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Why Stephon Clark’s Shooting Death Is Another Slap of Injustice

As we try to recover from the deplorable 10-year sentencing of Amber Guyger, the former Dallas cop who entered the apartment of Botham Jean, and proceeded to shoot him dead, out of fear that he would harm her, despite the fact that she was the intruder — we also have to mourn the injustice of Stephon Clark’s murder by Sacramento police.

Clark, was only 22 at the time of his death in March 2018, and for those who are reliant on viral videos showcasing police brutality and the bloody aftermath, you might recall the chaos that ensued when orders were yelled out, and a frightened, unarmed Black man, who was seeking refuge in his grandparents’ backyard was fatally hit by eight bullets from the guns of two cops.

The shooting death of Stephon Clark can only be classified as a murder based on the damning facts.

The Sacramento police officers, Terrance Mercadal and Jared Robinet, ill-advisedly followed the lethal rulebook that’s applied to Black and Brown, and dictates the mandate of shooting first without bothering to assess the situation for confirmation that such actions are warranted.

As always, the guilty officers created a scenario that’s meant to heighten the dramatics in their favor, as they recounted how Stephon Clark started the chase that led to his death, after they had been patrolling the area in search of a suspect who was breaking into cars.

Once they spotted a Black man “lurking about,” there was the need to investigate further, and their approach was undoubtedly aggressive enough to cause Clark to run for his life.

Police officers fail to comprehend how their presence fuels the urgency to escape based on the track record of brutality, and how these deadly encounters are endorsed by a biased judicial system that caters to the welfare of White roguish cops, who are rarely convicted for their crimes.

Some months ago it was announced that Stephon Clark’s killers will be free to kill another day.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the F.B.I. have made the traitorous decision not to levy civil rights charges, due to the lack of evidence that proves both Officers violated their oath by senselessly taking the life of an unarmed Black man, whose only crime was reacting to the fear of how his blackness would give permission for his killing.

The year-long investigation that was supposed to unearth the pertinent details about what led police officers to fire that many rounds at Stephon Clark when he wasn’t carrying a weapon, and was simply reaching for what turned out to be a cellphone, has ended with the devastating summation of why Black lives never matter.

And of course the Sacramento Police collaborated the findings of Federal authorities by announcing that based on the results of a separate inquiry, there was nothing that could be used against the officers as proof that they didn’t appropriately follow training procedures.

But Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn, did conveniently issue a statement in recognition of these major developments:

“Although no policy violations occurred in this incident or in the events leading up to it, we are committed to implementing strategies that may prevent similar tragedies in the future.”

That’s a bullshit response to a gut-wrenching tragedy that has now joined the ranks of other Black lives that were brutally extinguished by the recklessness of racist cops.

Law enforcement permits their own to fire at will when managing active situations that don’t have to end with the anguish of Black families, who have to wait a whole damn year before getting shot in the heart by the vindication of those who cursed them with the torment that never fades.

The brother of Stephon Clark, Stevante Clark, has been championing his brother’s cause since that fateful night when he experienced unimaginable loss. And it’s no shocker that he and family members aren’t satisfied with the conclusion by federal authorities, that the two officers who killed their loved one, will be returning to life as usual, as if nothing happened.

Stevante, like most bereaved Black relatives, who unexpectedly find themselves in the earth-shattering position that ultimately inspires the lifelong activism on behalf of the lives that should matter, is currently immersed in the mission of curating the impactful legacy of his deceased brother, by initiating meetings with federal and local authorities.

Sybrina Fulton, Samaria Rice, Valerie Castile, and Lucy McBath are bereaved Black mothers who have been assaulted by a ruthless system that devoured their precious young Black sons, with the blazing violence that doesn’t exclude Black children.

But instead of wallowing in the bitterness and helplessness of loss, these brave Black women warriors have elevated the currency of Black motherhood with the endearing demonstration of endless love. They are selflessly pursuing avenues that strategically provides the authority to rewrite the laws that dangerously validate the nefariousness that permanently silenced their kids.

It’s also noteworthy that something positive did come out of the shooting death of Stephon Clark, thanks to the revision of an outdated legislation instituted in California, that used to overlook the recklessness of trigger-happy cops by absolving their deadly tendencies.

The updated statutes that will take effect in early 2020, includes additional training aimed at discouraging police officers from firing shots at unarmed citizens based on their racial makeup, and relying on the false narrative that alleges life-threatening scenarios, despite the glaring lack of evidence.

In the meantime, we are burdened with another striking betrayal, courtesy of a judicial system that devalues the worth of Black lives, by massacring their souls with verdicts that motivate the orneriness of thuggish cops, who can enter a Black man’s apartment and shoot him dead, and still have the privilege of a light sentence of 10 years.

Stephon Clark was murdered because he was Black.

He was cornered by police officers who already labeled him dead the moment they set eyes on their victim.

There will be no justice until Black and Brown lawmakers purposely overrun the courts and corridors that house the preferences of well-positioned lawmakers.

Until then, our lives will continue to hang in the balance, as the mantle of justice passes us by.

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