Why The 2020 Election Needs To Be About Race and Equality

The media-at-large has horribly botched the assignment of adequately delivering news items that are ultra-sensitive with the care and consideration that is mandatory.

Donald Trump’s ominous presence in the White House, was the final nail in that coffin, due to the “joke of the century” that was supposed to rightfully predict his comical quest for the highest office of the land, and how those pursuits would end in the victory of signed TV contracts for failed spinoffs of The Apprentice.

But real life can be randomly assaulting, and whether we admit it or not, the elected White nationalist in the seat of absolute power wasn’t propelled into our nightmares by accident.

The most disrespected man in America, was also the first-ever Black president, who rattled the establishment of powerful White males by being almost too perfect for comfort. The heralded reception that greeted Barack Obama’s arrival was beyond compare. It truly felt like the second coming of Black Jesus, as he descended from the puffy white clouds, to the horror of White folks who never fathomed the brutal reality of Black power menacingly hovering over their supremacy.

It was woefully naive for us to assume that “Yes We Can!” would translate into the “kumbaya” that would restore bitter relations that were initiated by the enslavement by the White man, who stole the land from Native Americans, and brutalized Black people for the sake of unpaid labor that was meant to keep the land healthy and livable for White lives.

As the talk that centers around the feasibility of reparations intensifies, the wicked descendants of slave masters, are vehemently opposed to the notion of payback to the population that’s still soiling the ground with blood from lawful executions, that are carried out by law enforcement and the domestic terrorists who carry out the murderous directives of their supreme leader.

How could we have accepted the theatrics when Obama’s presidency revealed the scorching gaze of White power, that spent those blackened years in refresh mode, with mobilizing of the troops, who were ready to descend on White America with the nostalgic tendencies that would revitalize the pangs of freedom from the grasp of a mixed America, that receives all the categories that must apply without issue.

The ascension of the White nationalist that evangelicals hail as the “man of God” was evidently programmed to sweep the streets clean of Black and Brown stains, and destroy communities that blasphemously live their best lives out in the open.

During the critical period of the 2016 elections, as the terrifying displays of shameless bigotry played out to attentive revelers, through KKK-themed rallies that roared with the victory of being feted by a White man with vile mannerisms, who over-indulged in the audacity of his offensiveness, mainstream media traitorously opted to join the vile carnival of dysfunction by feting both sides.

Yes, Candidate Trump’s foul-mouthed messaging was troublesome, especially when the filters were erased for the pleasure of pompously reducing vulnerable targets to sub-humans with brutish characteristics, that threaten the sanctity of Whiteness. That winning showmanship made Hillary Clinton look like the boringly dignified rival with zero personality, and it was difficult for the press to prioritize our future over the looming clouds that appeared dangerously bleak.

And now that we’ve gotten what we asked for, and then some, the ongoing hysteria that pummels non-White America is slowly seeping into the consciousness of some White Americans, who are remarkably shocked by the fact that their own people installed an incompetent New York gangster as the resident Liar-in-Chief.

Trump habitually rejects anything or anyone that dares to refute his nonsensical views on complex issues that require healthy brain cells to compute, and he still requires scheduled coaching sessions from former White House strategist, Steve Bannon, who is busy plaguing Europe with his branding machine of White nationalism, a.k.a. Brexit.

The White man who is polluting the valves of structural opulence that used to keep the threats of lawlessness at bay, is now changing the keys to the kingdom by adding locks that only admit worshippers of #MAGA, and cowardly Republicans, who have willingly welcomed the damnation of their false prophet with the disgraceful embrace that will note them as co-conspirators during this era of heightened extremes.

Because of the dizzying pace of the news cycle, a wearied nation is forced to nauseatingly gorge on the competitive and repetitive nature of reputable news organizations, that are determined to play a vital role in normalizing the waging war of the races, that was never settled, even back when the Black First Family had to contend with punishing jokes and insults from White institutions of power.

One of those institutions happens to be the president’s favorite toy and tool of choice when it comes to evoking his rights as Terrorizer-in-Chief.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has steadfastly proven his reluctance to save humanity by actively regulating his platform with the fierceness that won’t tolerate the intolerable. The rules and policies clearly state what happens when users willfully step out of bounds, and while celebs and non-influencers are readily disabled for their wrongdoing; the president’s weekly tirades that are putting the lives of four congresswomen of color at risk, has become commonplace without interruption.

Donald Trump was the failed businessman, who never imagined he would win the presidency until he did, and that unfortunate occurrence burst open the floodgates of chaos and mayhem, as White supremacy is having quite the run on our watch.

The fiesta of substantially increased hate crimes that began to rise in 2016, plays to the tune of gun violence with roots in domestic terrorism, that is being advanced with lethally stealth moves by White males with weaponry that target even our children, who have to die in the name of Whiteness and be disgustingly memorialized for their preferred music genre by the sheepish media that won’t call a hate crime by its real name.

The back-to-back hits emanating from the “House of Horrors” will not stop until a drastic revision is infused into the deadly mix that features Trump and his legion of fans who won’t allow another Black or Brown invasion that will reduce the currency of their supremacy.

The best and only way to combat the disease that’s holding an entire nation hostage, is to examine the road that led to destruction and pledge to take that detour that will change the course towards the zone of manageable imperfection.

But so far, the giddiness around the upcoming elections doesn’t inspire the hopefulness of better days ahead.

As Trump intensifies his bigoted rhetoric with the extra sauce that specifically identifies notable figures as traitors of their respective communities, which is the tactic that aims to tear apart the communal strings that need to be durable for the long haul ahead, mainstream media has inexplicably mimicked the playbook of conservative rivals by creating the exhaustive climate of over-saturation, that turns our national emergency into poorly written scripted fare.

We are spending far too much time dissecting the validity of racism within the construct of the White nationalist in the White House, who has been consistently transparent about how he regards those who are not White enough to qualify for his measured empathy.

And since his helpers are dedicated to the sport of deflection and rejection of the blatant truth that can only be refuted by those who can afford to play those very expensive mind games, the missiles have to point to the epicenter of dysfunction and remain there until some semblance of law and order is restored.

This is why the 2020 elections needs to be about race and equality without the minimal references to the potency of Trump’s toxic administration that’s always used as the prime example of what hopeful presidential candidates promise to replace with humane vibes that recall a time that never existed.

We know that because the trending item of the moment features a problematic conservation that was recorded, between two dead White Republican presidents, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, who were having a good old fashioned time, verbally demeaning the worth of Black and Brown folks, as Nixon gracelessly convinces his partner-in-crime about the logistics that explain why Whites are superior, and “people of African descent” are akin to “monkeys.”

Again, the shock and dismay that receives this latest update that serves as the additional slot in racial tensions in America, is quite troubling, and also highlights the reasoning behind Trump’s prolific presidency.

We can no longer afford the haziness that provides the tinted view to a shit show that’s getting shittier by the day.

We need a presidential contender, who has a firm grip on the nuances of race relations, and possesses the handbook that displays how the Trump administration has disintegrated efforts that were made to ensure equality for all Americans of every persuasion.

As the latest round of debates play out, there’s palatable fear of how renowned cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC are seizing the narrative to suit the career trajectories of over-paid anchors in glitzy studios, who aren’t personally invested in this climate of hostility, that’s fostering the horrific deaths of Black teens at the hands of White males with knives.

The nonstop racists attacks by President Trump is exacerbated by the failed performance of the media, and how the barrage of clickbait and disgraceful coverage that give racist White males the spotlight in ways that endorses the sentiments of their supreme leader, have all accumulated into the landscape of inhumanness that matches the devilish appetites of the architects of our discontent.

The raging machine of social media, that arms the restless wiles of domestic terrorists-in-training is the perfect compliment to the unapologetic White supremacist who is freely holding rallies that resemble the gathering of those White men under sheets of white.

The United States of America is not “united” and it sure as hell isn’t governable because the state of our union has been infected by the religion of White supremacy that no roundtable discussion or senseless banter with soldiers of Trump will successfully cure.

Since the media won’t change because of the dependency on the nationalized thug who pays the bills, it’s up to the Democratic presidential candidate, nominated to valiantly defeat the virus of our lifetime, to reinstate the stolen vitality of race and inequality with the dignity of the souls that are missing and the validation of the lives that matter.

Nothing else will do for 2020 because it’s really not about this so-called great nation.

It’s about the Americans who are desperately waiting for America.

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