Why The 2020 Elections Promises To Be Another Shit Show

There are now about 24 candidates in the crowded pool of presidential hopefuls, and the major addition, Bill de Blasio, the woefully unpopular Mayor of New York City, has officially turned this unentertaining reality show into the shit fest that the current president is ready and willing to engage in — with extra toppings of vengeance.

Nothing has changed since the revolting climate of the 2016 elections ended with the predictable win of Donald J. Trump, the self-professed “King of New York,” who once boasted about how the crippled Twin Towers that were grazed to the ground due to the terror attacks of 9/11, seamlessly allowed the “second-tallest building” in downtown Manhattan, that bore his name, to become “the tallest building.”

As the first term of his turbulent, combative, and suffocatingly toxic administration winds down, President Trump rightfully claim the grand prize for his ability to display uncanny allegiance to the religion of persistent narcissism.

Running for the highest office of the land was never a great ambition for someone who doesn’t possess the tendencies of selflessness, empathy or a general compassion for mankind.

It was the seductive lure of absolute power that attracted the foul-mouthed overgrown toddler to the global stage, and once he fell into the tightly-clasped grip of sinister freaks like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone — it was game on!

Despite the plethora of acquaintances that came in all shades of colors, and collectively shared the excessiveness of wealth and influence, Trump was prepared to make being unsightly ugly — gorgeous again.

He did it by unveiling an enticing makeover that would give spirited White Americans the prime opportunity to indulge in the supremacy of their Whiteness — with wild and deadly abandon.

It’s worth noting how the media and political landscapers, completely ignored the sobering symptoms of acute dysfunction, that often times put Candidate Hillary Clinton in precarious situations during the heated televised debates.

The bullish mannerisms of Donald Trump were disgustingly performative, and to the delight of seedy media moguls, the ratings boost revealed the potential windfall in store, after the brutish oaf tragically secured his residency in The White House.

We are witnessing the very worst of what we forecasted when that nightmare came true. The GOP proudly re-established itself as the party of unpatriotic bigots, that had been masquerading as the diluted version of that truth when the first-ever Black man to take the oath of office, forced the mandated code of conduct that was barely in place.

And now that we draw closer to another epic election cycle, the potency in the air seems to indicate that Trump’s imminent downfall is just around the corner, thanks to the handful of competitors who are poised to defeat the drooling dragon of destruction in an effort to swiftly restore law and order.

The ultimate bet is on the vibrant and still-functioning relic of the Obama years, Vice President Joe Biden, who managed to weather the temporary derailment of sexual misconduct accusations with the good-natured candor that he’s beloved for. And whether or not he fits your taste buds, it’s hard not to be somewhat fascinated by the dutifulness of a statesman, who is far from perfect, and definitely unwilling to hop off the speeding train.

Senator Bernie Sanders is back again for more, and while I was mildly impressed when a friend dragged me to one of his rallies in Los Angeles, back in 2016, where we stood for what seemed like an eternity, listening to the passionate plea for unapologetic advancement in key areas of relatable concern, my personal take on the Senator from Vermont still remains murky at best.

Kamala Harris, the former Attorney General from California, and Oakland-based Senator from California, is the only woman of color in this intense race to the frightful finish line, and while I can’t deny the inherent need to apply the exact same fantastical vision that propelled Obama, onto the smart, gutsy, accomplished, and charismatic presidential hopeful, there’s also the cautious warning that prevents easy entry into that trapdoor.

Elizabeth Warren, the Senator from Massachusetts, who has been tragically baptized the damning “pet name” of “Pocahontas,” by our vindictive Commander-in-Chief, seems to have quite a handle on the real issues plaguing a country that she’s been committed to longer than I’ve been alive.The receipts that capture her challenging the unfairness of the biased status quo reveal a skilled debater who has never backed down.

Cory Booker, former Mayor of Newark, New Jersey has the best of intentions, but unfortunately the weighty comparisons to Obama already dampens his presence, which makes it quite tasking to take anything he says or does seriously. Plus his lack of a backbone when it comes to emphatically denouncing Trump’s damaging rhetoric with the categorization of his overt racism, is nothing short of cowardly.

Kirsten Gillibrand, the Senator from New York, maintained the illustriousness of her background with her brand of success in the political realm, and while there’s no denying her glowing achievements, it’s still not enough to dazzle the vision when it comes to the lacking contribution to matters of race and equality. The glaring indicator of that was demonstrated in her response to Trump’s offensive tweet about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, which callously capitalized on the horrors of 9/11.

Gillibrand issued the standard response that firmly denounced the ill-advised and recklessly threatening tweet, but in the same breath, catered to the ridiculous and unfounded accusations against Omar, by mentioning the intolerance for anyone who minimizes the pain of that national tragedy.

Ironically enough, Gillibrand’s campaign slogan happens to be “Brave Wins,” and yet, she refused to seize the perfect moment to prove her adherence to those very words that are obviously harder to manifest when you’re unwilling to risk it all in the name of justice for vulnerable Muslim-Americans, who really needed her to unequivocally show her full support for Ilhan Omar without reservations.

For me, Kirsten Gillibrand isn’t even on my radar, and that goes for almost all the candidates vying for the same job that has been distorted beyond recognition or recovery.

But the real threat to our tarnished democracy are the daily notifications via the media and social media, that collide to produce the previews of the shit show that will unfold once the going gets rough in a matter of months.

Mainstream media is desperately trying to revive the criminality of 2016.

We saw it with CNN’s live coverage of the Trump jetliner on the tarmac merely hours after Candidate Trump began his reign of terror, and those signature moves are back with similar motives to play both sides of the coin in order to retain the profits of lazy reportage and irresponsibility of gross negligence.

Social media platforms are alighted with venomous banter from wearied and angered users, who are more interested in building award-winning threads about candidates of choice, as opposed to listening, observing and utilizing wasted brain cells for the purpose of making life-altering decisions that can’t be sensibly reached on the battlefield.

When CNN hosts the exploitive and bigoted mind of RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, by applauding her for outpacing the DNC when it comes to funds that have been raised for the 2020 elections, and with the intention of picking her brain about the ongoing abortion law crisis, that’s all the evidence required when rating the level of filth that will keep rising as the months fly by.

It sucks being the bearer of bad news in this era of forsaking the brutal reality for the click-worthy setting of un-reality, but deep down in our bones, we all know that regardless of who wins the office of the presidency, it’s going to take at least two decades or more for the health scan of this ailing nation to blossom back to some sense of normalcy.

Trump and his well-positioned bandits have succeeded in polluting the structural fibers of government, and the disease has infiltrated every industry, which directly affects anyone who relies on the economy for survival.

We would like to pretend that the antics of an erratic and lawless president doesn’t affect or day-to-day operations, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are suffering the profound repercussions of a society that offers very little to keep optimism alive.

And the roster of heroes with ambitious agendas, and the natural affinity of saying all the right things when the cameras start rolling, are nothing more than over-exposed props, who are more than likely to endure the same fate that scorched Hillary Clinton.

The principled foundation that once held shit together has now been divided into tiny sections that will take a mighty long time to fix back into a cohesive movement that can withstand another overly-extended malfunction.

This unleashed shit show isn’t quite done yet, and the upcoming elections are definitely going to prove that blistering fact beyond a doubt.

At this point, it isn’t about who can save us, it’s really about saving yourself — if you dare.

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