Why Sharon Osbourne Represents The White Women We Dread

When I say “We,” I mean Black women who work in spaces that uphold the supremacy of whiteness by protecting the fragility and temper tantrums of white women, who are allowed to be emotionally responsive to the point of aggressiveness, while Black women are not afforded those freedoms.

The highly-anticipated interview watched around the world, thanks to Oprah’s special brand of Q & A has unleashed an epic view of race wars seizing the cultural landscape on both sides of the pond.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan who are expecting their second child, a confirmed sister for big brother Archie, have bulldozed the glitzy spectacle of the British royal family with testimonies of how The Firm would rather allow a woman of color in the royal household to suffer in silence rather than dole out empathy in her direction.

We found out that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and faithful wife of Prince William was perfectly fine with being the adored future queen and favored subject of the maliciously racist British tabloids at the expense of her victimized sister-in-law, who was being attacked for shit that her pristine white nemesis was actually guilty of.

Hours after the explosive almost two-hour tell-all, social media platforms went into overdrive with newly created memes and posts depicting the utter disgust of Americans over how Britain’s most prized institution has been maintaining centuries-old traditions as originators of white supremacy.

But don’t tell that to Prince William who has unequivocally denied the ugly rumor accusing royal members of demonstrating bigoted tendencies towards their controversial addition, who isn’t white enough to escape the treatment that she weirdly didn’t anticipate.

There are a growing number of casualties from the out-of-control freight train that The Sussexes calmly set on the tracks, including English TV personality and outright imbecile, Piers Morgan, who recently bid adieu to his hosting gig on Good Morning Britain after verbally clashing with weatherman Alex Beresford.

Beresford came prepared for his face off against a practiced predator, who failed to impress the woman he was desperate to charm, before she thankfully met a more humane version of her relentless stalker in Prince Harry,

Morgan pathetically wrote about how Meghan Markle “ghosted” him after what he describes as a “date.” She wisely cut him off and kept it moving, and based on what we know about the woefully weak male ego, it’s not hard to decipher why her self-designated enemy has made it his mission to brutalize his vulnerable subject on the pages of Daily Mail on a weekly basis.

All Alex Beresford did while taking a break from weather updates was to give Piers Morgan a taste of his poison, by rubbing his face in the vileness he feels so entitled to dish out without consideration for the damaging consequences that go far beyond the addiction to his white privilege.

The difference is that Morgan deserved his reality check with all the toppings of how he’s shamelessly spent two years and counting, weaponizing his station as a so-called journalism to curate hit pieces filled with baseless claims and undertones of racism woven throughout each offering.

His abrupt departure from the ITV family won’t stop this media monster from landing in a more cozy hub that will allow him even more authority than he previously wielded, to continue to wage war against the woman of color who dared to discard a white man, who really bought the falsehood of his assumed affability as opposed to the reality of his nauseating disposition.

But this is really about the other casualty of this ongoing competition centered around the white religion of white supremacy that pits racist Americans against racist Brits for the unsolvable equation of who does it better.

British export Sharon Osbourne, from The Talk on CBS had a televised meltdown not to long ago, when she misguidedly attempted to make a winning case for her embattled friend and fellow racist Piers Morgan in the presence of co-hosts Sheryl Underwood and Elaine Welteroth, two Black women who were visibly horrified at what was unfolding in their midst.

Underwood, who is apparently an off-camera friend of Osbourne was given the dishonor of bearing the brunt of an over-the-top delivery that was both hostile and crude.

Watching a raging racist yell out things like “Educate me!” and “Don’t try and cry because if anyone should be crying, it should me” to a Black woman who isn’t in the prime position to lose her shit, because of the unsafe space she’s navigating that already implicates her Blackness in ways that minimize her emotional worth is beyond triggering and downright offensive.

As a Black woman who has shared experiences with my sisterhood when it comes to the entanglement in harrowing situations where the white aggressors are the ones shedding white tears with flailing arms, and tossing of locks for added measure, there’s a solid reason why I can’t function in environments that force my superhuman mental strength to ride these waves with disciplined character.

Sheryl Underwood has been praised for her cool, calm and collected demeanor, and while I also commend her ability to stoically accommodate the unsightly wrath of Sharon Osbourne playing out on daytime TV, a privilege that her Black counterparts would not be afforded under any circumstances, I admit that I would’ve lost that gig if she had said these words in my face:

“I have a friend who many people think is racist, so that makes me a racist?”

Yes, Sharon, that does indeed make you a RACIST.

Shit like this also makes you a RACIST:

Once a racist always a RACIST.

But the scary aspect of this latest scandal is how Sharon Osbourne acutely represents the white women we as Black women dread, especially when we are forced to entertain those interactions for the sake of career and livelihood.

It brings back those vividly awful memories featuring Osbourne’s haughty prototypes who feel the need to overstep those boundaries because of the comfortability of their whiteness.

Western societies make it clear that white feminism absolves the bigoted practices of white women and this explains the dutiful coddling that propels the audacity of meltdown episodes that validate white victimhood, and vilify Black women who are almost always the real victims.

Sheryl Underwood should receive a publicly elaborate apology from her colleague right in front of those cameras that captured her damning behavior and ungraciousness towards a Black woman that she berated for no good reason.

CBS should also issue a formal apology in recognition of the foolery hosted by the revered American staple, due to how these prominent work environments are created to disarm the basic rights of Black employees while empowering the unchecked nefariousness of white privilege.

Sharon Osbourne is a racist, and her lackluster apology isn’t at all sincere or anywhere near acceptable.

And neither is the treacherous landscape that Black women both on camera and off, have to painstakingly navigate without a lifeline from self-professed white allies who inevitably display their horrid true colors.

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