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Why The 2020 Elections Are Depressing AF

The fight for our lives is formidably unpredictable

Now that the impeachment proceedings are underway, with the soon-to-come public testimonies that liberal media believes will hamper the already weakened talking points of Trump supporters, there’s an undeniable potency, signaling the shift towards heightened hysteria.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was adamantly against activating the inevitable, and some of us were totally supportive of her disciplined approach towards an epically unprecedented climate of mass dysfunction, curated by a destructively polarizing menace, who was elected president as the ultimate “fuck you” from racist White Americans.

But then the partially released transcript damningly revealed enough information for the aggressive persecution of a seasoned criminal and his henchmen, who were caught in the act during a coerced phone call with a foreign country, that exposed bribery and corruption.

You don’t have to be a savvy disciple of politics to comprehend the condemnable actions that were conveyed in the conservation that centers Ukraine in a nefarious deal gone wrong.

Yet, months after the phrase “quid pro quo” or as our notorious Commander-in-Chief likes to say “pro quo,” made its stunning debut, the division between warring parties has become the devastating roadmap to why our very worst days are ahead.

The Trump administration has seamlessly exceeded the highest expectations in the quest to of finagle mandates, that blasphemously normalize the woefully biased narratives, that relentlessly attack the fragility of this nation’s embattled status.

It was about a year ago, that a domestic terrorist targeted high-profile individuals and organizations, including the CNN hub in NYC, with deposits of bomb packages, that were meant to silence President Trump’s vocal critics for daring to speak out against God’s chosen one.

Trump’s method of retaliation has always been the unregulated ammunition that carries life-threatening consequences to those who are vulnerable to such tendencies.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is cowardly pocketing the profitable returns, stemming from his refusal to take the advice of presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who has been vehemently against the president’s reckless activities on a platform that boasts the empty promises of putting the safety of users at the forefront of operations.

Trump continues to openly break the rule and policies with inflammatory content that runs the gamut of combatively provoking renowned global disrupters, while persistently vilifying mainstream media as “enemy of the people,” and sharing offensive videos that cosign the influential power of his bigoted trademark.

But regardless of the charts that are borne from statistical analysis, clearly illustrating the rise of hate crimes in America, beginning in 2016, and how it’s flourishing with Trump’s stamp of approval, based on the uninterrupted flow of hate-filled rhetoric — social media platforms have helped to create hotbeds of functioning extremism.

And we can’t downplay the heinous role that major cable news networks have played in the harrowing years of Trumpism, that has been funneled through unsightly channels of Fox News, a propaganda-driven super power, that prides itself as the dependable destination for cultish conservatives, who recognize Donald Trump as their lord and savior.

As Trump galvanized the GOP, and outfitted it with the mindset that would endorse and retain the tools of societal deviancy, Fox News was on schedule with appointed star anchors, who are polluting their professions with the production that abhorrently adulates their supreme leader.

Things get even more treacherous when you tune in for the breaking news on revered staples like CNN, MSNBC, etc., where we get the elaborate break down of exactly how much more fucked we are, compared to an hour ago.

The 24/7 access to Trump TV hasn’t damagingly demonized the celebrated gangster in the White House, who is fully aware of how his viability has irrevocably disrupted the validity of honorable and balanced news reporting.

It’s all about the intoxicating devises of an unhinged bulldog, who weaponizes the devices at his disposal with the assistance of wobbly talking heads.

That explains the invitations to roguish Republicans like Sean Duffy, Joe Walsh, Rick Santorum and foul-mouthed, Senator John Kennedy, who are fashioned by the bigwigs at CNN, as valued additions to volatile discussions at roundtables, moderated by feisty liberal anchors, who are paid a shitload of money to question their racist guests if they believe racists are really bigots.

Everything is completely fucked up!

This terrifically hostile climate is curating the suffocating vibes that are silently killing us.

Try as we may, we can’t kid ourselves with this deceiving fantasy of how the victorious outcome of our votes will be the lifesaving cure to the ruthless virus that spread with the voraciousness that this era mercilessly elevated.

That’s why the #2020 elections have evolved into a dizzyingly messy collection of uneven data, attached to the facial ID of worthy contenders vying for the presidency, who are all built from the DNA of privilege and unstoppable ambition to reach the top.

#MAGA citizens adore their supreme leader because of his atrocious habit of loudly cursing out anyone and anything, that attempts to challenge the absolute power that he’s criminally wielding at the expense of victims who can’t fight back.

Even though we are relieved that none of the Democratic presidential hopefuls resemble Trump’s stark incoherency and gracelessness, we also can’t truthfully attest to the imminent sweet defeat of this poisonous administration, by the championed wisdom and charisma, of one of the noted profiles on current circulation.

The salaciousness of Candidate Trump’s campaign trail, rewrote standard messaging by flexing out the muscles that used to be quite firm about code of conduct at the highest level of government.

Pretty much anything goes!

Trump is allowed to terrorize the lives of those who were first assaulted by the fabricated jargon at Fox News. While CNN can defend the bigoted comments of a recent hire and proud Trumpster, by claiming the pathetic excuse of how even divisive voices need to be heard.

And for those who have everything to lose, there’s the daunting task of sorting through the clutter, in the desperate search for tangible items that not only bond with basic requirements, but also provide the cautious hopefulness that will pick up steam with timely persistence.

The latest to abruptly vacate the tightly-held space of Democratic competitors, is Beto O’Rourke, the self-professed “heir apparent” to the highest office in the land, who even Oprah couldn’t save with her glowing predictions for his political future.

It’s hard to imagine O’Rourke ever repeating his presidential run, and that has a lot to do with the fact that he probably went for it because of the high hopes and adulation that greeted his campaign, with the staggering immediacy that didn’t match his lethargic response.

Kamala Harris hasn’t given me much to be hung up about, and yet, my acknowledgement of her possible future candidacy doesn’t register any excitement. You hear more negative shit than the roster of excellence that she exuded throughout her career. At first it was the “birther” nonsense that recalled the first-ever Black president, and then it became the questionable track record of the former Attorney General of California, who some accuse of immensely contributing to the practiced bias of a criminalized judicial system.

The frightening presence of Tulsi Gabbard, and how she’s managed to stay in a race that she should’ve exited without a trace, is the mystery that disturbingly fascinates.

Buttigieg is being shamed for his disingenuousness towards the Black community when it comes to aiming for what’s out of reach, and it’s mighty hard to imagine why Klobuchar is outranking Cory Booker in the polls.

Yang’s numbers game has modestly worked in his favor, but what about the urgency of of race wars and how the country can’t run solely on the engine of “universal basic income.”

Warren, Biden, and Sanders will mostly likely be the ones left standing, and that foregone conclusion isn’t accompanied with the deep sigh of relief or the satisfying release of the stress that has paralyzed for more than three years.

Having the itinerary of the 2020 elections, scornfully unfolding in the middle of the historical process of holding the president accountable for his very bad behavior, is a punishing dilemma that’s already being capitalized by the perpetrator and his soldiers of hate.

Relying on the results that will be amassed from the violent collision between the empowered gangsters of #MAGA, and the heroic protectors of our battered democracy, will surely leave a gaping hole that will scream our horror into existence.

The fight for our very lives is formidably unpredictable, and that’s the kind of news that should keep us up at night when you consider what’s at stake.

If Trump wins the next four years, we are fucked!

And if he’s defeated, the populations who seem to pay a higher price for both justice and injustice, will be even more fucked.

And the strong likelihood that former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, could make his dramatic announcement of a presidential run, any day now, is just another blow to exacerbate a throbbing headache.

There’s no lovely package with a shimmering bow to equally bequeath all Americans because some lives will always matter more than others.

And that’s depressing.

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