Why Shouldn’t Donald Trump Be Impeached?

Anyone with the capacity to form a sentence, and the ability to make an assessment based on observation, can confidently admit that Donald J. Trump was never fit for the office of the presidency.

When the unfathomable occurred on election night of 2016, we weren’t the only ones stunned beyond belief, that America had chosen to elect an untidily suited gangster, who had doused the campaign trail with evidence that tragically anointed his undeterred ascension.

According to excerpts from the juicy tell-all book by Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury,” as the world watched the results coming in with the utter shock that forced preparation for the damnable prophecy of Trump’s imminent win, family members were also aghast at the realization of what they sensibly hoped wouldn’t transpire.

Don Jr. apparently noticed how his father’s frayed nerves made him “look as if he had had seen a ghost.” Melania was in full blown hysteria that left her inconsolably in tears. And Steve Bannon, who helped propel his flexible puppet through the process that was gigantically paying off, noticed Trump evolve from “disbelieving” to “horrified.”

This at least proves that despite the ignorant wiles of the devilish idiot that we’ve come to heartily despise over the last two years, Donald Trump was completely lucid enough to comprehend how his dramatic victory mirrored the debilitating ailments of a country that he woefully underestimated.

Sure he greatly enjoyed being royally feted by cable news networks, nightly talk shows, and the institution of culture, Saturday Night Live. And even the Access Hollywood debacle with the tapes that revealed his penchant for “grabbing pussies” seemed to elevate his viability beyond what would’ve been amassed if he hadn’t weathered the storm like a true “Apprentice.”

And let’s not forget the stormy debates with the woman who was supposed to make history, Hillary Clinton, and how his blatant inappropriateness against her stoic confidence, successfully normalized the appeal of constant volatility in a climate that wasn’t at all ready to keep law and order alive, in the midst of swelling chaos that couldn’t be contained.

Donald Trump emerged as a thuggish figure, who possessed the qualities that would ordinarily kill the audacity of a nomination by any political party of substance, but because of the polarizing obsession with delicious ugliness, the excitement of this unexpected and dangerous option was too hard to resist.

He enjoyed the ride to the top, but when he got there, and looked below, the horror of what he had signed up for in the hopes of a boosted portfolio featuring the profile of a former presidential candidate, quickly turned into a real-life scenario that he was direly ill-equipped to manage.

Almost immediately, the potency of the Trump administration settled into the nightmare that had been predicted — even surpassing what we braced for, right after The White House became The House of Dysfunction.

There was the urgency of separating #MAGA from the population that doesn’t properly fit into White America’s ambitious quest for White nationalism, that Bannon is currently spreading all over Europe, after his spectacular coup in the States.

As Trump began to internalize the relevancy of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, and how it left most of the country dumb-founded, resentful and afraid, he readily capitalized on his bullish attributes with the tools of absolute power, which he used to initiate the Muslim ban.

He may have been the roving ambassador of New York City, with a huge circle of wealthy acquaintances that ran the gamut from celebrity to politics, with the necessary handful of Black buddies for inclusion sake, and the fact that he was briefly a Democrat sounds faintly endearing, but once Donald Trump became “President Trump,” all bets were off.

As a shrewd businessman with hunger pangs for outpacing the competition, the first taste of delectable triumph encourages the weakness to become whatever is necessary to maintain that momentum.

And so instead of being reassured by the Commander-in-Chief, that the domestic terrorism that befell Charlottesville wouldn’t be tolerated on his watch, we scarily witnessed a shameless non-leader verbally embrace the blueprint of White supremacists with the praise of how “they are very fine people.”

It basically escalated from there, as national and global protests rejected the presence of an incompetent terrorizer, who not only spoke out against the entry of Muslims into this country, but also pledged to make sure that immigrants from “shithole” countries will also have a hard time relying on visiting visas.

The media’s obsession with Trump that began when his candidacy was official has hijacked the progression of the news cycle, which indirectly feeds into the nefariousness of Trump’s agenda as it pertains to being able to oversee the destruction of all the symbols that defined the dignity of the American Way.

Nigeria was one of the countries that made the “shithole” list, and as a Nigerian, I am aware of the fact that it wasn’t just a comment that became a trend for a day before it was replaced with the next in line.

People from my country are struggling with the new normal that makes their once seamless travel plans almost impossible, due to the unreasonable restrictions of this administration. A daughter has to miss her father’s funeral in Los Angeles. A sick mother has to wait a lot longer to meet up with her U.S. based children who are desperate to get her the treatment she needs and can’t receive at home.

Trump is literally murdering innocent people because he has the power to do it based on his prejudice against Black and Brown people, and how he was hired to curb the masses in order to retain the supremacy of Whiteness that can’t be vanquished by the disease of culture mixing.

I mean the migrant issue alone, and how it illustrated to the world that America is no longer worthy of the title “world police” due to the crimes against humanity that left former allies paralyzed with grief should’ve been the time out that we’ve all been waiting for with bated breath.

But how could we imagine a resolve when the catastrophe of Hurricane Maria, that devastated the island of Puerto Rico and crippled functionality due to the lack of power and basic amenities, that caused way more deaths than initially reported — was callously viewed as a minor glitch by Trump and his henchmen?

When the president and his useless wife showed up to provide comfort and hope, the stricken islanders were met with mockery and insults; including being shamed for owing the United States an outstanding debt. There was also the need for Trump to engage in throwing paper towels as a gesture of good-will before making his departure.

The European tour in the summer of 2018 was the disaster that we all definitely saw coming, and it played out with the intensity of observing the level of vitriol that emanated out of an inept man-baby, who has no formal training about world affairs, and prefers to just “wing it” when discussing items that demand what he is incapable of delivering.

After the episode in Helsinki that saw the U.S. president express unwavering trust in Russia’s Vladimir Putin, with unceremonious rejection of his intelligence community, that presented proof of how our democracy was massacred during the 2016 election; the talks of impeachment erupted, but Republicans swiftly defended their Supreme leader, and promptly ended the threats to Trump’s presidency.

Months later, and the chatter about impeaching the man who never wanted to be president is gathering steam again, and at first there was the reluctance to get seduced into the surfaceness of that proposal.

Nancy Pelosi’s stance made sense when the Mueller report took over the national beat, as she maintained the discipline of treading lightly. And even now that the the public has skimmed through the details that prove the criminal character of a gangster, who will do anything to save his ass at the expense of national security, Pelosi is still wary about exploring a drastic paththat doesn’t seem worth the hassle:

“We have to save our democracy. This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about saving our democracy.” “Whether it’s articles of impeachment or investigations, it’s the same obtaining of facts. We don’t have to go to articles of impeachment to obtain the facts, the presentation of facts.”

House Democrats are divided. Some are all for impeachment and others are old enough to remember how that action eroded the foundations of the political landscape during Bill Clinton’s collapsing presidency, and the explosiveness of that period is something they don’t want to relive, particularly in the era of Trump.

At first I was against impeachment, and more for the steady unearthing of the facts in a cohesive manner, but that changed when President Trump publicly acknowledged that he didn’t give a damn about how his terrorizing of Muslim-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, with the tweet that depicted her alliance with the terrorists of 9/11, was leaving her vulnerable to growing death threats.

Aside from the lives that have been lost due to the gross negligence of this bigoted administration, in the form of hate crimes in America, that began in 2016, and the natural disaster that wiped out thousands of Puerto Ricans, who could’ve been saved if FEMA had responded in a timely fashion; and of course the poor children who perished at the border, there is the disturbing element of being under the regime of a White nationalist, who is freely targeting law-abiding citizens for extermination.

Trump’s America, is thriving under the endorsement that White people are not only allowed to harass us with the help of White cops, but if we’re shot to death by White supremacists, the reality of what inspired that brutality will be casually mentioned on the evening news and then logged in with the other victims who died because of the color of their skin.

At this point, Donald Trump is a felon, who has a lot in common with some of the most notorious serial killers in America’s history. The only difference is that he’s able to perform these acts without hiding his identity. But the motive to exact harm on those that he deems unworthy to live based on race, religion and sexual preference matches the murderous incentives of natural born killers.

We need to remove Trump from his station as president because he’s an ineffective and unstable toddler, who has the power to decide whether we live or die and that alone should tamper with our blood pressure.

But most importantly, is the duty to choose life over death for all Americans, regardless of the differences that have incited acts of violence and the promise of more to come, thanks to Trump’s hate-filled messaging on social media platforms, that energize his base of White supremacists who are ready to kill on command.

So, what’s it going to be, America?

Life or death?

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