Why The Academy’s Diversity Streak Won’t Work

It’s been a rough year so far for The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts & Sciences.

The awards season which is usually pumped up with glamor and splendor as the elite spruce up to taunt us with the privilege that we as fans assigned them — became a cesspool of political grime as the betrayed cried for justice.

#OscarSoWhite was the anthem of the climate that ferociously called to order the audacity of an organization that refuses to keep its doors wide open — for the percentage of qualifiers that happen to have either a healthy dose of melanin or hail from the continent of Asia.

This year it was the ultimate “fuck you” with the middle finger sprouting to the sky as the Oscar nominations once again produced a roster — dedicated to the rights and wellbeing of white people in Hollywood.

Will Smith’s exclusion was particularly glaring and his wife actress Jada Pinkett Smith spoke out loud and proud about her disappointment and decision to boycott the annual ceremony.

As valiant as her mission was — let’s face it — her overpaid hubby didn’t deserve an Oscar nomination for Concussion because his performance was adequate at best.

The only reason why she was propelled into action was because they were both banking on the fact that his Golden Globe nomination would carry over and it didn’t.

Regardless of the inspiration — Pinkett Smith ignited the fury that kept on burning with firecrackers that singed the hairlines of a tradition that had perfected the art of bigotry without penalty for so long.

Social media pulverized any hope that the madness over the highlighted injustice would eventually dissipate.

The movement kept it real — and so there had to be the designated mascot who would emerge from the rubble and place the white flag at attention.

Academy president, Cheryl Boone Issacs who happens to be a woman of color — stepped up to the plate and admitted that the people running the show needed a reality check.

And now that it had been cashed — it was time to distribute the funds accordingly.

Yes, the issue of diversity has been long standing in a town that enslaves blonde-haired/blue-eyed ingenues for security purposes.

The European and Asian markets are fierce! And the global box office won’t tolerate a deviation from the norm.

So, sorry people of color who happen to be top performers — you’re assed out!

That was the circulating memo that kept La La Land fruitful and pure.

But when Idris Elba failed to garner recognition for his role in the Netflix offering — Beasts of No Nation and when Michael B. Jordan didn’t get a shoutout for bringing the Rocky franchise back to life — it was clear that shit wasn’t right.

Who are these scumbags anyway?

Well, they are old white men who don’t give a rats ass about equality or the distinction of creativity at its finest.

They stick to what they know because as old timers — risk taking or delayed enlightenment doesn’t seduce their withered minds.

The power of social platforms when it comes to sounding the alarm until someone offers to turn it off — can’t be downplayed.

As a result — Boone Isaacs readily promised that more women and minorities would populate her organization in a substantial manner by the year 2020.

Looks like those efforts are drastically underway as The Academy recently announced the esteemed list of the Class of 2016.

It was a roster that would absolutely impress based on the overwhelming number of diverse talents.

Idris Elba was compensated for his perplexing exclusion. The formidable Regina King got an invite along with Tessa Thompson, John Boyega, Chadwick Boseman, Michelle Rodriguez, Nia Long and Anthony Anderson among others.

I scanned the results and made observations.

It occurred to me that the black actresses on the list were finally getting their due at an advanced age by industry standards.

This is because they were passed over for the benefit of their white counterparts.

I mean lets be real — how the fuck does Dakota Johnson who just started being the sexily conflicted leading lady already get an invite to join The Academy — when Regina King is basically a veteran with a stellar resume — but had to wait till now to be forcibly acknowledged.

So, we’re supposed to cheer because a bunch of ignorant Caucasians decided to listen to the maddening crowd and prove their tolerance by hastily overcompensating for their bad behavior?

This shift in the right direction is bittersweet — mainly because it was mandated by an instituted riot against a regime that still doesn’t quite get it.

This isn’t victory — it’s an attack on the masses who threatened the status quo. They beg and plead — and you answer out of desperation and fatigue.

But, at the end of the day — there has been demonstration by The Academy that people of color matter. They will no longer be undervalued or overlooked based on marketability.

This is great news.

It would’ve been phenomenal if this newly formed pact had already been curated based on merit.

It would’ve meant more of it was just the natural order of things. Which makes sense because talent doesn’t have a cultural preference.

Anyone regardless of race or creed has the ability to raise the roof with the gifts from above.

We shouldn’t have to force ourselves into a club that we already belong to but for some reason never received the formal invite or initiation.

But the historical timeline dictates that people of color have to fucking fight for everything. Even when it’s blatantly clear that we’re screaming for items that happen to be a fundamental necessity.

A basic right that white people who are marginally talented never have to think about much less plead for.

Boone Isaacs must’ve known what she was getting into when she signed on as a leader, but as much as her dedication counts — it doesn’t compensate for the embarrassingly late payment that is still owed in arrears.

#OscarsSoWhite will continue to be the banner of disapproval and utter shame for The Academy and the reasons why are clear.

Sexual deviants who happened to be revered filmmakers still get the VIP card. White young girls are allowed the freedom to explore and indulge until the ripe old age of 40.

White men get to be superheroes and edgy students of life with no filter and this leads them to greatness and secures a lifetime of consistent adulation.

Dear Academy, we are not swayed by your diversity streak. Your kiss ass regimen won’t work.

You had us by the neck but we showed you the door.

We’ve been long gone but since the artist must obey the call — you can attempt to woo us back.

But your vile tendency for redemption won’t work.

Your time is up.

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