such a thing was the kiss of death, especially if you were the mother of the Queen’s grandchildren. It got as bad it gets when the incriminating pictures of a topless Duchess of York, sunbathing with an American financier, were splattered all over the notorious Daily Mirror, just months after her separation from Prince Andrew was announced, in 1992.

Sarah Ferguson never recovered from the “royal sham” she brought on the House of Windsor, and after the divorce was finalized, she was able to retain her distinguished title, but the damage was extensive enough to warrant her banishment.

But the past few years have been kinder to Fergie, as evident in her inclusion in notable events like the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018, and of course her own daughter, Princess Eugenie’s wedding later that same year.

So it totally makes sense that the once-ousted Duchess of York would be motivated to provide a character assessment of her former husband, via an “emotional” instagram post, where she details all the key items that are meant to convince us, that the man she still loves and stands by, is indeed a “principled man,” who is a “rare” breed when it comes to his ability to “speak from his heart with honesty and pure real truth.”

Unfortunately the utter spectacle on display during the Sunday night testimony from a pompously delusional man with all the privileges that would ordinarily save him from himself, strongly indicate the major disconnect between beloved royals and the world-at-large.

When Prince Andrew was politely queried by BBC’s Emily Maitlis during the televised segment at Buckingham Palace, about his ill-fated decision to maintain a close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the American businessman and pedophile with a track record of sex-trafficking — his answer was shockingly inappropriate.

Prince Andrew readily bemoaned his tendency to be “too honorable for his own good” with that signature British wit that fell flat when he resignedly added “but that’s just the way it is,” as if his good-naturedness is the culprit that gets him into trouble, due to the bad habit of sacrificing his impeccable reputation for the service of unyielding loyalty.

How very royal of him!

Things got considerably worse, when he was asked point blank about his alleged entanglement with accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who is now 35, and insists that she had multiple sexual encounters with the royal when she was just 17, beginning in 2001.

She testified under oath, that they both partied at the VIP section of a popular club, and as she noted, he was sweating rather excessively, before heading back to the London home of the friend who initially introduced the prince to Epstein — Ghislaine Maxwell.

Not only was Prince Andrew’s response firmly delivered with the steadfast denial that he simply doesn’t recall ever meeting Giuffre, despite the photographic proof that disputes his claims, but he then went on to describe a randomly weird health condition, that prevents from sweating the way normal humans do.

The prince tried and failed to convince stunned viewers that he had absolutely zero knowledge of Epstein’s openly nefarious activities, that were conducted in the lavish residences, where he frequently stayed, even after he was aware that his “friend” had been convicted of his sex crimes.

It’s inherently insulting that Prince Andrew expects wary observers to believe that despite being an honorary guest at Epstein’s lairs located in New York, Palm Beach, and the Virgin Islands, where underage girls filtered in and out at the pleasure of high-profile male clients, with the traitorous supervision of assigned “pimp” Ghislaine Maxwell — he was haplessly out-of-touch with his high-risk surroundings.

Maxwell, who is mysteriously missing from the ongoing chaos, was apparently a “close associate” of Epstein, whose upper-crust European background as the socialite daughter of a disgraced publishing tycoon propelled her accessibility to the luxury of being able to freely operate in the security of deplorability.

She also vehemently denies the charges against her by Giuffre, who is adamant about the vital role Maxwell played as the active facilitator of the sexual liaisons between abused young girls, and powerful predators, who could afford those illegalities.

If there had been some doubt that Giuffre and the other victims, who have since retained legal representation, were being honest about the crimes against them, it ironically took the “interview seen around the world,” to vindicate them, by essentially redirecting the spotlight to the reluctant “man of the hour,” who is rapidly descending into threatening territory.

The troublesome aspect of Prince Andrew’s very transparent non-confessional, has to be the outright lie about how he doesn’t remember meeting Giuffre, despite the tangible evidence in the from of a damning photo, that he even admitted he couldn’t prove was fake, after “commissioning an investigation.”

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Prince Andrew with arms around Virginia Giuffre with Ghislaine Maxwell on the right. Image: Rex/Shutterstock

And then of course the nonsensical explanation about why he stayed friends with Epstein, after being fully alerted about those heinous crimes, which the prince stupidly attributed to “the opportunities he was given to learn” from the master at “trade and business.”

The intense backlash stemming from the blasted shit show has been far and wide, and while it’s not surprising to imagine the horror of the Queen and her entourage, there hasn’t been a definite answer about whether or not the longest reigning British monarch did indeed give her blessing for the interview that fatefully spotlights her son’s guilt.

When all is said and done, the most damage that was exacted will be the glaring reconcilement of how the British royal family is now hampered by a #MeToo problem.

Of course that wouldn’t have been a big deal back in 1519, when their relative King Henry VIII was gifted the absolute power to marry and kill his wives with the endorsement of the Church of England.

It’s now 2019, and that means that the Duke of York, must be held accountable for his actions, regardless of the lowly station of a commoner, who is accusing him of having sex with her, despite the fact that he knew how old she was, and why it was definitely not the “honorable” thing to do.

After Epstein’s death by suicide in his jail cell, the scrutiny into his affairs intensified and that included the increased interest in his personal relationships, which inevitably resurfaced those questionable ties with Prince Andrew, and why it matters that he stuck around instead of “honorably” dissolving contact with the immediacy of a “principled” man.

The British monarchy has evolved into a somewhat fragile establishment that has weathered the highs and lows through the turbulence of failed marriages, that included the bitter split of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, culminating in her tragic death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

The aftermath of Diana’s death starkly revealed the distantness of the Queen, during a dire period of national mourning.

The era of resurgence was heightened by the blossoming of the younger royals, that was followed by the celebratory festivities marking the highly-anticipated wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011.

This was the signaled turn in the right direction for the Windsors, as Diana’s eldest son and his new wife, were poised to give the British monarchy, the makeover it so desperately needed.

Prince Harry, another fancied royal was also hoping to fulfill the obligation of joining his older brother to bolster the appeal of his familial birthright with his marriage to Los Angeles native Meghan Markle, who happens to be biracial. But sadly, the reality of a woman of color, entering a traditionally white establishment at the highest level of supremacy, that turns her into a Duchess, has proven to be a bone of contention for racist Brits.

But maybe, Prince Andrew’s disgraceful performance will release “the most hated royal” from the bondage of venomous attacks that hit at the core of her unacceptable blackness.

And back to the gathering storm, we must recognize why it was premature for Buckingham Palace to release that ill-advised statement this past summer, on behalf of the Duke of York, that seemed to vilify Epstein while absolving the now battered royal of any wrong doing.

“The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes. His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent.”

The statement was in response to the viral video showing the prince at the doorway of Epstein’s New York City residence, waving to a woman as she makes her exit. The timeline was the proof that this footage was captured after the financier was already a convicted sex offender.

And when the relentless press kept digging for more about the prince’s controversial friendship with a pedophile, who was still enjoying protection from an outrageously biased judicial system, another more forceful statement was unleashed.

“This relates to proceedings in the United States, to which The Duke of York is not a party. Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.”

And this is why the British monarchy may have to prepare for the epic battle that could demolish the credibility and worthiness that’s basically hanging by a thread, despite the infusion of new blood that’s supposed to rejuvenate the staleness of backward thinking.

But the mere fact that the British royals are hellbent on weaponizing their sovereignty in ways that silence the loud voices of victims, who deserve to be heard and acknowledged, tragically takes us back to the historical traumas that were levied on former British colonies, that also had to accommodate the unimaginable on Her Majesty’s behalf.

Gone are the days when Kings and Queens could get away with murder without being served with the daunting consequences of their bad behavior.

The PR nightmare that has struck at the epicenter of the British royal family will not vanish until Prince Andrew has his day in court where he will boldly face his traumatized accuser.

There’s no good reason why Giuffre would opt to exploit a prominent member of the royal family for the hell of it, considering the nightmare that has engulfed a good portion of her existence.

And while we can easily assume Prince Andrew’s motives when it comes to emphatically rebuffing those sticky allegations, especially when he has too much to lose if he’s caught in the web of sex, lies and videotape — it’s simply not enough to just take him at his word based on his jeweled background.

Perhaps the next step for the Duke would be to wisely backtrack his words by making it more about the travails of his victims, as opposed to selfishly assuaging his “very troubling” disposition for the public consumption of his dumb-founded courtiers and die-hard constituents.

As much as the Brits revel in the delight of their revered institution that has valiantly stood the test of time, the regretful ballad of Prince Andrew will surely diminish the survivability of the crown faster than we can say “Long Live The Queen!”

And in light of these recent developments, including the national massacre of a half-black Duchess — that might not be such a bad thing.

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